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American Literary Studies

The Nathaniel Tarn Papers

n.b. (This is a preliminary listing; the cataloging of this collection is still on process. Requests for access to material may be delayed.)



1) Approximately 120 pages of letters, notes, contracts and other materials toward the establishment of Cape Goliard Press which NT had inspired. Also materials on NT's first book, including design materials since NT changed design for poetry at Cape. Shows NT's attempt to introduce his "Three Pillars" in the U.K.: Olson, Duncan, Zukofsky plus others. Considerable comment on these three, plus Creeley, Jonathan Williams and others; publishing suggestions from Williams, materials on French literature; discussion of Structuralists et al (NT first to commission translations in English of Roland Barthes).

2) Discussion of publication of NT's translation of Neruda's Heights of Macchu Picchu (some 200 pages); dicussions of publication of Barthes in English; of Kenneth Patchen (NT's KP anthology, differing 90%+ from N.D. anthology); 2 page ALS from Tom Maschler concerning his meeting with Charles Olson; large number of letters, memos and notes on blurbs, jackets, rights, mostly from TM with carbon replies by NT.

3) Materials from NT concerning Zukofsky, Olson, Reznikoff, Duncan et al, much of it written to Jonathan Williams; miscellaneous data on NT's first book Old Savage/Young City; important material on the publication of Charles Olson; readers' reports on Kenneth White and others - many English poets with whom NT was trying to balance American list; some 100+ pages of letters, replies and memos from TM.

4) Over 175 pages of various materials; lists of future projects (10 pages) proofs of dust wrappers for William Carlos Williams; Levi- Strauss; Barthes Cape Editions; over 250 pages of various publishing materials; termination letter from Cape to NT.

5) Approximately 175 pages: same

6) Over 250 pages: materials on the publication of works dealing with Surrealism (some on Marcel Duchamp) and Structuralism.

7) Nine pages of sales figures and accounting memos; some 175 pages of accounting materials.

8) Materials dealing with attempts to continue Cape Goliard in Santa Fe by Barry Hall in late Sixties and early Seventies.

9) File on the Pablo Neruda Selected Poems project, edited by NT with Alastair Reid, Anthony Kerrigan and W.S.Merwin. Letters to & from these. Approx. 375 pages of materials.

10) Royalties file for Old Savage and other Cape books: approximately 275 pages.

11) Reports and blurbs written by NT for Cape projects, some 400+ pages.

12) More recent correspondence with Cape: 70s to 90s.


BERRIGAN, TED: Original proofs of Sonnets.

BLACKBURN, PAUL: Galley proofs of In or About the Premises and inscribed proofs of The Cities.

BUTOR, MICHEL: Setting Copy of manuscript of Histoire extraordinaire: 142 page carbon typescript, corrected.

ESHLEMAN, CLAYTON: Original Proofs of Vallejo's Human Poems.

GINSBERG, ALLEN: Galley proofs of T.V.Baby.

HOLLO, ANSELM: Galley Proofs of Treetop Hat.

LOWRY, MALCOM: Galley proofs of Selkected Letters.

OLSON, CHARLES: First set of proofs before correction of Maximus Poems IV, V, VI

PATCHEN, KENNETH: Setting copy, 148 page xerox with pages of handwritten notes by NT of Selected Poems.

PAZ, OCTAVIO: Typed carbon with holograph notes, approx. 90 pages of AN INTRODUCTION TO LEVI-STRAUSS.

PONGE, FRANCIS: 63 page carbon typescript setting copy with corrections by translator Lane Dunlop of Soap.

REID, ALSTAIR: Galley Proofs of AR's translations of Neruda.

TRAKL, GEORG: 30 page typescript plus 30 page translation by Robert Grenier of the RG, Michael Hamburger, David Luke & Christopher Middleton Selected Poems.

"X": A Quarterly Review, London, Clippings book and proofs, plus 9 page program by NT to save and develop the magazine in trouble.

ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS: Galley proofs of 55 Poems inscribed to NT.

ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS: Galley Proofs of All.


AMERICAN POETRY BOOKS, eventually UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO PRESS: Correspondence with regard to NT's "Views from the Weaving Mountain: Selected Essays in Poetics & Anthropology," with letters from ALAIN BRETON, PHILIP FOSS, MICHAEL HELLER, MICHEL DEGUY, JULIEN BLAINE & EDWARD FOSTER regarding the book and much reviews material, early 1990s.

