California Joe, the Mysterious Plainsman


1 Deadwood Dick, THE PRINCE OF THE ROAD By Edward L. Wheeler.
2 Yellowstone Jack. By Joe. E. Badger, Jr.
3 Kansas King, By Buffalo Bill.
4 The Wild-Horse Hunters. By Captain Mayne Reid and Captain Frederick Whittaker.
5 Vagabond Joe, THE YOUNG WANDERING JEW. By Oll Coomes. Double Number, 10cts.
6 Bill Biddon, trapper. By E S. Ellis.
7 The Flying Yankee. By Col. P. Ingraham
8 Seth Jones. By Edward S. Ellis.
9 Adventures of Baran Munchausen.
10 Nat Todd. By S. Ellis.
11 The Two Detectives. By A. W. Aiken.
12 Gulliver's Travels. By Dean Swift
13 The Dumb Spy. By Oll Coomes.
14 Aladdin; or, THE WONDERFUL LAMP.
15 The Sea-Cat. By Captain Fred. Whittaker.
16 Robinson Crusoe. (27 Illustrations.)
17 Ralph Roy. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham
18 Sindbad the Sailor. His Seven Voyages.
19 The Phantom Spy. By Buffalo Bill.
20 The Double Daggers. By E. L. Wheeler.
21 The Frontier Angel. By Edward S. Ellis.
22 The Sea Serpent. By Juan Lewis.
23 Nick o' the Night .By T. C. Harbaugh.
24 Diamond Dirk. By Colonel P. Ingraham.
25 The Boy Captain. By Roger Starbuck.
26 Cloven Hoot. By Edward L. Wheeler.
27 Antelope Abe, THE BOY GUIDE. Oll Coomes.
28 Buffalo Ben. By Edward L. Wheeler
29 The Dumb Page. By Capt. F. Whittaker.
30 Roaring Ralph Rockwood, THE RECKLESS RANGER. By Harry St. George.
32 Bob Woolf. By Edward L. Wheeler.
33 The Ocean Bloodhound. S. W. Pierce.
34 Oregon Sol. By Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
35 Wild Ivan. By Edward L. Wheeler.
36 The Boy Clown. By Frank S. Finn.
37 The Hidden Lodge. By T. C. Harbaugh.
38 Ned Wylde, THE BOY SCOUT. By Texas Jack.
39 Death-Face, THE DETECTIVE By Wheeler.
40 Roving Ben. By J. J. Marshall.
41 Lasso Jack. By Oll Coomes.
42 The Phantom Miner. By E. L. Wheeler.
43 Dick Darling. By Capt. Fred. Whittaker.
44 Rattling Rube. By Harry St. George.
45 Old Avalanche. By Edward L. Wheeler.
46 Glass Eye, THE GREAT SHOT OF THE WEST. By Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
47 Nightingale Nat. By T. C.. Harbaugh.
48 Black John, THE ROAD-AGENT.
49 Omaha Oll. By Edward L. Wheeler.
50 Burt Bunker, THE TRAPPER. C. E. Lasalle.
51 The Boy Rifles. By Archie C. Irons.
52 The White Buffalo. By C. E. Lasalle.
53 Jim Bludsoe, Jr. By Edward L. Wheeler.
54 Ned Hazel. By Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
56 Nick Whiffles Pet. Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
57 Deadwood Dick's Eagles. By Wheeler.
58 The Border King. By Oll Coomes.
59 Old Hickory. By Harry St. George.
60 The White Indian. By Edward L. Wheeler.
61 Buckhorn Bill. By Edward L. Wheeler.
62 The Shadow Ship. By Col. P. Ingraham.
63 The Red Brotherhood. W. J. Hamilton.
64 Dandy Jack. By T. C. Harbaugh.
65 Hurricane Bill. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr
66 Single Hand. By W. J. Hamilton.
67 Patent-leather Joe. By Philip S. Warne.
68 Border Robin Hood. By Buffalo Bill.
69 Gold Rifle. By Edward L. Wheeler.
70 Old Zip's Cabin. By Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
71 Delaware Dick. By Oll Coomes.
72 Mad Tom Western. By W. J. Hamilton.
