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Wireless Networking at Stanford

General information about campus wireless networking

Wireless hotspots on-campus (interactive map)
(complete list)

What is needed to get access to the wireless network?

SULAIR Wireless

ITS Wireless

Laptop or PDA with wireless (built-in or PCMCIA card)

Laptop or PDA with wireless (built-in or PCMCIA card)

NetDB Entry (all devices must be entered before given access)

NetDB Entry (for Stanford community device; not necessary for guest access)

SUNet ID not required

SUNet ID (guest, basic, or full-service account)

What is NetDB?

  • NetDB is a network database of computers that can be used on the Stanford network.
  • NetDB is also used to limit and prevent access to Stanford’s network by non-Stanford affiliated people.
  • LNA’s (local network administrators) are the only ones allowed to access NetDB--no exceptions!

What’s the difference between the SULAIR and Stanford campus-wide wireless network?

·        SULAIR wireless network

  • Stanford-community members using a device that has been registered for roaming DHCP into NetDB.
  • This network is managed by SUL Tech Support (not ITS).
  • Wireless coverage can be found in Green, Meyer, all branch libraries, SAL, and the MoonBean’s coffee shop area.
  • Users crossing over into the SULAIR wireless zone will have to release/renew their NIC device in order to obtain a valid IP address for use in the libraries.
  • Visitors are not allowed access to the SULAIR wireless network.

·        Stanford campus-wide wireless network

  • Stanford-community members using a device that has been registered for roaming DHCP into NetDB.
  • Managed by ITS.
  • Wireless coverage can be found using the hotspots link above.
  • Visitors are allowed access ONLY IF they are sponsored by a valid Stanford-community member.
  • Use of wireless network at the medical center requires all users to authenticate using their SUNet ID.

How do I get connected?



Remember, visitors cannot use wireless in the libraries, even if they have been sponsored.

  • Visitors can, however, gain access to the Stanford wireless network via sponsorship by someone from the Stanford community:
  • Sponsored accounts can last a maximum of 7 days.
  • The visitors wireless device should automatically pick-up the SSID for the ITS wireless network (outside of SULAIR network).
  • Visitors will be redirected to a web login page where they’ll use their sponsored account to gain access to the wireless network.
  • Unauthorized visitors will be automatically redirected to the sponsorship page if they try to connect to the wireless network before being sponsored.

How do I renew my ip address when crossing from Stanford wireless network into SULAIR wireless (and vice versa)?

Note:  This applies to PC users whose devices have been setup with DHCP and their machine is not automatically configuring itself for the wireless network.

Go to START-->RUN, and type, CMD.

At the DOS prompt, type, ipconfig /renew.

Your machine will now be assigned a new IP address allowing it to connect to the wireless network.

Need help getting connected?

If you need help with getting connected to the either of these wireless networks, use one of the contacts below:

If you are a... Contact Group Phone Number Email URL
Student Local RCC -- -- Find my RCC:

Local LNA, or ITS

(650) 725-4357 (5-HELP) --

Find my LNA:, or Send a HelpSU Request:

Visitor -- -- --



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