Fred Fearnot's Revenge, or Defeating a Congressman


A magic litte box in three parts that is very mystifying to those not in the trick. A coin placed on a piece of paper disappears by dropinng a nickel ring around it from the magic box. Made of hard wood two inched in diameter.

M.V. GALLIGAN. 419 W. 56TH St., N. Y.


Gee whiz! What fun you can have with this stuff. Moisten the tip of your finger, tap it on the contents of the box, and a little bit will stick. Then shake hands with your friend, or drop a speck down his back. In a minute he will feel as it he had the seven years' itch.

It will make him scratch, rear, squirm and make faces. But it is perfectly harmless, as it is made from the seeds of wild roses. The horrible itch stops in a few minutes, or can be checked immediately by rubbing the spot with a wet cloth. While it is working, You will be apt to laugh your suspender buttons off.

The best joke of all. Price 10 cents a box, by mail, postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTYCO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


A complete set of five grotesque little people made of indestructible rubber mounted on black walnut blocks. The figures consist of Policeman, Chinaman, and other laughable figures as shown in pictures. As each figure is mounted on a separate block, any boy can set up a regular parade or circus by printing the figures in differant positions. With each set of figures we send a bottle of colored ink, an ink pad and full instructions. Children can stamp these pictures on their toys, picture books, writing paper and envelopes, and they are without doubt the most amusing and entertaining novelty gotten up in years. Price of the complete set of Rubber Stamps, with ink and ink pad, only 10c. 3 sets for 25c., one dozen 90c., by mail postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn N. Y.


This is an oblong tube in exact imitation co a telescope. By looking through it, reveals one highly magnified picture of a dancer or other subject. It contains on the side a button, which the victim is told to press for a change of picture. Instead of another picture appearing, the entire inside part, shoots out, as shown in illustration. It is entirely harmless, but gives the victim a genuine scare.

Price, 15c. each; 2 for 25c. by mail, postpaid. WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


With this device, a continuous series of bubbles can be blown. It is a wooden, cigarshaped blower encasing a small vial, in which there is a piece of soap. The vial is filled with water, and a peculiarly perforated cork is inserted. When you blow in to the mouthpiece, it sets up a hydraulic pressure through the cork perforations and causes bubble after bubble to come out. No need of dipping into water once the little bottle is filled. Price, 10c. each by mail, postpaid.

C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


This is one of the greatest musical instruments ever invented. It is made entirely of metal and is almost invisible when in use. With it, in a few moments, you can learn to play all kinds of tunes, have lots of fun, please and amuse your friends and make some money, too. Fine for either song or piano accompaniment or by itself alone. You place the whistlephone in the mouth with half circle out, place end of tongue to rounded part and blow gently as if to cool the lips. A few trials will en ble one to play any tune or air.

Price 6 cents each by mail, post-paid H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The Remington-UMC cubs make a find

Sure Fire



The World's Record Holders Remington-UMC .22 cal. cartridges have broken two records in two years.

The present world's 100-shot gallery record, 2484 ex 2500, held by Arthur Hubalek was made with these hard hitting .22's.

They will help You, too, to break your best shooting records.

Remington-UMC .22's are made, too, with hollow point bullets. This increases their shocking and killing power.

Remington- UMC-the perfect shooting combination


299 Broadway, New York City


A pretty little trick, easy to perform. Effect: A selected card returned to the deck jumps high into the air at the performers command. Pack is held in one hand. Price of apparatus, with enough cards to perform the trick, 10c.

M. V. GALLIGAN, 419 W. 56th St., N. Y.


The greatest fun-maker of them all. A small amount of this powder, when blown in a room, will cause everyone to sneeze without anyone knowing where it comes from. It is very light, will float in the air for some time, and penerate every nook and corner of a room. It is perfectly harmless. Cachoo is to put up in bottles, and one bottle contains enough to be used from 10 to 15 times. Price, by mail, 10c. each; 3 for 25c. WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 39 W. 26th St.., N. Y.


