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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
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ESRI's Virtual Campus

Course List | Enrollment Instructions | Other Virtual Campus Features


As a benefit of Stanford's site license with ESRI, affiliates of Stanford have unlimited access to many of ESRI's Virtual Campus courses ( These self-paced on-line courses cover a variety of topics related to GIS science, GIS technology, and GIS applications. You may register for any ESRI-authored technology course(s) that interests you*.  ESRI's online course catalog contains more detailed descriptions of course offerings.


Free Courses & Workshops
    All workshops in the GIS Technology Courses category are free of charge. These are focused technical presentations that include streamed lectures and software demonstrations, printable presentation slides, software exercises with accompanying data optional exams to assess understanding, and certificates for successfully completing the exam. Titles listed below.


  • Learning ArcGIS 9
  • Learning ArcGIS 9 3D Analyst
  • Learning ArcGIS 9 Spatial Analyst
  • The 15-Minute Map: Creating a Basic Map in ArcMap
  • Cartographic Design Using ArcGIS 9
  • Turning Data into Information Using ArcGIS 9
  • Using ArcCatalog: Tips and Tricks
  • Labeling in ArcMap: Tips and Tricks
  • Creating and Editing Labels and Annotation
  • Editing Spatial Data in ArcMap: Tips and Tricks
  • Geoprocessing with ArcGIS Desktop
  • Georeferencing Rasters in ArcGIS
  • Introduction to ArcScan for ArcGIS
  • Working with Map Topology in ArcGIS
  • Working with Survey Data in ArcGIS
  • Working with Rasters in ArcGIS
  • Spatial Analysis of Geohazards Using ArcGIS 9
  • Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning Using ArGIS 9
  • Creating and Integrating Data for Natural Resource Applications
  • Customizing ArcGIS 9
  • Customizing ArcMap: Easy ways to Extend the Interface


  • Learning ArcIMS 9
  • Customizing ArcIMS 9


  • Introduction to ArcView 3.x


  • Basics of the Geodatabase Data Model
  • Creating and Editing Geodatabase Features with ArcGIS 9 (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
  • Creating and Editing Geodatabase Topology with ArcGIS 9 (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
  • Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS 9
  • Linear Referencing with ArcGIS Desktop
  • Creating and Editing Linearly Referenced Features with ArcGIS 9 (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
  • Storing Raster Data in an ArcSDE Geodatabase (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
  • Working with Geodatabase Subtypes and Domains (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)

Visual Basic

  • Introduction to Visual Basic 6
  • Understanding Branching and Looping in VBA
  • Working with Forms in VBA
  • Working with Variables and Functions in VBA
  • Learning Visual Basic for Applications for New ArcGIS Developers


  • Creating and Maintaining Metadata Using ArcGIS Desktop
  • Understanding GIS Queries
  • Understanding Map Projections and Coordinate Systems
  • Using CASE Tools (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)
  • Introduction to Map Production System-Atlas
  • Customizing ArcPad

* Other courses are available for a fee on ESRI's Virtual Campus.
Enrollment Instructions (Stanford affiliates only)

A) Create your Virtual Campus account; go to and click on "Sign Up," which is located under the "Member name" and "Password" boxes on the left side of the page.

B) Send an email with the name of the course(s) you have selected to one of the following subscription administrators: Julie Sweetkind-Singer , Mindy Syfert , Ron Nakao (SSRC), Kristina Seyer-Smith (Facilities), or Maria Cacho (Planning).

C) Once s/he has registered you in the course, you will receive a registration code to access your course at will.

Other Virtual Campus Features

In addition to your registered courses, the Virtual Campus offers some other interesting features that will enhance your learning experience. Once you have logged in, click on "My Office" to explore these features:

Virtual Campus Library: The Virtual Campus library has a collection of references, including many full text articles. You may bookmark selections for later reading.

Campus Community: Network by talking to other students and professionals in your field. Students can send and receive messages and create a list of campus contacts.

Campus Clubs:  Join campus clubs which are open to all members of the international GIS academic and user community. You can create a club whose membership is controlled by you or your organization and use it to share information with a group of people sharing a common interest.

Support: The support link on the Virtual Campus includes frequently asked questions, information on the format of the courses, registration, software and the certificate of completion. Additionally, students may contact the campus for technical problems.

Last modified: August 23, 2007

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