What's New with the Penny Dreadfuls/Dime Novels Project

December, 1996

  • Site Redesign. New features include:

    • Redesigned Home Page
    • Graphic Links to Dime Novels
    • Graphic Links to Penny Dreadfuls
    • Addition of Jesse James Full-Text File

March, 1997

  • Implemented Links to Image Features
  • Implemented Paging Between Sets of Images

June, 1997

July, 1997

  • Received First Batchs of Outsourced Images from Luna Imaging
  • Began Image Cataloging Using AAT/Other Subject Thesauri

September, 1997

  • Received Final Batches of Images
  • Received Outsourced Texts, Began SGML Encoding for Delivery

March, 1998

April, 1998