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September 19, 1997


Michael Newman's review of HighWire Press journals has just been published in the summer issue of Issues in Science and Technology Libraries.  You can read it at
http://www.library.ucsb.edu/istl/97-summer/journals.html.  Michael, Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Falconer Biology Library, has played an integral role in the development of HighWire journals since the inception of HighWire.  If you've been wondering about HighWire but have been afraid to ask, Michael's article is good place to find out.

-- Submitted by Steve Gass, Science and Engineering Resource Group


As many of you know, Margaret Gewecke resigned her job as Serials Specialist in the Current Periodicals & Microtexts Division in Green Library and left the Bay Area at the end of July to take up residence with her family in Flagstaff, Arizona.  All who knew Maggie were sad to see her leave; but, happy to know that her move to Arizona included the purchase of a new home and the end of any fleas on the family's dog.  Apparently, the critters can't live at Flagstaff's altitude; they explode.

As of this past Monday, September 15, you may have noticed Robert Daigle checking in periodicals and getting acquainted with the duties associated with the public service desk in Current Periodicals & Microtexts.  Rob comes to Green Library with a lot of library experience under his belt.  Most recently, he worked in the Government Documents Department at California State University, Stanislaus.  Please join with us in welcoming Rob Daigle, the new Serials Specialist in CP&Mtxts.

-- Submitted by Mike Ballard


Charlotte Derksen, Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections, has been elected the new 1997-1998 Vice-President, the 1998 annual meeting coordinator, and the future President of the Geoscience Information Society.  Founded in 1965, the Geoscience Information Society (GIS) is a professional organization created to improve the exchange of information in the geosciences.  The GIS is a member society of the American Geological Institute (AGI), and is also an Associated Society of the Geological Society of America (GSA).  The GIS is a sponsor of the International Conference on Geoscience Information, held every 4 years in cooperation with other national and international organizations. The 5th Conference was in Prague in 1994; the 6th will be held in Washington DC in 1998 during Charlotte's tenure.

In addition Charlotte's Web site on Geochemistry/Mineralogy/Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology has been selected for inclusion in the InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet.  The InterNIC guide is funded by the National Science Foundation and has been created especially for the higher education community.  The topical listings of the Guide focus exclusively on the interests of the higher education research community.  Charlotte's geochemistry Web page can be found at http://www-marine.stanford.edu/branner/geochem.html.  The complete InterNIC guide is at
Please join me in congratulating Charlotte.

-- Submitted by Steve Gass, Science and Engineering Resource Group


Tom Holt, original cataloger in the Serials & Electronic Resources Cataloging Group, will be leaving SUL to join the the library of the California State University, Hayward as Coordinator of their Bibliographic Control Department. His last day at work here will be Sept. 26th.

Tom joined SUL in 1980. He was in the Serials Record Division for the first three years, but since 1983 has been a stalwart member of the Catalog Department. He has provided cataloging service for our collections in a variety of roles, including copy cataloger, original monographic cataloger, minimal level cataloging team leader, and assistant to the chief of the Catalog Department. Most recently, he has been our principal serials cataloger. In addition to his cataloging work, Tom has also been a part-time reference librarian at the Cubberley Education Library for the past four years. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Tom has been an active member of the Libraries' Staff Association, and
early readers of this newsletter will remember him as the pioneering editor of the SUL News Notes and its predecessor, the Library Bulletin. His expertise and skills as a librarian, his many contributions as a staff member of SUL, as well as his friendly manner and wonderful sense of humor, will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues here.
All who would like to say goodbye to Tom are invited to a farewell party on Friday, Sept. 26th, beginning at 2:00 in Ida Green. For those who can't make the party, a card is also available at Lucretia Cerny's desk in the Galvez Modular if you wish to add your signature and well wishes.

-- Submitted by Vitus Tang


Grace Baysinger, Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library, has been elected Chair-Elect of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Information.  The American Chemical Society was founded in 1876 and is a not-for-profit organization.
It is the world's largest scientific society and has a membership of over 151,000 chemists and chemical engineers.  The Chemical Information Division focuses its efforts on research and development in producing and using chemical information.  Grace has been been a member of the ACS Division of Chemical Information for many years, most recently serving as the Chair of the Education Committee.  The position of Chair-Elect is a three year responsibility.  Please join me in congratulating Grace for this recognition of her talents and commitment, and in wishing her well in taking on this additional responsibility.

-- Submitted by Steve Gass, Science and Engineering Resource Group

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