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September 3, 1999

  1. SUL/AIR to Host Workshops for Librarians
  2. Green East Activation and Move Schedule
  3. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


The Stanford-California State Library Institute on 21st-Century Librarianship, a new SUL/AIR program for the continuing education of librarians, is presenting a pair of workshops, entitled "Library Leadership: Confronting a Tumultuous Future," Tuesday, September 14, 1999 at Los Angeles Public Library and Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at Stanford University (with teleconference links to Arcata, Redding, and Palm Springs). Please note, the Stanford venue has already been sold out, but videotapes will be available shortly after the event.

The Institute is focused on the development of library leaders and the exploration of emerging technologies in all types of libraries. The workshop is intended to raise librarians' concern with and discussion of:

_ The repercussions of technology _ Technology and library leadership _ How libraries can enhance the information landscape and encourage critical thinking about information. _ Changing consciousness about the purpose of libraries.

Speakers will include: Steward Brand - Cofounder of The Global Business Network, The Long Now Foundation, the Whole Earth Catalog and The Well. Anne Marie Gold - Executive Director of the Stanford-CSL Institute Michael A. Keller - Stanford University Librarian, Director of Academic Information Resources, Publisher of HighWire Press Susan Kent - City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library Deanna Marcum, President, Council of Library and Information Resources Jeffrey Merriman - Co-Director of Academic Computing, Stanford Victoria Reich -Stanford Libraries staff and advocate for "Irreversible Publishing," using electronic copying to make publications immortal. Paul Saffo - Director of the Institute for the Future and a technology forecaster studying long-term information technology trends and their impact on business, society and culture. Kevin Starr - California State Librarian and noted historian Frederick Weingartner - Director of the ALA Office of Information Technology Policy

The Institute, which is funded primarily through Library Services and Technology Act funds granted by the State Library, will offer an intensive, one-week residential program in August 2000.

Arrangements are being made to provide direct video feed access to the workshop on September 15 at either Green or Meyer Libraries. Specific information about the video feed will be made available in next week's SUL/AIR News.

For more information about the Institute, visit the Web site, http://institute21.stanford.edu or talk with Anne Marie Gold, executive director of the Institute, at 723-1650 or amgold@sulmail.stanford.edu.

--submitted by Anne Marie Gold


We begin this week with a series of move and activation activities toward reopening the first floor of the Green Library East Wing for Fall Quarter. With great thanks going especially to our project manager, Arlan Chun, as well as to the contractor, architect, and many members of our own public services, facilities, and computing staff, we will be able to reopen the East Wing first floor for reader access on Wednesday, September 15th.

A detailed schedule at the day-by-day level of activity through the first day of Fall Quarter classes (Wed. Sept. 22nd) is on the Web at:


Please send questions or concerns along as you have them throughout this busy period.

Over the next few days, we will be posting lots of needed temporary directional and other signs around in both buildings to help let people know about what's going to happen. Please contact Kathy Fehrn with any comments or suggestions on that front. Work is afoot to prepare some additional beginning-of-quarter PR about these changes.

ONE SPECIAL NOTE: While the GLE first floor may look substantially finished, it is still a construction site, and in fact still under the control of the contractor. Please do not enter the first floor space between now and next Thursday without being accompanied by a member of the facilities staff. Contact Marty Smith to make those arrangements as needed. ALSO, until the space has been signed off by the building inspector AND turned over to us officially by the contractor, it is imperative that hard-hats be worn by those of us who enter the space. We will give a signal as soon as hard-hats are no longer required.

Of course, we hope that everyone on the SUL/AIR staff will visit the redesigned space soon after it opens on September 15!

--submitted by Karen Nagy


SUL/AIR has the following new open position this week.

Library Specialist III (08/16/99); REQ# J991762

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to:

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