Fred Fearnot's Day, or The Great Reunion at Avon


Gee whiz! What fun you can have with this stuff. Moisten the tip of your finger, tap it on the contents of the box, and a little bit will stick. Then shake hands with your friend, or drop a speck down his back. In a minute he will feel as if he had the seven years' itch. It will make him scratch, rear, squirm and make faces. But it is perfectly harmless, as it is made from the seeds of wild roses. The horrible itch stops in a few minutes, or can be checked immediately by rubbing the spot with a wet cloth. While it is working, you will be apt to laugh your suspender buttons off. The best joke of all. Price 10 cents a box, by mail, postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


Ornamental an well as useful. Made of highly nickeled brass. It holds just One Dollar. When filled it opens itself if. Remains locked until refilled. Can be used as a watchcharm. Money refunded if not satisfied. Price, 10c. by mail.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The greatest FUN-MAKER of them all. A small amount of this powder, when blown in a room, will cause everyone to sneeze without anyone knowing where it comes from. It is very light, will float in the air for some time, and penetrate every nook and corner of a room. It is perfectly harmless. Cachoo is put up in bottles, and one bottle contains enough to be used from 10 to 16 times. Price by mail. 10c each; 3 for 25c.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. 1.


Here Is A fine mechanical toy. It is an imitation goldfish, about 4 1/2 inches long, and contains a water-tight compartment which will not allow it to sink. To keep in a natural position, the lower fin to ballasted with lead. To make it work, a spring is wound up. You then throw it in the water and the machinery inside causes the tall to wiggle, and propel it in the most lifelike manner. When it runs down the fish floats until it is recovered, and it can then be rewound. Races between two of these fishes are very interesting. Price 26 cents each by mail, post-paid.

C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


This is the funniest trick ever exhibited and always produces roars of laughter. The performer says to the audience that he requires some eggs for one of his experiments. As no spectator carries any, he calls his assistant, taps him on top of the head, he gags, and an egg comes out of his mouth. This is repeated until six eggs are produced. It is an easy trick to perform, once you know how, and always makes a hit. Directions given for working it. Price, 25 cents by mail, postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


This is a wonderful little optical illusion. In use, you apparently see the bones in your hand, the hole in a pipe-stem, the lead in a pencil, etc. The principle on which it is operated cannot be disclosed here, but it will afford no end of fun for any person who has one. Price 15 cents each, by mail, postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


This cigar is made in exact imitation of a good one. It is held by a rubber cord which, with the attached safety pin, to fastened on the inside of the sleeve. When offered to a friend, as it is about to be taken, it will instantly disappear. Price, 10c each by mail, postpaid.

C. BEHR. 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


With a pair of these creepers clinched on your shoes you can defy the slipperiest ice or snow. No matter how slippery the road or how steep the hill, these claws of steel will carry you safely over them. A child can adjust them in 30 seconds. No nails, straps, screws or rivets are needed. They will not injure your shoes. No need to remove them indoors --- Simply fold the heel-plate forward, reversing the spikes under the instep. They are comfortable, durable and invisible. Just the thing for Postmen, golfers, hunters, woodsmen, brakemen, miners and all who would insure life and limb in winter weather. 25 cents a pair, postpaid.

H. F. LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


This Is one of the he greatest must musical instruments ever invented. It is made entirely of metal and is almost invisible when in use. With it, in a few moments you can learn to play all kinds of tunes, have lots of fun, please and amuse your friends and make some money, too. Fine for either song or piano accompaniment or by itself alone. You place the whistlephone in the mouth with half circle out, place end of tongue to rounded part and blow gently as if to cool the lips. A few trials will enable one to play any tune or air. Price 6 cents each by mail, post-paid

WOLFF NOVELTY CO. 29 W. 26th St., N. Y.


Will fly on a horizontal line 150 feet! Can be flown in the house, and will not injure itself nor anything in the room. The most perfect little aeroplane made. The motive power is furnished by twisted rubber bands contained within the tubular body of the machine. It is actuated by a propeller at each end revolving in opposite directions. Variation in height may be obtained by moving the planes and the balance weight. It can be made to fly either to the right or the left by moving the balance sidewise before it is released for flight. Price. 85c. each, delivered.