73 Deadwood Dick on Deck. By Wheeler.
74 Hawk-eye Harry. By Oll Coomes.
75 The Boy Duelist. By Col. P. Ingraham.
76 Abe Colt, THE CROW-KILLER. By A. W. Aiken.
77 Corduroy Charlie. By E. L. Wheeler.
78 Blue Dick. By Captain Mayne Reid.
79 Sol Ginger, GIANT TRAPPER By A. W. Aiken.
80 Rosebud Rob. By Edward L. Wheeler.
81 Lightning Jo. By Captain J. F. C. Adams.
82 Kit Harefoot. By T. C. Harbaugh.
83 Rollo, the Boy Ranger. By Oll Coomes.
84 Idyl, the Girl Miner By E. L. Wheeler.
85 Buck Buckram. By Capt. J. F. C. Adams.
86 Dandy Rock. By G. Waldo Browne.
87 The Land Pirates. By Capt. Mayne Reid.
88 Photograph Phil. By E. L. Wheeler.
89 Island Jim. By Bracebridge Hemyng.
90 The Dread Rider. By G. Waldo Browne.
91 The Captain of the Club; or, THE YOUNG RIVAL ATHLETES By Bracebridge Hemyng.
92 Canada Chet. By Edward L. Wheeler.
93 The Boy Miners. By Edward S. Ellis.
94 Midnight Jack. By T. C. Harbaugh.
95 The Rival Rovers Eye. Lieut. Col. Hazeltine
96 WATCH-EYE. THE SHADOW By E. L. Wheeler.
97 THE OUTLAW BROTHERS. By J. J. Marshall.
98 Robin Hood. By Prof Gildersleeve.
99 The Tiger of Taos. By G. Waldo Browne.
100 Deadwood Dick In Leadville; or, A STRANGE STROKE FOR LIBERTY By Wheeler.
101 Jack Harkaway in New York. By Bracebridge Hemyng.
102 Dick Dead-Eye. By Col. Ingraham.
103 The Lion of the Sea. By Col. Delle Sara.
104 Deadwood Dick's Device. By Wheeler.
105 Old Rube, THE HUNTER. Capt. A. Holmes.
106 Old Frosty, THE GUIDE By T. C. Harbaugh.
107 One-Eyed Sim. By James L. Bowen.
108 Daring Davy. By Harry St. George.
109 Deadwood Dick as Detective. By Edward L. Wheeler.
110 The Black Steed of the Prairies. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure. By Bowen.
111 The Sea-Devil. By Col. P. Ingraham.
112 The Mad Hunter. By Burton Saxe.
113 Jack Hoyle. By Edward L. Wheeler.
114 The Black Schooner. Roger Starbuck.
115 The Mad Miner. By G. Waldo Browne.
116 The Hussar Captain. Col. P. Ingraham.
117 Gilt-Edged Dick. By E. L. Wheeler.
118 Will Somers, THE BOY DETECTIVE. Morris.
119 Mustang Sam. By Joe. E. Badger, Jr.
120 The Branded Hand. By Frank Dumont.
121 Cinnamon Chip. By Edward L. Wheeler.
122 Phil Hardy, THE BOSS BOY. By C. Morris.
123 Kiowa Charley. By T. C. Harbaugh.
124 Tippy, THE TEXAN. By George Wesson.
125 Bonanza Bill, MINER. By Ed. L. Wheeler.
126 Picayune Pete. By Charles Morris.
127 Wild-Fire, BOSS OF THE ROAD. By Dumont.
128 The Young Privateer. By H. Cavendish.
129 Deadwood Dick's Double. By Wheeler.
130 Detective Dick. By Charles Morris.
131 The Golden Hand, By Geo. W. Browne
132 The Hunted Hunter. By Ed. S. Ellis.
134 Sure Shot Seth. By Oll Coomes.
135 Captain Paul. By C. Dunning Clark.
136 Night-Hawk Kit. By Jos. E. Badger.
137 The Helpless Hand. Capt. Mayne Reid.
138 Blonde Bill. By Edward L. Wheeler.
139 Judge Lynch, Jr. By T. C. Harbaugh.
140 Blue Blazes. By Frank Dumont.
141 Solid Sam. By Edward L. Wheeler.
142 Handsome Harry. By Charles Morris.
143 Scar-Face Saul. By Oll Coomes.
144 Dainty Lance, THE BOY SPORT. By Badger.
145 Captain Ferret. By Edward L. Wheeler.
146 Silver Star, THE BOY KNIGHT By Coomes.
147 Will Wildfire. By Charles Morris.
148 Sharp Sam. By J. Alexander Patten.
