The Great Spy System, or, Nick Carter's Promise to the President


No other detective, stories are half as interesting as those that appear in this publication. Nick Carter has been all over the world and has had experience with all kinds of criminals.

That's why, boys, his adventures holds one's interest from cover to cover. There is no brutality in Nick's make-up - he does not need it - he uses his wits. Do not fail to get the latest numbers from your newsdealer.


For sale by all newsdealers, or sent, by the publishers to any address upon receipt of price in money or postage stamps

539-The Woman of the Mask; or, Nick Carter's Quadruple Mystery.
540-The Masked Woman's Daring Plot; or, Nick Carter Springs a Surprise.
541-Hobo Harry, the Beggar King; or, Nick Carter Downs the Yeggman.
542-Black Madge's Hobo Gang; or, Nick Carter and the Yeggman Queen.
543-Black Madge's Vengeance; or, Nick Carter's Crafty Foe.
544-A Tragedy of the Footlights; or, Nick Carter and the Temple of Vice.
545-The Maynard Woman's Double; or, Patsy's Terrific Brain Storm.
546-Three Against Fifteen; or, Patsy's Splendid Courage.
547-A Mystery of Two Passengers; or, Nick CarterPrevents a Great Crime.
548-A Dead Man at the Feast; or, Nick Carter's Very Slender Clue.
549-The House of Secrets; or, Nick Carter's Midnight Vigil.
550-The Lost Bank President; or, Nick Carter Takes a Great Big Chance.
551-Ralph Bolton's Double Plot; or, Nick Carter's Three Assistants at Work.
552-The Dare-devil Crook; or, Nick Carter Finds a Promising Clue.
553-A Mystery From the Klondyke; or, Nick Carter's Double-headed Case.
554-Returned From the Grave; or, Nick Carter's Legally Dead Client.
555-The Mystery Man of 7-Up Ranch ; or, Nick Carter Against the "Brown Chet" Outfit.
556-A Bad Man of Montana; or, Nick Carter's Chase of an Outlaw.
557-The Man From Arizona; or, Nick Carter Swims to Victory.
558-Kid Curry's Last Stand; or, Nick Carter in Dangerous Surroundings.
559-A Beautiful Anarchist; or, Nick Carter's BravestAct.
560-The Nihilist's Second Move; or, Nick Carter's Timely Interference.
561-The Brotherhood of Free Russia; or, Nick Carter's Beautiful Friend, Olga.
562-A White House Mystery; or, Nick Carter's Case For The President.
563-The Great Spy System; or, Nick Carter's Promise to the President.
564-The Last of Mustushimi or, Nick Carter's Narrowest Escape.
565-Secrets of a Haunted House; or, Nick Carter's Fight With a Ghost.
566-A Mystery in India Ink; or, Nick Carter in Search of a Secret.
567-The Plot of the Stantons; or, Nick Carter Prevents the Theft of a Fortune.
568-The Criminal Trust; or, Nick Carter's Mysterious Client.

If you want any back numbers of this publication and cannot procure them from your newsdealer, they can be obtained from this office direct. Postage stamps taken the same as money.

STREET & SMITH, Publishers, 79 Seventh Avenue, NEW YORK CITY.

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