H. F. LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


By use of this wonderful little microscope you can magnify a drop of stagnant water until you see dozens of crawling insects; in also useful for inspecting grain, pork, linen, and numerous other articles. This little instrument does equally as good work as the best microscopes and is invaluable to the household. Is made of beat finished brass; size when closed 1x2 1/2 inches. Price, 30c.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The pencil that keeps them guessing. Made of wood and lead just like an ordinary pencil, but when your victim starts to write with it- presto! the lead disappears. It is so constructed that the slightest pressure on the paper makes the lead slide into the wood. Very funny and a practical joke.

Price. 10c. each by mall, postpaid: 3 for 25c.

H. F. LANG, 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


This is a wicked pig that died at an early age and here he is in his coffin ready for burial. There will be a great many mourners at his funeral. For this coffin, pretty as it looks, is very tricky, and the man who gets It open will feel real grief. The coffin Is made of metal, perfectly shaped and beautifully lacquered. The trick is to open it to see the pig. The man that tries it gets his fingers and feelings hurt, and piggy comes out to grunt at his victims. The tubular end of the coffin, which everyone (in trying to open) presses inward, contains a needle which stabs the victim in his thumb or finger every time. This is the latest and a very "impressive" trick. It can be opened easily by anyone in the secret, and as a neat catch-joke to save yourself from a bore is unsurpassed. Priced, 10c.; 3 for 25c., postpaid; one dozen by express, 75c.


By this powerful, unseen force of nature you may control others, create endless fun and wonder, reform the degraded, treat the sick and afflicted, attain your ambition and make money easy, you may learn it! Write for descriptive and illustrated literature and full particulars FREE.

Address M. D. BETTS, Sta. 429, Jackson, Mich.


easily in 5 days! Improve health, prolong your life. Relieve stomach or kidney trouble, hoarseness, headaches, Irritability, nervous worry, heart weakness, Avoid blindness! gain lasting vigor, clams nerves, better memory, clear eyes, superior mental strength, Banish spells of melancholy; avoid collapse. If you chew, dip sniff or smoke pipe, cigarettes, cigars, get my interesting free book. Just what you have been looking for. Proved worth weight in gold to others; why not you? Overcome nicotine habit, start anew and be genuinely happy, Book mailed free. Address: 534 Sixth Avenue, EDWARD J. Woods, 228 E, New York, N.Y.


Tells how to Get Acquainted; How to Begin Courtship; How to Court a Bashful Girl; To Woo a Widow; To Win an Heiress; How to Catch a Rich Bachelor; How to Manage your Beau to Make him Propose; How to Make your Fellow or Girl Love You; What To Do Before and After the Wedding. Tells other things necessary for Lovers to Know. Sample copy by mail 10c.

K. E. King Co., Andover, O.


I tell you how! Fascinating profession. Big salaries. Experience unnecessary. Splendid engagements, always waiting opportunity for travel. Theatrical agents endorse my method. Thirty years, experience as both manager and performer. Illustrated book "All About Vaudeville" sent Free.



Flash our "Millionaire's Bank Roll" and make 'em all "rubber." These goods are made in Washington and are dandies. Easy money handling them. Send 10c for sample "wad". and Big Catalog Address, McKINLEY CO., Dept. F, WINONA, MINN.


Ventriloquist Double Throat

Fits roof of mouth; always invisible; greatest thing yet. Astonish and mystify your friends. Neigh like a horse; whine like a puppy; sing like a canary, and imitate birds and beasts of the field and forest. Loads of fun. Wonderful invention. Thousands sold. Price; only 10 cents; 4 for 25 cents. or 12 for 50 cents Double Throat Co. Dpt. K Frenchtown, N.J.


Wonderful instrument that creates as new vocal power. Sounds appear to come from a great distance away. Held unseen in the mouth. Mystifies everybody. Send a dime for yours today. Our great catalog of Magic and Mystery included free. McKINLEY CO., WINONA, MINN.

Learn to Draw Cartoons,

for Lesson on Cartoon Drawing and booklet, "Cartooning and Illustrating for Profit." Your money back if not satisfactory. Send today, Essex School of Cartooning, 55 Currier Bldg., Lynn, Mass.


A clever and puzzling effect, easy to do; the apparatus can be minutely examined. Effect: A marble can be made to pass from the hand into the closed vase, which a. moment before was-shown empty. This is a beautiful enameled turned wood vase. Price. 20c. M. V. GALLIGAN, 419 W. 56TH St., N. Y.


It consists of three horse shoes fastened together. Only a very clever person can take off the closed horseshoe from the two linked horseshoes. But it can be done in a moment when the secret is known. Price, by mall, 10C. each. H. F. LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N.Y.