BLACK SPARROW PRESS: 51 TLS, 4 cards, 50 carbons, 2 original drawings, notes, memos, etc. concerning NT's The House of Leaves.

BOOK PEOPLE: 10 ALS; 13pages from BOB DE LAPP re various projects, 1972-75.

BRILLIG WORKS PRESS: File of approx. 50 pages concerning the publication of the NT - JANET RODNEY work Atitlan-Alashka.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS: Long, complex, eventually aborted correspondence with editor SCOTT MAHLER re plans to publish NT's volumes in the "Autoanthropology" series, 1985-89.

JONATHAN CAPE PUBLISHERS: 13 TLS, 1 telegram from TOM MASCHLER, mostly about possibility of Cape interest in "Scandals in the House of Birds," 1983-, also design materials for the Cape edition of "A Nowhere for Vallejo" (1971).

CHAX PRESS: 4 TLS, 2 APC; 6 pages from CHARLES ALEXANDER, regarding various projects with the Press, 1990-

CHRISTOPHER BOOKS PRESS: Approx. 10 pages of discussion of NT's The Persephones, etc.

COFFEE HOUSE PRESS: Correspondence re "Seeing America First" with design & publishing materials and correspondence mostly concerning reviews, a couple of which adverse. With reviews by HAYDEN CARRUTH, LEE BARTLETT, GEORGE MYERS, JIM BURNS and Correspondence from LINSAY HILL; ANNE VALLEY-FOX, ALFRED BUSH (Princeton U Library); CHRISTOPHER MERRILL; HANS TEN BERGE; PETER QUARTERMAIN.

FARRAR STRAUS PUBLISHERS: 24 letters & carbons, mostly concerning NERUDA.

GALE PUBLISHERS: Correspondence & materials re NT's autobiography in the "Contemporary Authors" series.

GRENFELL PRESS: 2 ALA, 3 TLS, 5 APC, 2 TPC; 5 pages with Leslie Miller, possibly finest printer in US & materials on the designing and printing of NATASHA TARN'S "Multitude of One," edited by NT, a very limited de luxe Letterpress edition, 1 ALS to Miller from ELIZABETH MURRAY, painter, 1989-

KNOPF PUBLISHERS: Correspondence with editors ANGUS CAMERON (See also NT at CAPE FILES) & ALICE QUINN, mid-1970s.

LABYRINTH PRESS: NT Neruda translations with illustrations by publisher Richard Bigus.

MARSILIO PUBLISHERS, FILE I: File of long correspondence with Luigi Ballerini, Eliot Weinberger, Marc Stafford etc. with much publishing material, book designs, jacket designs, hologr. NT notes on the Marsilio crises etc, concerning the publication of NT's Scandals in the House of Birds, 1990s-

PRE-MARSILIO FILE re "Scandals in the House of Birds", with correspondence to & from MAX GLUKSMAN (Simon and Schuster); ANDRE SCHIFFRIN & DAVID STERNBACH (Pantheon); JOHN GLUSMAN (Collier); BETH HADDAS (UNM Press); DONALD LAMM (President, Norton); PETER TURNER (Shambalah); ALLEN PEACOCK (Holt); T. DAVID BRENT (U Chicago Press); TERESA MAY (U Texas Press); CHRISTOPHER MERRILL ( Gibbs Smith); CHRISTOPHER LUTZ (Mesoamerica); ALAIN BRETON (Autrement/Seuil) etc.

MEMBRANE PRESS: 1 ALS, 17 TLS, 4 faxes; 26 pages from KARL YOUNG, with KY poems on back of TLS re NT's "The Microscosm" and later GRIST website Net projects for "Alashka" and other works, 1976-

NEW DIRECTIONS PUBLISHERS: Concerning NT's "Lyrics for the Bride of God" and "Alashka." 15 letters & 2 cards from JAMES LAUGHLIN; 23 letters & 2 cards from NT's editor; preliminary materials for Lyrics including drawings, contracts etc.; 1 ALS of 2 pages from KENNETH REXROTH, plus materials concerning publishing. Approx. 200 pages.

NINJA PRESS: 9 TLS, 4 APC from sitcom star, rafter, photographer and printer CAROLEE CAMPBELL, with press materials, leading to forthcoming publication of NT's de luxe Letterpress "Architextures 1 - 7," 1993-

OASIS/SHERMAN PRESS: Correspondence with Ian Robinson & Tony Frazer of the Press regarding various projects including NT's "Palenque: New & Selected Poems," 1984-

OXUS PRESS: Correspondence with poet printer JOHN STATHATOS re NT's Letterpress edition of "Weekends in Mexico," 1981-83.

