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September 14, 2001

  1. Web Advisory Committee Update
  2. CDRS: Collaborative Digital Reference Service
  3. SUL/AIR Welcomes Hoover Staff
  4. Engineering Library Welcomes Julie Cain
  5. Please Welcome Surajit Bose
  6. "Forging Library Partnerships in the Networked Age" Conference
  7. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

1. Web Advisory Committee Update

Beginning Sept. 1, 2001, Kathy Kerns will serve as interim chair of the Web Advisory Committee. Malgorzata Schaefer and Glen Worthey will be joining the committee, while Adan Griego, who has led the committee so well since June 2000, will continue as a member. Other members of WAC are Eleanor Brown, Greta de Groat, Jon Lavigne, Linda Yamamoto, and Paul Zarins. Many important issues face WAC in the coming months including coordination with the University's portal efforts and improving access to the electronic texts and images in our collection.

--submitted by Assunta Pisani

2. CDRS: Collaborative Digital Reference Service

Since just after ALA this summer, SUL/AIR has been participating in the Library of Congress's Collaborative Digital Reference Service. This is a group of over 140 libraries and other institutions of all sorts, worldwide, who share questions and answers. Eventually, the hope is to be able to deliver service directly to the patron 24/7, but right now the service is mediated by librarians. The Information Center has been the contact for this program at SUL. We were told there was a need for questions, so we have been sending along those that are out of scope for us and getting some very thorough answers to pass along. We also respond to questions, although the number has been tiny so far. CDRS is also building a Knowledge Base of questions and answers. For more on this program see http://www.loc.gov/rr/digiref/about.html.

--submitted by Kathy Kerns

3. SUL/AIR Welcomes Hoover Staff

As of September 1, 2001, the transition of library programs between the Hoover Institution Library and SUL/AIR reached the milestone of its official start date. Collecting programs for Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Africa were examined over the summer, and approval plans, open orders, and serial subscriptions have already begun to be adjusted to reflect the realignment of responsibility between the two institutions. The first staff from Hoover arrived in Technical Services on September 4; Collections and Services welcomed staff into the Information Center this week. Space for curatorial staff in Green and Meyer will be ready and occupied next week or so. There is a delay in moving the East Asia Library and staff to Meyer 3rd floor; see more details in another story.

Since SUL's service and processing models are different from those at Hoover, most people's new jobs are slightly different from the scope of what they did at Hoover. Here are the new assignments and locations:


Muhammad Al-Faruque will be in charge of cataloging Arabic, Persian and Turkish materials published in the Middle East. His office is on Meyer 3rd floor.

Karen Fung, Curator for Africana collections, will be in Green Library, SSRC suite.

Jonathan Hopwood, Bibliographic Assistant for the Curator for Middle Eastern collections, will be on Meyer 3.

Deanna Jenks, Administrative Assistant for the Area Studies Resource Group, will be in Green Library, SSRC suite.

Irene Jones, formerly a member of the Information Center for 50% of her time, will become a full-time Serials Specialist in the Information Center.

Abdul Rahman Okitukunda will be Serials Specialist in the Current Periodicals section of the Information Center.

Paul Thomas has been appointed Head of the newly-established Area Studies Resource Group. The group is comprised of the following collections and services units: Slavic, Judaica/Hebraica, Middle Eastern, Africa, and the East Asia Library. Paul's office is in Green Library, SSRC suite.

East Asia Library
As previously described, the collections, services, and staff of the Hoover East Asia Collection will be transferred in total to SUL/AIR and become a branch library, the East Asia Library. Staff will relocate to the third floor of the Meyer Library, and will retain their current responsibilities. Over time we will examine the need to or usefulness in redistributing functions or revising current processes. We are happy to welcome:

Michiyo Arita is the Japanese Cataloging Specialist who does copy cataloging of Japanese language monographs.

Sebina Hobson, Administrative Associate, provides administrative support for the library group, process invoices for payment and track budgets.

Yu-Ching Hu, Chinese Acquisitions Specialist, orders and processes Chinese language materials.

Naomi Kotake, has the dual role of bibliographer and cataloger for Japanese imprints as well providing related reference services.

Timothy McGuire, Western Language Bibliographer, selects Western language materials about East Asia and does reference as well.

Hisako Presley, End Processing Specialist, does the end processing for materials coming to this library. She does marking, mending, pamphlet binding, as well as handling incoming mail and packages.

Miyako I. Sueyoshi, Japanese Acquisitions Specialist, orders and processes Japanese language materials.

Mark Tam, Acting Head of the East Asia Library.

Kozo Tanaka, Stack Maintenance and Public Services Specialist, maintains the stacks, does public service work, and handles the commercial binding.

