Nick Carter, Detective: The Solution of a Remarkable Case

Nick CARTER'S QUICK WORK, by the author of "Nick Carter," will be published in the next number (2) of the NICK CARTER DETECTIVE LIBRARY.

This library will contain the best Detective Stories ever written. These stories will certainly be great favorites with all who delight in tales of detective, adventures, full of exciting and thrilling experiences. Remember, the NICK CARTER DETECTIVE LIBRARY is published every Saturday. Price 5 cents.

Nick Carter Detective Library,


Price Five Cents.

We feel that there is a demand on the part of the boys for a first-class five cent detective library. We do not mean a library containing a lot of moth-eaten stories reprinted from another library, or marked down in price, but a brand-new library of thrilling stories written to the very hour.

The opening numbers of our NICK CARTER DETECTIVE LIBRARY will describe the phenomenal detective work of Inspector Byrnes' eighteen carat squad. Famous Nick Carter heads the list, and we have identified his name with our library as a happy augury of success.

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