California Joe, the Mysterious Plainsman

Beadle's BOY'S LIBRARY of Sport, Story, and Adventure NOW READY IN PRESS.

1 Adventures of Buffalo Bill From Boyhood to Manhood. Deeds of Daring, and Romantic incidents in the early life of William F. Cody. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
2 The Ocean Hunters; or, The Chase of the Leviathan. A Romance of Perilous Adventure, By Captain Mayne Reid. An extra large number.
3 Adventures of Wild Bill, the Pistol Prince. Remarkable career of J. B. Hikok, (known to the world as "Wild Bill" giving the true story of his adventures and acts. By Prentiss Ingraham..
4 The Prairie Ranch; or, The Young Cattle Herders. By Joe. E. Badger, Jr.
5 Texas Jack, the Mustang King. Thrilling Adventures in the Life of J. B. Omohundro, " Texas Jack." By Col. P. Ingraham.
6 Cruise of the Flyaway; or, Yankee Boys in Ceylon. By C. Dunning Clark.
7 Roving Joe: The History of a Young " Border Ruffian." Brief Scenes from the Life of Joseph E. Badger, Jr. By A. H. Post.
8 The Flyaway Afloat; or, Yankee Boys 'Round the World. By C. Dunning Clark.
9 Bruin Adams, Old Grizzly Adams' Boy Pard. Scenes of Wild Adventure in the Life of the Boy Ranger of the Rocky Mountains By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
10 The Snow Trail; or, The Boy Hunters of Fur-Land. A Narrative of Sport and Life around Lake Winnipeg. By T. C. Harbaugh.
11 Old Grizzly Adams, the Bear Tamer; or, The Monarch of the Mountain. By Dr. Frank Powell.
12 Woods and Waters; or, The Exploits of the Littleton Gun Club,. By Capt. Frederick Whittaker.
13 A Rolling Stone: Incidents in the Career on Sea and Land as Boy and Min, of Col. Prentiss Ingraham. By Prof. Wm. R. Eyster.
14 Adrift on the Prairie. and Amateur Hunters on the Buffalo Range. By Oll Coomes.
15 Kit Carson, King of Guides; or, Mountain Paths and Prairie Trails, By Albert W. Aiken.
16 Red River Rovers; or, Life and Adventures in the Northwest. By C. Dunning Clark.
17 Plaza and Plain ; or, Wild Adventures of "Buckskin Sam," (Major Sam S. Hall.) By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
18 Rifle and Revolver; or, The Littleton Gun Club on the Buffalo Range. By Capt. Frederick Whittaker.
19 Wide-Awake George, the Boy Pioneer; or, Life in a Log Cabin. Incidents and Adventures in the Backwoods. By Ed. Willett.
20 The Dashing Dragoon; or, The Story of General George A. Custer, from West Point to the Big Horn. By Capt. F. Whittaker.
21 Deadwood Dick as a Boy; or, Why Wild Ned Harris, the New England Farm-lad, became the Western Prince of the Road. By Edward L. Wheeler.
22 The Boy Exiles of Siberia, or, The Watch-Dog of Russia By T. C. Harbaugh.
23 Paul De Lacy, the French Beast Charmer; or, New York Boys in the Jungles. By C. Dunning Clark.
24 The Sword Prince: The Romantic Life of Colonel Monstery. (American Champion-at-arms.) By Captain Fred. Whittaker.
25 Round the Camp Fire; or, Snow-Bound at "Freeze-out Camp." A Tale of Roving Joe and his Hunter Pards. By Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
26 Snow-Shoe Tom ; or, New York Boys in the Wilderness. A Narrative of Sport and Peril in Maine. By T. C. Harbaugh.
27 Yellow Hair, the Boy Chief of the Pawnees. The Adventurous Career of Eddie Burgess of Nebraska. By Col. Ingraham.
28 The Chase of the Great White Stag and Camp and Canoe. By C. Dunning Clark.
29 The Fortune-Hunter; or, Roving Joe as Miner, Cow-Boy, Trapper and Hunter. By A. H. Post.
30 Walt Ferguson's Cruise, A Tale of the Antarctic Sea. By C. Dunning Clark.
31 The Boy Crusader; or. How a Page and a Tool Saved a King. By Captain Frederick Whittaker.
32 White Beaver, the Indian Medicine Chief: or The Romantic and Adventurous Life of Dr. D. Frank Powell, known on the Border as "Fancy Frank," "Iron Face," etc. By Col. P. Ingraham.
33 Captain Ralph, the Young Explorer; or, The Centipede Among the Floes. By C. Dunning Clark.
34 The Young Bear Hunters. A Story of the Haps and Mishaps of a Party of Boys in the Wilds of Michigan. By Morris Redwing.
35 The Lost Boy Whalers; or, In the Shadow of the North Pole. By T. C. Harbaugh.
36 Smart Sim, the Lad with a Level Head ; or, Two Boys who were "Bounced." By Edward Willett.
37 Old Tar Knuckle and His Boy Chums; or, The Monsters of the Esquimaux Border. By Roger Starbuck.
38 The Settler's Son; or, Adventures In Wilderness and Clearing. By Edward S. Ellis.
39 Night-Hawk George, and His Daring Deeds and Adventures in the Wilds of the South and West By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
40 The Ice Elephant; or. The Castaways of the Lone Coast. By Captain Frederick Whittaker.
41 The Pampas Hunters; or, New York Boys in Buenos Ayres. By T. C. Harbaugh.
42 The Young Land-Lubber; or, Prince Porter's First Cruise. By C. Dunning Clark.
43 Bronco Billy, the Saddle Prince. By Colonel Prentiss Ingraham.
44 The Snow Hunters; or, Winter in the Woods. By Barry De Forrest.
45 Jack Harry and Tom, The Three Champion Brothers; or, Adventures of Three Brave Boys with the Tattooed Pirate. By Captain Frederick Whittaker.
46 The Condor Killers ; or, Wild Adventures at the Equator. By T. C. Harbaugh.
47 The Boy Coral Fishers; or, The Sea-Cavern Scourge. By Roger Starbuck.
48 Dick, the Stowaway; or, A Yankee Boy's Strange Cruise. By Charles Morris.
49 Tip Tressell, the Floater; or, Fortunes and Misfortunes on the Mississippi. By Edward Willett.
50 The Adventurous Life of Nebraska Charlie. ( Chas F. Burgess.) By Colonel Prentiss Ingraham.
51 The Colorado Boys; or, Life on an Indigo Plantation. By Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
52 Honest Harry; or, The Country Boy Adrift in the City. By Charles Morris.
53 The Boy Detectives; or The Young Californians in Shanghai. By T. C. Harbaugh.
54 California Joe, The Mysterious Plainsman. By Col. Prentiss Ingraham.
55 Harry Somers, The Sailor-Boy Magician. By S. W. Pearce.
56 Nobody's Boys; or, Life Among the Gipsies. By J. X. Hoff man.

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