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Grand Corridor
Grand Stair, Nancy Barry Munger '45 and Charles Munger Rotunda, Peterson Exhibit Gallery


Recent photo of the Rotunda

The Grand Corridor on the second floor is a newly created thoroughfare in the restored Bing Wing and leads patrons from the Munger Rotunda and Peterson Exhibit Gallery in the Bing Wing to the East Wing stacks and other program spaces therein. The corridor also links the library to the Quad via the main doors of the Bing Wing.

The Nancy Barry Munger '45 and Charles T. Munger Rotunda is at the heart of the building. The dramatic beauty of this light-filled area is characteristic of the Bing Wing, with its emphasis on natural light and vast spaces. Exhibit cases specially designed and built by Helmut Guenschel, Inc. are recessed in the walls of the rotunda area. An additional six cases are located in the east and south apses.

The Peterson Exhibit Gallery flanks the grand stair on the second floor. Named for Gregor G. and Dion Peterson, who share a love of fine press books and the book arts in general, the gallery houses an additional twelve exhibit cases. All have been specially designed and built by Helmut Guenschel, Inc., and houses exhibits of Special Collections material.
Recent photo of the Rotunda

There are two group study rooms on the second floor of the Bing Wing: the Richard B. Hooper, AB '37 Room and the Richard H. Shainwald Study Room.

In addition, the rooms located off the Grand Corridor to the north and south are the Harold B. and Betty Jo Fitger Williams Room and the Mary Mayer Tanenbaum '36 Room respectively. These rooms house curatorial staff.

An item of particular interest in the Grand Corridor is the custom-built table which features wood from a 300-year-old Coast live oak that was a favorite of Leland Stanford, Jr.'s. The tree shaded the Stanford family's mausoleum until it was felled. The trunk was air-dried and saved for a special use and finally incorporated into the table's top, designed by San Francisco architect Stanford Hughes and built by Napa craftsman Ed Clay.


If you would like to view a short photographic tour of the reconstruction project surrounding the Grand Stair, please start here.

If you would like to view a short photographic tour of the reconstruction of the Munger Rotunda, please start here.


Map of 1st floor

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