149 A Game of Gold. By Ed. L. Wheeler.
150 Lance and Lasso. By Capt. F. Whittaker.
151 Panther Paul. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
152 Black Bess, WILL WILDFIRE's RACER or, WINNING AGAINST ODDS. By Charles Morris.
153 Eagle Kit, THE BOY DEMON. By Oll Coomes.
154 The Sword Hunters. By F. Whittaker.
155 Gold Trigger, THE SPORT. T.C. Harbaugh.
156 Deadwood Dick of Deadwood; or THE PICKED PARTY. By Edward L. Wheeler.
157 Mike Merry. By Charles Morris.
158 Fancy Frank of Colorado. Buffalo Bill.
159 The Lost Captain. By Whittaker.
160 The Black Giant. By J. E. Badger, Jr.
161 New York Nell. By E. L. Wheeler.
162 Will Wildfire in the Woods. Morris.
163 Little Texas. By Oll Coomes.
164 Dandy Rock's Pledge. By G. W. Browne.
165 Bill Baggage. By Charles Morris.
166 Hickory Harry. By Harry St. George.
167 Asa Scott, THE STEAMBOAT BOY. By Willett.
168 Deadly Dash. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
169 Tornado Tom. By T. C. Harbaugh.
170 A Trump Card. By Charles Morris.
171 Ebony Dan. By Frank Dumont.
172 Thunderbolt Tom. By Harry St. George.
173 Dandy Rock's Rival. By G. W. Browne.
174 Bob Rockett, THE BOY DODGER. By Morris.
175 Captain Arizona. By Philip S. Warne.
176 The Boy Runaway. By Lieut. Perry.
177 Nobby Nick of Nevada. E. L. Wheeler.
178 Old Solitary. By Oll Coomes.
179 Bob Rockett, THE BANK RUNNER. Morris.
180 The Sea Trailer. By Lieut. H. D. Perry.
181 Wild Frank. By Edward L. Wheeler.
182 Little Hurricane. By Oll Coomes.
183 The Hidden Hand. By Chas. Morris.
184 The Boy Trailers. By Badger, Jr.
186 Cool Desmond. By Col. Della Sara.
187 Fred Halyard. By Charles Morris.
188 Ned Temple, THE BORDER BOY. Harbaugh.
189 Bob Rockett, THE CRACKSMAN, By Morris.
190 Dandy Darke. By Wm. R. Eyster.
191 Buffalo Billy. By Capt. Taylor, U. S. A.
192 Captain Kit. By Lieut. H. D. Perry, U.S.N.
193 Captain Mask. By Phillip S. Warne.
194 Buffalo Bill's Bet. By Captain Taylor.
195 Deadwood Dick's Dream. By Wheeler.
196 Shadowed. By Charles Morris.
198 Arkansaw. By T. C. Harbaugh.
199 Featherweight. By Edward Willett.
200 The Boy Bedouins. By Whittaker.
201 The Black Hills Jezebel. By Wheeler.
202 Prospect Pete. By Oll Coomes.
203 The Boy Pards. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
204 Gold Plume, THE BOY BANDIT. Ingraham.
205 Deadwood Dick's Doom. By Wheeler
206 Dark Paul, THE TIGER KING. By C. Morris
207 Navajo Nick. By T. C. Harbaugh.
208 The Boy Hercules. By Oll Coomes.
209 Fritz, THE BOUND-BOY DETECTIVE. Wheeler.
210 Faro Frank of High Pine. By Eyster.
211 Crooked Cale. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
212 Dashing Dave. By Charles Morris.
213 Fritz to the Front. By E. L. Wheeler.
214 Wolfgang, THE ROBBER OF THE RHINE By Captain Frederick Whittaker.
216 Captain Bullet. By T. C. Harbaugh.
216 Bison Bill, THE PRINCE OF THE RANGE. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
217 Captain Crack-Shot. By E. L. Wheeler
218 Tiger Tom, THE TEXAN TERROR. Coomes.
219 Despard, the Duelist. By P. S. Warne.
220 Tom Tanner. By Charles Morris.
221 Sugar Coated Sam. By F. L. Wheeler.
222 Grit, the Bravo Sport. By Ingraham.