A lady's fan made of colored silk cloth. The fan may be used and then shut, and when it opens again, it falls in pieces; shut and open again and it is perfect, without a sign of a break. A great surprise for those not in the trick. Price, 35c. by mail, postpaid. H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The greatest bit of the season! It consists of a small metal, nickeled tube, with a lens eye view, which shows a pretty ballet girl in tights. Hand it to a friend, who will be delighted with the first picture; tell him to turn the screw in center of instrutment to change the views, when a stream of water squirts into his face, much to his disgust. Anyone who has not seen this kinematograph in operation is sure to be caught every time. The instrument can be refilled with water in an instant, ready for the next customer. Price 25c. by mail, postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St.. N. Y.


Stung! That was one on you! The joke? You send a friend a letter. He opens it, and that releases the drum. Instantly the sheet of note paper begins to bang and thump furiously, with a ripping, tearing sound. Guaranteed to make a man with iron nerves almost jump out of his skin. You can catch the sharpest wisenheimer with this one. Don't miss getting a few. Price, 6c. each by mail.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


Wonderful instruments that creates a new vocal power. Sounds appear to come from a great distance away. Held unseen in the mouth Mystifies everybody. Sned a dime for your today. Our great catalog of Magic and Mystery included free. McKINLEY Co., D' WINONA, MINN.


& big Catalog by mail.

5c. Bates magic., 5 Melrose, Mass.


Ventriloquist Double Throat

Fits roof of mouth; always invisible; greatest thing yet. Astonish and mystify your friends. Neigh like a horse: whine like a puppy; sing like a canary, and imitate birds and beasts of the field and forest. Loads of fun. Wonderful invention. Thousands sold. Price: only10 cents; 4 for 25 cents. or 12 for 50 Cent,

Double Throat Co. Opt. Frenchtown, N.


Almost anyone can learn it at home. S cost. Send to day 2-cent stamp for partic and proof. O. A. SMITH, Room D96 Bigelow St.. Peoria. I11.


A great Sensational Trick of the Day! With the Fire Eater in his possession any person can become a perfect salamander, apparently breathing fire and ejecting thousands of brilliant sparks from his mouth, to the horror and consternation of all beholders. Harmless fun for all times, seasons and places. If you wish to produce a decided sensation in your neighborhood don't fail to procure one. We send the Fire Eater with all the materials, in a handsome box, the cover of which is highly ornamented with illustrations in various colors. Price of all complete only 15c., or 4 boxes for 50c., mailed postpaid; one dozen by express $1.20.

N. B. -- Full printed instructions for performing the trick accompany each box, which also contains sufficient material for giving several exhibitions.

H. F. LANG 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N.


A startling and pleasing Illusion! "The ways of the world are devious," says Matthew Arnold, but the ways of the Lightning Trick Box when properly handled are admitted to be puzzling and uncertain. You take off the lid and show your friends that it is full of nice candy. Replace the lid, when you can solemnly assure your friends that you can instantly empty the box in their presence without opening it; and taking off the lid again, sure enough the candy has disappeared. Or you can change the candy into a piece of money by following the directions sent with each box. This is the neatest and best cheap trick ever invented.

Price, only 10c.; 3 for 25c., mailed, postpeid. M. V. GALLIGAN. 410 W. 56tb St., N. Y.




One of these fine watches FREE to anyone sending us
One-1 year's subscription at . . . $2.50
Two-6 months' subscriptions at . . 1.25 each
Four-3 months' subscriptions at . .0.65 each
For either of the following: "Moving Picture Stories," "Happy Days," "Wild West Weekly," "Fame and Fortune Weekly," "The Liberty Boys of '76," "Secret Service," "Work and Win," or "Pluck and Luck."

There is only one condition--send us the money and we will send you the watch, and, any one of the above publications for the period Subscribed for.

Description of the Watch



It is American-made, open face, stem wind and set, and will run from 30 to 36 hours with one winding. The movement is the same size as an expensive railroad timepiece, absolutely accurate, and each one is guaranteed. The cases are made in Gold Plate, Polished Nickel, Gun-metal with Gilt center and plain Gun-metal.

