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If you do not have an ISDN line in your home that has been installed by Stanford Communications Services, and is supported by the Libraries, then you can ignore this message.

The message sent out by the by the Client Service Center at Communications Services mentioned changing the area code used in ISDN calls.  I have contacted the ISDN support unit at Communication Services, and they have assured me that they have a plan for modifying the area codes in all the Stanford-supported ISDN bridges.  This means that you (or we!) will not need to be making those changes.  What you will need to do is communicate with other people who may be using ISDN lines to contact the campus of the change in area code.  For instance, there is at least 1 PictureTel video conferencing setup that has calls coming in from the outside -- those callers will need to eventually change the area code on the number they are dialing to reach us.

Comm Services has assured me that there will be a long period of time (several months) where the 415 area code will still work for communicating with the campus via ISDN. Their plan at this time is as follows.  During those months, they will be contacting all ISDN users with instructions for leaving their bridge on for a particular day.  On that day, they will remotely connect to the bridge and make the changes to the numbers.  Unless that operation is unsuccessful for a particular bridge, that will be all the action necessary on your part.  If it fails, you may need to bring your bridge in for configuration.  However, you will get lots of warning on this, and there will be no abrupt change until at least January.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please call me at 5-7926.  The important thing to realize is that when August 2nd arrives, your ISDN line and bridge will not stop working!

-- Submitted by Jane Adams


We'll be upgrading the sulmail server this weekend, starting on Saturday evening July 12th and ending on Sunday afternoon, July 13th.

So that this migration can occur quickly and smoothly, Sulmail will be unavailable from 10:00pm Saturday through 4:00pm on Sunday.  You will not be able to log in or read mail during that time.  Any mail that is sent to sulmail while it is unavailable will be held by the sending machine, and will be delivered onced the system is back up.  It may take until Monday morning for all delayed mail to be received, but none should be lost.

Once the system comes back up, by 4pm on Sunday, July 13, you should be able to log in and read your mail as usual.  If you use Pine on sulmail, you will note that the new machine has a slightly newer version, with additional features - but all the old ones still work.

To prepare for this change, you may wish to go through your mailbox and folders, and delete any old mail which you no longer need.  Please also take a look at your folder names: the new server cannot support folder names that contain spaces, slashes, or periods.  The migration process
will automatically rename folders which use special characters, but you may not like the resulting folder name!  If you have folders with these characters or other unusual ones (like parentheses...), you may wish to rename them in advance, using underscores (_) and dashes (-) instead.  To rename a folder in Simeon, click once on the folder name to select it, and click on the Info button (a lower-case i).  Change the name in the dialog box, then click OK.

Simeon users please note: the new machine requires some modifications to your Options configuration file.  If your options file is stored on the server, these changes will be made automatically.  If your options file is stored locally, you will have to make these changes manually.  How can you tell?  If you log in on Sunday night or Monday morning and cannot see your e-mail, you will need to edit your Simeon configuration.

The next paragraphs describe how to make the configuration changes.  Do not make this change now.  You will only need to make this change if your e-mail does now work properly on Monday morning.  Please print out this information or save it to a local file, as you will not be able to access it your e-mail if you have problems!

The major change that needs to be made is in the properties (or "Information") for your Post Office Message Service.  (You may have changed the name to something else: in any case, this is the message service pointing to your primary mail account).  Click once on the "Post Office"
message service to select it, then click on the "Info" button.  In the box labeled Folder Prefix:, change the "~/" to "INBOX.".  In the box labeled Folder Location:, change the "~/" to "INBOX.,user.".  Do not type in the quotation marks!  Then click OK.  You should then exit out of Simeon and start it again.

If you needed to make the above change, you should also check the location of your Sentmail and Drafts folders.  Pull down your Options menu and select Edit.  Click on the "Compose" icon.   In the "Sentmail Folder" section, click on the Browse button and re-select your sentmail folder.  In
the "Draft Folder", click on the Browse button and re-select your drafts folder.

