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August 15, 1997 


Two of the servers located in Systems that are used by a variety of SUL/AIR staff will have significant changes to their functions next week.  We have made a strong effort to communicate with staff affected by those changes, and have provided alternatives for them.  However, in case we've missed anyone, please be aware of the following changes:

SUL4 (aka "Library Appleshare Server"):  This server will be completely changed over to new tasks.  The major use of this space has been as an appleshare server and ftp site for library staff.  Early on, it housed many Expert Partner files that have since moved.  Current "Appleshare" space is available on the Systems NT server called "SUL-SY-pdc1".  Several folks also used this server for storing backups of critical files from their Macs.  We would be happy to provide space on pdc1.

SUL3:  This Unix server housed two critical functions for library staff -- an archive of PC software that was often used by Expert Partners, and a site to backup critical PC files for various users.  Both of those functions have also been moved to Systems' NT servers -- both PCD1 and PKGSRC.

Deadline for access to these two servers is Thursday, August 21.  After that date, the files and uses will no longer be available.  Please contact Jane Adams if you need further clarification or assistance.

CN Account closings

A number of SUL staff received messages form Systems this week regarding the final closure of some CN accounts.  For the most part, these accounts are ones that have been frozen and un-accessible for over a year.  Deletion of these accounts is targetted for early September.  There was also a group of accounts where we inquired about the status of their ongoing use, with the objective of identifying  accounts that could also be closed.  Where possible, we will be deleting these accounts as well, but decision to delete will be based on conversations with the users of those accounts.

New Face in Systems

A new face will be seen in Systems beginning next week -- please join us in welcoming Matt Ching to the programming group in Systems.  Matt comes to Stanford from Hawaii, where he had been employed in the hospital industry, and as a private consultant for programming.  He fills the billet formerly occupied by Richard Anderson, who will still be "telecommuting" from Utah for another month or 2.  We're delighted that Matt is joining us, and hope you can drop by and welcome him to Stanford.

-- Submitted by Jane Adams


Marina Wolf, who joined SUL in December 1993, is leaving the Peninsula for a new job and a new home in Sonoma County.  While at Stanford, Marina worked for Binding and Finishing, Cataloging, and most recently for the Science and Engineering Resource Group (SERG) and Branner Earth Sciences Library.  Her new work includes free-lance writing and a job with the Sonoma Independent newspaper.  We will miss Marina, and wish her well in her future ventures.

Replacing Marina is Michelle Biehl, who recently moved to the Bay Area from Arizona, where she worked for the USGS Colorado Plateau Research Station in Flagstaff.  Trained in anthropology, Michelle has experience with museums, archives, documents and periodicals, as well as in both public and technical service sectors of research libraries.  We are pleased to welcome Michelle to SUL.

-- Submitted by Charlotte Derksen, Steve Gass, Jane Ingalls and Juanita Shaikh

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