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Recent photo of Bender Room
The Albert M. Bender Room is located on the fifth floor of the newly restored Bing Wing. This space, with its wonderful views of the Quad and the hills beyond the campus, offers comfortable seating and a quiet atmosphere for study, leisure reading, and reflection.

The Bender Room contains a collection of good books of current and classic interest in fiction and non-fiction. This collection has been made possible by a generous gift from the Stanford University Bookstore.

The Memorabilia Area of the room together with its adjacent reading area has been dedicated to the love of reading and to Anna May Bell Dunlap, AB 1900, and Sue Elizabeth Dunlap Hillman, AB 1931, by the generosity of a gift from Barbara Ann Hillman, AB 1962.


Historical photo of Bender RoomLooking back, historical notes show that in 1933, the Stanford Library's scattered special collections, approximately 5,000 volumes, were placed in a seminar room on the top floor of the library called the Rare Book Room. Several years later the room was renamed for Albert M. Bender, the San Francisco bibliophile whose philanthropy benefited the Stanford rare book collections.


If you would like to view a short photographic tour of the reconstruction project in the Bender Room, please start here.


Map of the 5th floor.

Artist's Rendering of Bender Room
Artist's rendering of Bender Room plans, 1998.

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