The design on the back case is a fancy engraved scroll.

Send In Your Subscriptions Now to

FRANK TOUSEY, Publisher, 168 West 23d St., N. Y. City


Ornamental as well as useful. Made of highly nickeled brass. It holds just One Dollar. when filled it opens itself. remains locked until refilled. Can be used as a watch/charm.. Money refunded if not satisfied.

Price, 10c. by mail

LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


A very effective pocket trick easily to be performed by any one. A miniature paddle is shown. Central holes are drilled through it. A wooden peg is inside of the upper hole. Showing now both sides of the paddle, the performer causes, by simply breathing upon it, the peg to leave the upper hole, and appear in the middle one. Then it jumps to the lower hoel, back to the middle ones, and lastly to the upper hole. Both sides of the padel are repeatedly shown. Price by mail, 15c.

C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


This little novelty creates a world of laughter. Its chief attractiveness is that it takes a few seconds before leaping high in the air, so that when set, very innocently along side of an unsuspecting person, is suddenly startled by the wonderful activity of this frog. Price, 15c. wach by mail postpaid.

H. F. LANG 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The wonder of the age. The greatest small tool in the world. In this little instrument you have in combination seven useful tools embracing Key Ring, Pencil Sharpener, Nail Cutter and Cleaner, Watch opener, Cigar Clipper, Letter Opener and Screw Driver. It is not a toy, but a useful article, made of cutlery steel, tempered and highly nickeled. Therefore will carrry an edge the same as any piece of cutlery. As a useful tool, nothing has ever been the public to equal it. Price. 15c., mailed, postpaid. WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 29th St., N. Y.


If you shoot a man with this "gun" he will be too mad to accept the ancient excuse-"I didn't know it was loaded." It loads easily with a full charge of water, and taking aim, press the rubber bulb at the butt of the Pistol, when a small stream of water is squirted into his face, The best thing to do then is to pocket your gun and run. There are "loads of fun" in this wicked little joker, which looks like a real revolver, trigger, cock, chambers, barrel and all. Price only 7c.; 4 for 25c.; one dozen 60c.. by mail postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


A new musical instrument, producing the sweetest dulcet tones of the flute. The upper part of the instrument is placed in the mouth, the lips covering the openings in the contre. Then by blowing gently upon it you can play any tune desired as easily as whistling. But little practice is required to become a finished player. It is made entirely of metal, and will last a lifetime. We will send full instructions with each instrument.


Something new for the boys. A top you can spin without a string. This is a decided novelty. It is of large size, made of brass, and has a heavy balance rim. The shank contains a powerful spring and has an outer casing. The top of the shank has a milled edge for winding it up. When wound, you merely lift the outer casing, and the top spins at such a rapid speed that the balance rim keeps it going a long time. Without doubt the handsomest and best top in the market.

Price 12 cents each, by mail, post-paid

H. F. LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


This cigar is made in exact imitation of a good one. It is held by a rubber cord which, with the attached safety pin, is fastened on the inside of the sleeve. When offered to a friend, as it is about to be taken, it will instantly disappear.

Price, 10c. each by mail, postpaid.

C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York. City.


This puzzle contains twenty-one pieces of wood nicely finished; take them apart and put them together same as illustrated. Everybody would like to try it, as it is very fascinating. Price, by mail, postpaid, 25c. each.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


A full blooded pair of fighting game cocks. These liliputian fighters have real feathers, yellow legs and fiery red combs, their movements when fighting-are perfectly natural and lifelike, and the secret of their movements is known only to the operator, who can cause them to battle with each other as often and as long as desired. Independent of their fighting proclivities they make very pretty mantel ornaments. Price for the pair in a strong box, 10c.; 3 pairs for 25c. by mail, postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


Just out, and one of the most fascinating puzzles on the market. The stunt is to separate the antlers and rejoin them. It looks easy, but try it and you will admit that it is without exception the best puzzle you have ever seen. You can't leave it alone. Made of silvered metal. Price, 12c.; 3 for 30c. sent by mail, Postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.

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