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August 29, 1997



SUL Staff Badges expire on August 31, 1997. Badges for the year beginning Sept. 1, 1997 will be issued to permanent staff members who request them by sending the following information by e-mail to PRIV@SULMAIL or campus mail to PRIVILEGES DIVISION M/C 6004: Name, Department, Supervisor's name, ID mail address, length of appointment if it will end before 8/31/98, and indicate if you need a plastic badge holder. When this information has been received and processed, a new badge will be sent to you through ID mail. Badges will not be issued to temporary or hourly personnel at this time. Badges for these people should be requested according to existing procedure.

Staff badges are valid for access at both Green and Meyer Libraries. If you prefer wearing a Staff Badge for access to Meyer Library or East Wing portal entry st Green Library instead of showing your University ID, please send the above information to the Privileges Division by September 19, 1997.

-- Submitted by Robert Mantovani


Since August 31 falls on a Sunday, the effective time sheet deadline becomes Friday, August 29, at 5:00 p.m.  Any time sheet received after that will not be processed until September 22, unless
accompanied with an SSP (and incurring the $10.00 will-call charge).

-- Submitted by SUL/AIR Human Resources (3-8251)


Since the Law School is on semesters instead of quarters, our classes start sooner.  Our hours are affected thusly:

August 31 - Closed - Last day of Summer Hours
September 1 - Closed - Labor Day
September 2 - Start Regular Hours:

If you would like an electronic copy of our hours for the 1997/1998 academic year, please email me at:  cattell@leland
-- Submitted by Elaine Cattell


The staff at Falconer Biology Library are very happy to welcome two new employees.  Rose Bansal is the new Acquisitions/Projects Specialist and Jean Shen is the new Serials Specialist.

Rose is new to Stanford.  She has come to us from the French-American School of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, where she developed the bilingual school’s library, served as the Web Master, and worked as an administrator.  She has a degree in French from San Francisco State University and a degree in
French literature from San Jose State University.  She lived in Paris for four years, working as a librarian at the American University and completing her thesis in French literature.  We’re tres happy that in addition to the skills and experience needed for her job, Rose is bringing a little French culture to Falconer Library and SUL.

Jean is also very new to Stanford.  In June she graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology emphasizing personality psychology with a biological basis.  She worked as one of Falconer’s student assistants this summer — a productive member of an exceptionally dedicated group of students.  As a student assistant she learned parts of the Serials Specialist’s job and we’re pleased that she can easily step into her new permanent role at Falconer.

Rose replaces Michele Kelly, who left us at the end of July to manage Tanner Library, a role she will assume after a vacation in Europe.  Jean replaces Heidi Mortensen, who left us in the middle of July for a position at Swain Library.  Heidi continues the tradition of Falconer’s close association with our friends at Swain.  Heidi worked at Falconer for about 16 months before moving to Swain and Michele worked with us for about a year.  Among other projects, both worked very hard to prepare for Falconer’s transfer of 15,000 items to SAL this summer.  We’re sure both will do well in their new jobs and we’re glad they’re not far away.

-- Submitted by Michael Newman, Falconer Library


The staff of Meyer Circulation is pleased to announce the hiring of Sanjeev Saini as our new Assistant Evening Supervisor.  Sanjeev comes to us with a great amount of experience in college and corporate libraries, most recently in SUL's Monograph Receiving Department.  He has also completed several
library courses at CCSF.  We are confident that Sanjeev will apply his experiences to his work at Meyer very well, and are happy to have him as a colleague.

-- Submitted by Ben Martin


The indexes to SUL News Notes have been updated. Coverage now extends from the final issue of the Library Bulletin (v. 44, no. 4, December 6, 1991) through last Friday's issue of SNN (August 22, 1997).

The indexes include author and title entries.  They can be accessed on the internet at:

Presently the index is in three parts: the cumulative index for 1991- 1995, a separate index for 1996, and a periodically updated draft index for 1997. The indexes for 1996 and 1997 will be combined with
the cumulative index at a later date.

An older version of the cumulative index updated only through July 28, 1995 can be accessed from the SUL News Notes menu in ALDUS.  The ALDUS SUL News Notes menu also allows you to view back issues of SNN and mail individual SNN issues to your email account.

To access the SUL News Notes menu from Samson, enter "telnet aldus" at the Samson> prompt.  When prompted for log-in and password, enter "library" (you must use lower case).  If you have a personal Aldus/OCLC account, you can use your own account number and password in place of "library."  This will bring up the Stanford University Libraries main menu.  Follow the instructions on your screen to reach the SUL News Notes Menu.

If you have a Forsythe account you can access the SUL News Notes menu from within your account by entering "telnet aldus" at the Command> prompt and following the above directions.

For instructions on searching the ALDUS SNN index, choose the HELP selection from the SNN menu.

-- Submitted by Brian Kunde and Geoffrey Skinner

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to Charity Nielson at

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