Klondike Stampede

When gold deposits were discovered in the Klondike region of Canada's Yukon Territory in 1896, thousands of eager gold diggers quickly descended upon the region. The swelling population (reported at 25,000 in 1898) caused a local famine, forcing food supplies to be rationed. The promise of striking it rich in the Klondike attracted many unscrupulous types, who concocted an array of get-rich-quick schemes to swindle miners out of their claims.

In this April 1898 issue of Young Klondike, published during the height of the gold rush, the series' hero auctions off several gold claims from atop a saloon table as his bodyguards stand with their revolvers at the ready. Young Klondike's heroic efforts at maintaining law and order while seeking gold in the uncivilized Yukon Territory made for exciting adventure and capitalized on the public's intense interest in the gold rush.