PERISHABLE PRESS: 9 ALS from WALTER HAMADY, 8 proofs of collages by JOHN DIGBY, carbons, notes etc. concerning the RODNEY-TARN Letterpress edition of "The Forest," part of the "Alashka."

PERMANENT PRESS: 2 ALS, 7 TLS, from poet editor ROBERT VAS DIAS re Letterpress edition of Tarn-Rodney "The Ground of Our Great Admiration of Nature," part of the "Alashka," 1970-79.

RANDOM HOUSE PUBLISHERS: Over 150 pages of correspondence, mostly with NAN TALESE, NT's editor, press releases, carbons, jacket designs, blurbs etc. concerning NT's The Beautiful Contradictions; A Nowhere for Vallejo etc.

SALT WORKS PRESS: 46 pages of correspondence from Marylin Kitchell re publication of works by NT and Janet Rodney & copy of publishing materials, 1983-89.

SAND DOLLAR PRESS: 10 ALS, 3 TPC from JACK SHOEMAKER with much news of R.DUNCAN, G.SNYDER et al literary activity in the Bay Area and some Press materials, 1970-77.

SHAMBALAH PUBLISHERS: Correspondence with PETER TURNER of the firm and KENT JOHNSON/CRAIG PAULENICH editors re the anthology "Beneath a Single Moon: Buddhism in Contemporary American Poetry," 1990s.

SUN & MOON PUBLISHERS: 11 TLS from poet-editor DOUGLAS MESSERLI re contributions to his magazine La Bas, the S&M Gertrude Stein Awards, the Poets' Calendar, 1978-

TRIGRAM PRESS: 1 TLS, 1 APC, mostly about NT's letterpress "October," 1969.

UNICORN PRESS: 6 ALS from TEO SAVORY; 3 ALS from ALLAN BRILLIANT, plus carbon replies, regarding NT"S translation (first in English) of VICTOR SEGALEN.


Anvil; Autrement; Backwoods Broadsides; Beacon; Book People; Burning Deck; Cadmus; Carcanet; U. Chicago; Copper Beech; Collier; Continuum; Crowell; Doghair; Doubleday; Eridanos; Farrar Straus; Firefly; Fulcrum; Gale; Gibbs Smith; Godine; Grey Fox; R. Grossman; Harcourt Brace; Howling Dog; Knopf; Labyrinth; Lapis; Logbridge Rhodes; Lorrimer; McPherson; North Point; Oleander; Overlook; Oyez; Pantheon; Penguin; Red Ozier; Shambalah; Station Hill; Suhrkampf/Insel; Sun & Moon; Talon; Tanam; Temple U; Treacle; Trout Creek; U of Warwick; Van der Marck; Villa Miseria; Viking; Wild Hawthorn; Wineberry.


CELAN, PAUL: Word Trellis, translated by Helmut Bonheim: 38 paghe mimeograph.

CREELEY, ROBERT with TROCCHI, MCCLURE, BRAKHAGE & R.D. LAING: Sigma Potfolio, nos. 1-10.

HUGHES, TED: Dogs, a Radio Script: 29 page mimeograph.

MERWIN, W.S.: Poetry Reading, 9.28.1954: 26 page mimeograph.

MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER: The Living Poets: 15 page mimograph.

QUASIMODO, SALVATORE: Poetry Reading: 9 page mimeograph.

REDGROVE, PETER: Sermon, a Radio Script: 14 page mimeograph.


BARTLETT, LEE (UNM): very large collection of proofs, 1990s-90s.

BERSENBRUGGE, MEI MEI: "Kindness" a play: acting copy of NT as actor with NT's notes, inscribed, 1992.

CAPE GOLIARD PRESS: collection of Press Design Ephermera.

CLIFFORD, JAMES (UCSC): Inscribed reprints of "On Ethnographic Authority" and "On Ethnographic Surrealism" with correspondence.

FRIEDRICH, PAUL (U Chicago): "Linguistic Relativism & Poetic Indeterminacy" typescript together with HYMES, DELL Sociolinguistics paper, 1969.

HILL, LINDSAY: bound script together with casette andf CD recordings of long poem "Socket"

MORROW, BRADFORD: "Posthumes" Letterpress quality printout of Cadmus Editions script, 1982.


