SUL/AIR News: October 22, 1999

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October 22, 1999

  1. Online Serials Check-in Progress Report
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Serials staff and a few representatives from other units began to create online serials control records on September 30, 1999. As of Tuesday, October 19, more than 2500 control records have been created.

Conversion began with priority titles identified by branches and other service units. These units provided Serials with invaluable assistance by photocopying recent pieces to ensure that we had the most accurate data possible for record creation.

Staff are now at work converting all periodicals that are received to online control. With this approach, the most frequent titles have been converted first. As a result, we are already checking in fifty to ninety issues online each day in addition to the issues checked in at conversion.

This is an exciting and draining time for Serials. If you happen to see a Serials staff member out and about (though this is not particularly likely right now), please share a word of encouragement with that person.

--submitted by Christa Easton


Just a reminder that SUL/AIR News is a useful communication tool only if SUL/AIR staff contribute articles. If you have work-related items that would be of interest to all staff, please send them to news@sulmail. Example topics include new projects, new SUL/AIR staff, significant acquisitions, and all-staff announcements.

More information about submitting a SUL/AIR News article is on the Web at

--submitted by Eleanor Brown


SUL/AIR has the following new open positions this week.

Curator for American and British History Collections (10/21/99); Position #59

Library Specialist II (10/19/99); REQ# J992388

Library Specialist III (10/19/99); REQ# J991762

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

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