223 Ozark Alf, KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. By Edward Willett.
224 Dashing Dick. By Oll Coomes.
225 Sam Charcoal. By Charles Morris.
226 Snoozer, THE BOY SHARP By E. L. Wheeler.
227 Dusky Darrell. TRAPPER, By E. Emerson.
228 Little Wildfire. By Oll Coomes.
229 Crimson Kate, THE GIRL TRAILER. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
230 The Yankee Rajah. By C. D. Clark.
231 Plucky Phil. By T. C. Harbaugh.
232 Gold-Dust Dick. By E. L. Wheeler.
233 Joe Buck, of Angels. By. A W. Aiken.
234 Old Rocky's 'Boyees.' Buckskin Sam.
235 Shadow Sam. By Charles Morris.
236 Apollo Bill, THE TRAIL TORNADO. By Edward L. Wheeler.
237 Lone Star, The Cowboy Captain; OR, THE MYSTERIOUS RANCHERO. By P. Ingraham.
238 The Parson Detective. By Oll Coomes.
239 The Gold-seeker Guide; of THE LOST MOUNTAIN. By Captain Mayne Reid.
240 Cyclone Kit. By Edward L. Wheeler.
241 Bill Bravo and His Bear Pards. By T. C. Harbaugh.
242 The Two 'Bloods'. By Charles Morris.
243 The Disguised Guide. By Oll Coomes.
244 Sierra Sam. By Edward L. Wheeler.
245 Merle, the Middy. By Col P. Ingraham.
246 Giant George. By Buckskin Sam.
247 Old Grizzly and His Pets. By Captain "Bruin" Adams.
248 Sierra Sam's Secret. By E. L. Wheeler.
249 Milo Romer. By Capt. Fred. Whittaker.
250 Midshipman Mutineer. By Ingraham.
251 Light-house Lige. By J. F. C. Adams.
252 Dick Dashaway. By Chas. Morris.
253 Sierra Sam's Pard. By E. L. Wheeler.
254 The Half Blood. By Edward S. Ellis
255 Captain Apollo. By T. C. Harbaugh.
256 Young Kentuck. By Capt. Mark Wilton.
257 The Lost Hunters. By Capt. Adams.
258 Sierra Sam's Seven. By E. L. Wheeler.
259 The Golden Harpoon. By R. Starbuck.
260 Dare-Devil Dan. By Oll Coomes.
261 Fergus Frearnaught. By Geo. L. Aiken.
262 The Young Sleuths. By Charles Morris.
263 Deadwood Dick's Divide. By Wheeler.
264 The Floating Feather. By Ingraham.
265 The Tiger Tamer. By Capt. Whittaker.
266 Killb'ar the Guide. By Ensign Charles Dudley Warren, (of the Engineer's Corps.)
267 The Buckskin Detective. By T. C. Harbaugh.
268 Deadwood Dick's Death Trail. By Edward L. Wheeler.
269 The Gold Ship; or, MERLE, THE CONDEMNED Colonel Prentiss Ingraham.
270 Blizzard Ben. By Captain Mark Wilton.
271 The Huge Hunter. By Edward S. Ellis.
272 Minkskin Mike. By Oil Coomes.
273 Jumbo Joe. By Edward L. Wheeler.
274 Jolly Jim. By Charles Morris.
275 Arizona Jack. By Buckskin Sam, (Major Sam S. Hall.)
276 Merle Monte's Cruise; or, THE CHASE OF THE GOLD SHIP. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham..
277 Denver Dolt. By Edward L. Wheeler.
278 The Three Trappers; or, THE MOUNTAIN MONSTER. By Major L. W. Carson.
279 Old Winch, THE RIFLE KING. By T. C. Harbaugh.
280 Merle Monte's Fate; or, PEARL, THE PIRATE'S PRIDE. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
281 Denver Doll's Victory ; or, SKULL AND CROSS-BONES By Edward L. Wheeler.
282 Weasel, the Boy Tramp; or, THE TYPE DETECTIVE. By Edward Willet.
283 Indian Joe, or THE WHITE SPIRIT OF THE HILLS. By Major L. W. Carson.
284 The Sea Marauder; or MERLE MONTE'S PLEDGE. By Colonel Prentiss

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