MUS, DAVID: "Trop Plein" long bilingual printout to NT for selection for CONJUNCTIONS.

POETRY INTERNATIONAL, ROTTERDAM: Collection of scripts by participating poets printed specially for the Festival, 1987.

POETRY SOCIETY, LONDON: Collection of letterpress pamphlets by UK poets, leaflets and other materials, 1960s.

RASULA, JED: 37 pp. printout of "Exfoliating Cosmos," 6 pp. xerox of review of Paul Celan; 7 pp. xerox review of Creeley; 25 pp. of radio scripts on KPFK "The Well Tempered Reader" series; 8 pp. booklet of "Transrelations,", inbscribed; Sagetrieb author's reprint of "The Compost Library," inscribed.

SOUPAULT: 8 pp. original mimeograph text of this pionneer of Surrealism's lecture on ANDRE BRETON at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1.19.67.

STEIN, CHARLES: collection of 4 large typescripts, inscribed, of on-going magnum opus.

STRAUSS, DAVID LEVI: papers relating to his publication of ACTS, 1980s.

VANGELISTI, PAUL: 2 large typescripts of poems for submission to CONJUNCTIONS (not accepted), 1995.


VENUTI, LAWRENCE (Temple U): collection of papers on the Theory of Translation, 1992.

HISTORY OF THE U.K. MEETINGS OF "THE GROUP" (Succesor to "The Movement," 1962-1966 :

Some 225 pages of mimeograph poems & discussion sheets: including PETER PORTER; GEORGE MACBETH; EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH (Convenor); ALLAN BROWNJOHN; JEAN SYMONS; PHILIP HOBSBAWM, FLEUR ADCOCK & NT. NT's copies with his notes. By its very nature must be a very rare set.


ACTS (San Francisco): 2 ALS, 4TLS, 1 APC, 1 TPC; 10 pages from editor-critic DAVID LEVI STRAUSS; 4 pp. printout on DLS; hologr. notes by NT on DLS, 1987-89.

ALCHERINGA (Milwaukee, Boston): 2 TLS, JEROME ROTHENBERG; 1 ALS & 2 TLS, MICHEL BENAMOU; 3 ALS, 12 TLS PAUL KAHN; 21 pp. and 4 pp. statement of intent, 1970-77.

BOUNDARY 2 (SUNY Binghamton): 1 ALS, 13 TLS, 6 APC, 1 TPC; 17 pages from WILLIAM SPANOS and other correspondance re nature of postmodernism and re NT publications in B2 and special NT issue, 1973-75.

CONJUNCTIONS (New York): 13 ALS, 46 TLS, 12 APC; 69 pages from BRAD MORROW in long continuing correspondence from the start of the publication, KENNETH REXROTH having advised Morrow to take NT on as a contributing editor. Also: The Book of Songs, 13 pp. of proofs corrected by BM; Papa Itzak, 21 pp. xerox transcript; Above the Chatauquas, 20 pp.; The Preferences, 8 vo, wrapper, The Grenfell Press one of 25 copies; proofs of NT's North Rim, published in C; many other items by NT and 40 pp. carbon replies to BM from NT and dozens of pages of notes of phone talks on corrections, proofs and other C related matters; 1 TLS from PETER COLE, 1 page.

CREDENCES, (Kent State, SUNY Buffalo): 1 ALS, 14 T; 16 pages, from ROBERT BERTHOLF re NT contributions with other materials and 2 pp. publication announcement, 1975-85.

COURRIER DU CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DE POESIE (Brussels): Correspondence re the Journal des Poetes; the Courrier; the Knokke International Poetry Festivals; the Grand Prix de Knokke, etc. (for a great many years NT tried to represent American poetry from Pound on down. No result. Recently: they chose Ashbery); 1960s-

CRITIQUE (Paris): 26 TLS from editor YVONNE SCHUHL, 1 TLS from editor JEAN PIEL; 31 pages & 8 pp. of NT reviews on Africa & Indonesia; 7 TLS from the British Council regarding reviews & 1 TLS from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, idem, (GEORGES BATAILLE personally commissioned NT's first article on JULES SUPERVIELLE), 1949-60.