Julia Tung, Bibliographer-Cataloger for Chinese language materials. She selects new titles, catalogs Chinese language materials, and handles reference and visitors.

Alberta Wong, Public Services Specialist, handles circulation files, including processing overdues, renewal, and fine notices.

Ying Wong, is the Serials Specialist for both Chinese and Japanese language journals and newspapers. She handles some commercial binding and does public service backup.

Elsie Wu, Chinese Cataloging Specialist, does copy cataloging and some original cataloging of Chinese language monographs. She also selects new titles of modern and contemporary Chinese literary works and serves as public service backup.

Linh Chang is now the Order Support Librarian, reporting to Sharon Propas in Monographic Order Services Department on Meyer 4. In the short term, Linh will oversee the integration of Hoover acquisitions into SUL processes. At the same time, she will begin to manage the ordering we do directly in vendor databases (currently for YBP and Harrassowitz) and manage aspects of our gifts program and exchange program.

Christopher Hall now works in the Payments Unit on Meyer 4 paying invoices for all types of library materials via Unicorn.

Margaret Hughes joins us as an original cataloger in the MARC Unit of the Catalog Department on Meyer 3. Although her assignment is spread across the breadth of Social Science and Humanities materials collected by SUL, we expect Margaret will be able to devote special focus to Africana materials, her career expertise which she brings from Hoover.

Svetlana Kalashnik has joined Data Control Unit of the Catalog Department on Meyer 3. Her new job includes catalog record maintenance, copy cataloging for Marcadia "no-hits," as well as processing of reports that are related to authority control.

Natalie Koretsky is now an Order Specialist in the Order Services Department on Meyer 4. She will share responsibility with Alla Avisov for orders and order maintenance of materials from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Margaret Snyder is an original cataloger in the MARC Unit of the Catalog Department on Meyer 3. Margaret will focus on Social Science and Humanities materials, mostly from Western Europe because of her facility with a number of those languages

We all welcome the former Hoover staff and know that we will be enriched by what each brings to us. A number of open billets have come our way as part of the Hoover merger. We will post them at appropriate points in the fall quarter and fill them as integrated part of SUL's work.

--submitted by Assunta Pisani and Catherine Tierney

4. Engineering Library Welcomes Julie Cain

I'm very happy to welcome our new Operations Manager, Julie Cain, to the Engineering Library. Julie started in the Engineering Library on September 4th, just in time to help us gear up for fall quarter. She will be a familiar face to many as she worked at the Stanford University Libraries for many years, including 6 years as the Operations Manager in Meyer Library. For the past two years Julie has been working as an Operations Manager for the Environmental Design Library at Berkeley, and we are very happy to have wooed her back! Julie is filling the position vacated by Lois Sher when she retired in December. For an interesting lunchtime destination, drop by the Engineering Library and say hello to Julie!

--submitted by Karen Clay

5. Please Welcome Surajit Bose

Please join Residential Computing and Academic Computing in welcoming Surajit Bose, our new Cluster Operations/Tech Lead. Surajit joins us from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, where he was Manager of Student Computing. Previously he was Manager of Student Computing Support at Notre Dame University, helping implement the first residential networks there. He also taught courses using technology at Notre Dame while enrolled in the PhD program there in English. We're very pleased to have someone with such a rich background in academic and residential computing join our central staff. Surajit's office is in Meyer 240 and he can be reached at surajit@rescomp or surajit@stanford, 5.2939 (shortly) -- please introduce yourself to him when you have a chance.

--submitted by Richard Holeton

6. "Forging Library Partnerships in the Networked Age" Conference

"Forging Library Partnerships in the Networked Age" is a one-day conference designed to help you look at new opportunities offered by the networked environment to forge innovative partnerships and collaborative relationships sponsored by the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley (LAUC-B) and the University of California, Berkeley Extension. Join a host of creative thinkers, including Paul Duguid, co-author of The Social Life of Information, keynote speaker, Carol Tomlinson-Keasey, Chancellor, UC Merced, featured speaker, and a panel of partner-savvy players who will stimulate and challenge you to more effective strategic planning.

Friday, Nov. 2, 2001; 9:15 a.m.- 4 p.m
Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley
$25 - UC Berkeley faculty, students, staff
$55 in advance, non-UCB affiliated registrants
$65 at the door

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, parking
For more information and registration check out the conference website:
--submitted by Terry Dean

7. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

SUL/AIR has the following new open positions this week:

Projects/Acquisitions Specialist (9/10/01); REQ# J012465

For a complete description of these job and a list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site at:

Human Resources Web site.

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