If you have any problems with your e-mail after the migration (Sunday night or Monday morning), please contact your Expert Partner for assistance.  You may also wish to contact your Expert Partner to schedule a time when your Simeon client can be upgrade to the new version, Simeon 4.1.1.  The Simeon upgrade is not required to use the new server, and can be done at any time after the server migration.

-- Submitted by Jane Adams and Olivia Williamson


As complementary parts of a 100% LS II position, SERG (Science and Engineering Resource Group) is seeking a half-time administrative assistant and Branner Library a half-time Circulation Specialist.  Interested individuals may submit applications and resumes to Jane Ingalls, Branner Library, mc 2210.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Duties are divided equally between Branner Library and SERG.  (Reports to two different supervisors).  At Branner Library, is responsible for administration of all circulation procedures, including charging/discharging library materials; sending overdue/recall notices and bills; and monitoring e-mail account for renewal requests.   Also prepares
materials for bindery; orders, receives and processes  foreign government documents and maintains statistics.   Responsible for opening Branner Library Mon.-Fri.  For SERG, provides clerical support to the Head of Science and Engineering Resource Group.  Maintains calendar and files, schedules SERG meetings, administers departmental petty cash,  helps with job searches, SNAP checks,  and some PRISM leave records.  Monitors SERG’s EM&S budget.  Assists Head and other SERG librarians with Conference/Association duties such as papers, presentations, official functions.

effectively detail-oriented tasks, interact with others in service role and as a coworker; Communicate effectively in written and oral English; Move flexibly between tasks on short notice; Apply knowledge of automated systems and microcomputers; Work with a high degree of independence.  Previous library experience required. HIGHLY DESIRED: Public Service
experience; Familiarity with PRISM Leave System, SNAP, Meeting Maker; Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel,  and other software applications; Familiarity with Unicorn, Socrates, Georef; Knowledge of the structure and organization of SUL and Stanford University.

-- Submitted by Jane Ingalls


Falconer Biology Library has an opening for a half-time Acquisitions/Projects Specialist.  This is an LSIII position, coterminous with funding.  It is an interesting position with a variety of
responsibilities in a busy but friendly branch library.  In addition to monographic processing and reference work, the position offers the opportunity to manage projects related to library space, collections, and other library resources and services.  Please submit your application and
resume to Jill Otto, Falconer Biology Library, 5020.

Acquisitions/Projects Specialist (LSIII), Falconer Biology Library

DESCRIPTION: Funding for this position is expected to continue through June 30, 1999.  Responsibilities: 65% Partner with Operations Manager for Falconer Biology Library to manage ongoing projects; 15% Staff circulation/reserves desk:  Provide in-depth reference and instruct patrons on Library usage using electronic printed reference tools; 20% Responsible
for monographic processing Falconer Biology Library: performs preorder searching, prepares paperbacks for bindery, maintains acquisitions statistics and procedures manual; processes shelf-ready and other monographs, processes transfers, withdrawals, and sublocation changes.

QUALIFICATIONS: Required: demonstrated good judgment and initiative; effective problem solving skill; demonstrated excellent customer service skill; demonstrated skill to work accurately, efficiently, and independently; prioritize well; multitask effectively; adapt to rapidly
changing environment; communicate effectively in written and oral English; interact effectively in a small group environment and with a diverse group of people; previous library experience and knowledge of automated systems; demonstrated excellent attendance record and flexibility to change work schedule to meet department's needs when emergencies arise.  Highly desired:
familiarity with Unicorn; experience searching FOLIO, RLIN, MELVYL, GLADIS, MEDLINE, BIOSIS; experience using PCs in a Windows environment; knowledge of the structure and organization of SUL and Stanford.  Desired: experience in monographic processing, branch library operations, and library public service in the biomedical or related sciences.  Applicants must complete a SU Application.  Work schedule: 20 hours/wk, negotiable, Mon-Fri 1-5

-- Submitted by Michael Newman, Falconer Library
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