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September 11, 1998

  1. New Look for SUL/AIR Home Page
  2. Changes to Library Kiosks
  3. Library Hours for 1998/99 Academic Year Now Available
  4. PCI is on the Web
  5. Libraries' Services Council Agenda
  6. Socrates II Classes
  7. A Reminder: SLSA Annual Picnic
  8. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


Fall Quarter brings the excitement of all things new and improved--new pencils, new notebooks, new computers, and a new look for the SUL/AIR home page. While the informational content is largely the same, the top level page in SUL/AIR's Web space has been completely redesigned. It has a fresh new look and several new features:

  • The "What's New?" section is more prominent and now highlights important SUL/AIR project or events.

  • "User Services" will make it easier for SUL/AIR patrons to get the most out of library and academic computing resources.

  • "Hosted by SUL/AIR" highlights important SUL/AIR enterprises, collaborations, and Web sites in which SUL/AIR plays an integral role.

  • A "Quick Links" menu lets patrons quickly begin a Socrates search, "Ask A Librarian," get library phone numbers, view a map of library locations, or see the library hours listing.

The new home page will be on the Web Friday afternoon, located at the same Web address. Point your Web browser to http://www-sul.stanford.edu/.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome: either send email to SUL/AIR's Web Advisory Council at wacy@forsythe, or use the "Tell Us" button. We are also eager to maintain the currency of our "What's New?" features. Please contact Jim Coleman at jim.coleman@stanford.edu to find out how to reserve the "What's New?" highlight space for your news.

--submitted by Jim Coleman


This fall, changes are coming to the library kiosks, the computer systems in Stanford libraries that provide access to the online Socrates catalog.

Logins: All library kiosks will be running PC-Leland. This will allow secure logins to the Leland Systems and to Web pages protected by WebAuth (including Axess, various class pages, and SUNet ID management, among other resources). PC-Leland uses a protocol called Kerberos, which helps ensure that your password and data cannot be captured by others illicitly listening to the network.

At some point later in the year, the kiosks will begin requiring a login to PC-Leland before allowing access to certain functionalities (such as the ability to send email from Netscape). This is to comply with the campus move toward a more secure, kerberized authentication environment, and to reduce security problems associated with the kiosks. More information about this change will be available before it is implemented.

PC-Leland uses the SUNet ID system to authenticate users. All Stanford faculty, staff, and students are eligible for SUNet IDs, and other people involved in the teaching and research mission of the University may be eligible for SUNet IDs sponsored by their departments. You can get more information about SUNet IDs online at


SGML Viewer: Library kiosks will also be equipped with Panorama, an SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) plug-in for the Netscape Web browser. This will provide better functionality in viewing Web-based SGML documents, such as those being produced as part of the American Heritage Project. This project is creating a shared database of SGML finding aids that describe and provide access to collections documenting American history and culture. For more information on the American Heritage Project, see


Printing: There are currently several disparate printing account systems in use across campus, most notably within Residential Computing and the Tresidder and Meyer computer clusters. SUL/AIR is developing a single printing account system to be used at these locations, and in the libraries for printing from kiosks. This system will be connected with StanfordCardPlan accounts so that users need to maintain only one account for printing purposes. When the system is completed, there will be a charge for all printing from library kiosks, similar to the current fees for copying. The implementation date for this change is currently unknown, and more information will be made available before the system is put into place.

--submitted by Olivia Williamson


Library hours information for the 1998/99 academic year is now available. Copies of the printed library hours flier are available in the SUL/AIR Director's Office. To request copies, send your name, department name, mail code, and the number of copies you need to Maureen Davidson at davidson@sulmail.

The 1998/99 library hours have also been posted on the SUL/AIR Web site. To see the hours, point your Web browser to


A PDF version of the printed hours flier, which can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader, is also available at the URL listed above.

--submitted by Amy Storey


PCI Web (http://pci.chadwyck.com/) is now available to all Stanford faculty, staff, and students. The Web version of the Periodicals Contents Index provides author-title-keyword access to the tables-of-contents of over 3,000 journals from their beginnings (earliest in 1770) to 1990. It contains separate citations for nearly seven million journal articles in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

PCI's scope is worldwide and includes journals in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and other Western languages. A password is not required, but the connection must be made from a computer with a Stanford Internet Protocol (IP) address. The version of the Periodical Contents Index offered through Folio, which contains U.S. periodicals only, will be discontinued on September 30, 1998.

--submitted by Rose Adams and Adan Griego


The following agenda is for the 9/16/98 Library Services Services Council meeting, which will be held from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. in the McDermott Room, Green Library.

  • Annual Statistics (G. Baysinger)

  • Update on Socrates I/II Plans for Fall (S. Gass)

  • Photocopying (C. Skalski)

  • New Electronic Resources (C. Candee, P. Zarins, R. Adams, G. Baysinger)

  • Information for New Library Users (J. Krasner)

Future Agenda Items

  • Public Services Statistics

  • Reference Policy

  • Physical Preparation for Withdrawn Items

  • Merging of Jonsson and Green Reference Desks

  • Systems Department Priorities

  • Binding and Finishing Task Force

  • Card Access to SUL Facilities

  • Unicorn Circulation Update

  • Virtual Library Space

  • Public Service Impact of Web Page Redesign

  • Document Delivery/ILL
--submitted by Barbara Celone


Do you want to learn how to use Socrates II, the Web-based library catalog, or do you know someone who does? This quarter, SUL/AIR's Reference and Information Services Committee is offering hands-on Socrates II classes to the Stanford community.

Socrates II includes an easy-to-use interface, hyperlinks, and new indexes that are more powerful than those in the Folio version of Socrates. For a schedule of dates and times, and for more information, see the Web at


or send email to training@sulmail.stanford.edu. Fliers advertising the classes will be sent out to all libraries and academic departments on Monday, September 14.

--submitted by Kathy Kerns


The what?
Every year, the Stanford Libraries Staff Association (SLSA) sponsors a free all-library staff picnic.

When: Friday, September 18, 1998
Where: Galvez Mall Lawn
Time: 11:00am-2:00pm

Does it cost?
No! See above answer to "The what?".

What kind of food?
A barbecue lunch
For those who don't eat meat, we have ordered vegetarian salads this year. There should be plenty.

Please bring your staff ID. If the weather is as hot as it has been, put on some sunscreen and wear your sunglasses. The space under the trees is limited.

If you have any questions or need more information, please send email to bcalhoun@leland.stanford.edu

--submitted by Birgit Calhoun


SUL/AIR has the following open positions for this week:

Applications Software Developer for Administrative/Business Applications, Senior

Applications Software Developer for Administrative/Business Applications, Senior

Computing Information Systems Analyst, Principal

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to:

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