New and amusing joker. The victim is told to hold the TUBE close to his eye so as to exclude all light from the back, and then to remove the tube until pictures appear in the center. In trying to locate the pictures he will receive the finest black-eye you ever saw. We furnish a small box of blackening preparation with each tube, so the joke can be used in definitely. Those not in the trick will be caught every time. Absolutely harmless. Price by mail 15c each; 3 for 25c.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St., N. Y. WOLFF NOVELTY Co., 29 W. 26th St. N. Y.


Also known as Japanese butterfly. A pleasing novelty enclosed in an envelope. When the envelope is opened Fiffi will fly out through the air for several yards. Made of colored Paper to represent a butterfly six inches wide. Price, 10c. M. V. GALLIGAN, 419 W. 56th St., N. Y.


A lady's fan made of colored silk cloth. The fan may be used and then shut, and when it opens again, it falls in pieces; shut and open again and it is perfect without a sign of a break. A great surprise for those not in the trick. Price, 35c. by mail, postpaid.

H. F. LANG. 1815 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


The Puzzle is to separate the one star from the linked star and crescent without using force. Price by mail, postpaid 10c.; 3 for 25C.



Something new for the boys. A top you can spin without a string. This is a decided novelty. It is of large size, made of brass and has a heavy balance rim. The shank contains a powerful spring and has an outer casing. The top of the shank has a milled edge for winding it up. When wound you merely lift the outer casing, and the top spins at such a rapid speed that the balance rim keeps it going a long time. Without doubt the handsomest and best top in the market.

Price 12 cents each, by mail, post-paid

K. F. LANG, 1915 Centre St., B'klyn. N. If


Nickel plated and polished; it produces a near-piercing sound; large seller: illustration actual size. Price. 12c. by mail.



Fool Your Friends The greatest novelty of the age! Have a joke which makes everybody laugh. More fun than any other novelty that has been shown in years. Place it on a desk, tablecloth, or any piece of furniture, as shown in the above cut, near some valuable papers, or on fine wearing apparel. Watch the result! Oh, Gee! Price. 15c. each, postpaid.

C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


A new musical instrument, producing the sweetest dulcet tones of the flute. The upper part of the instrument is placed in the mouth, the lips covering the openings in the centre. Then by blowing gently upon it you can play easily as whistling. But little practice to required to become a finished player. It in made entirely of metal and will last a lifetime. We will send full instructions with each instrument.

Price 8 cents, by mail, postpaid.

A. A. WARFORD. 16 Hart St., Brooklyn. N. Y.


A small musical instrument that produces very sweet musical notes by placing it between the lips with the tongue over the edge, and blowing gently into the instrument. The notes produced are not unlike those of the life and flute. We send full printed instructions whereby anyone can play. hum, whistle or sing. with practice. Price. 10c.; 3 for 25c. mailed, postpaid. C. BEHR, 110 W. 62D St., New York City.


A wonderful imported paper novelty. By a simple manipulation of the wooden handles a number of beautiful figures can be produced. It takes on several combination of magnificent colors. Price, 10c., postpaid.



A handsome metal instrument, made in Germany, from which peculiar but sweet music can be produced. Its odd shape, which resembles a torpedo boat, will attract much attention. We send instructions with each instrument, by the aid of which anyone can in a short time play any tune and produce very sweet music on this odd-looking instrument. Price, 10c. by mail, postpaid.

H. F. LANG, 18.15 Centre St., B'klyn, N. Y.


A very effective pocket trick, easily to be performed by any one. A miniature paddle is shown. Central holes are drilled through it. A wooden peg is inside of the upper hole. Showing now both sides of the paddle. the performer causes, by simply breathing upon it, the peg to leave the upper hole, and appear in the middle one. Then it jumps to the lower hole, back to the middle one, and lastly to the upper hole. Both sides of the paddle are repeatedly shown. Price by mail, 15c C. BEHR, 150 W. 62d St., New York City.


The base is made of maple, and the center piece of black walnut, the whole thing about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, with a metal book on the back so that it may be slipped over edge of the vast pocket. Expose to view your New Electric Bell, when your friend will push the button expecting to hear it ring. As soon as he touches it, you will see some of the liveliest dancing you ever witnessed. The Electric Button is heavily charged and will give a smart shock when the button to pushed Price 10c., by mail. postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26TH St., X. Y.

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