FIRST INTENSITY (New York & Lawrence, KS): 3 ALS, 32 TLS, 6 APC; 44 pages & 5 pp. proofs of poem by NT; materails on publication of magazine, etc., 1993-

LES LETTRES NOUVELLES (Paris): File of large 1960s correspondence with MAURICE NADEAU, GENEVIEVE SERREAU & MARY HUTCHINSON, friend of Matisse and many others, sponsor of "X", regarding NT's articles for LN, 1970s.

MANDORLA (Merxico City): 3 ALS, 6 TLS; 10 pages from poet-editor ROBERT TEJADA re NT contributions etc., 1990-


SHEARSMAN (Kuala Lumpur, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Santiago de Chile, Macao, Mexico City): 4 ALS, 24 TLS, 1 APC, 1 TPC; 33 pages from editor TONY FRAZER re NT contribuitions and collaboration with OASIS PRESS et al, 1980-

TEMBLOR: (Los Angeles): 7 ALS, 9 TLS; 17 pages from poet-editor LELAND HICKMAN, 1 TLS death announcement from CHARLES MACAULAY and 2 pp. NT text "A Word for LH," 1988-+1991.

THE TIMES (London): 22 TLS from Literary Editor MICHAEL RATCLIFFE (a few from Assistant) 22 pages 7 much copy including:
reviews with NT hologr. corrections & Times proofs of Prehistoric Art in Europe; Dawn of the Gods; Ancient Sicily; The Quest for Arthur's Britain; African Art; A History of the Vikings; The End of Atlantis; Levi-Strauss's Elementary Structures of Kinship; approx. 25 pp., 1968-69.

TRIQUARTERLY (Evanston): 2 ALS, 11 TLS, 1 TPC; 13 pages from editor ELLIOT ANDERSON; 3 TLS, 1 TPC from editopr MARY KINZIE, 1974-77; 1 TLS from editor REGINALD GIBBONS, 1982 on various projects with NT participation and materials, 1974-82.
Triquarterly, Evanston,

VORT (Bloomington): 1 ALS, 7 TLS; 8 pages from editor BARRY ALPERT re aborted interview with NT for a Vort issue, 1973-75.


American Book Review; American Poetry Review; Address; Affinities; Alaska Quarterly Review; U of Alaska Mag; Am Here; Antioch Review; Anonym; Another Chicago Mag; Antaeus; Apex of the M; Armadillo; Artes de Mexico; Bezoar; Boxkite; Big Deal; Blue Mesa Review; Books Abroad; Broadway Boogies; Caliban; Capilano Review; Carnegie; Central Park; Chain; Chicago Review; Clear Creek; Colorado Review; Contact; Correspondences; Crayon; Damascus Road; Disturbed Guillotine; Epoch; Exposure; Famous; Fireweed; First Offensive; Floating Island; Forehead; Grand Street; Grilled Flowers; Grove; Harper's; Hills; Hodos; Illinois Review; Iowa Review; Ironwood; Issue; Kayak; Kenyon Review; Kosmos; Lampeter Muse; Le Parvis Poetique; Luna Tack; Los; Mademoiselle; Margins; Massachussetts Review; Metanoia; Modern Poetry in Translation; Mountain Messenger Lit. Sup.; Mojo; Mundus Artium; The Nation; National Poetry Foundation; New American Writing; New Orleans Review; New Literary History; New York Times Book Review; Nexus; Northwest; Notus; OARS; Object Lesson; Oblek; Open Places; Osiris; Painted Bride; Paris Review; Phantasm; Poesia y Poetica; Poets on the Buses; Poetry New York; Quarter After Eight; Raddle Moon; Red Buffalo; River City; Sagetrieb; Sailing the Road Clear; Sapiens; Scripsi; Seizure; Shambalah Sun; Shocks; Six Pack; Some; Stiletto; Stonechat; Substance; Suenos; Sulfur; Sumac; Taos Review; Tarasque; Terra Nava; Text; That; To; Toothpick; Tricycle; Truck; 2 + 2; Unmuzzled Ox; Via.



Early Poetry Readings File, 1960s.

Poetry Reading Files 1969-1972: correspondence connected, circa 275 pages.

Poetry Reading Files 1972-1975: same, circa 100 pages

Poetry Reading Files 1975-1996: same, circa

BBC Programs 1954-1969: participated in by NT usually but with many other authors.

Scripts for the BBC program The Poet's Voice: 105 mimeographed scripts and interviews with TARN, TOM CLARK, GEORGE MACBETH, etc.(*)

Job Offer Files: Between SOAS teaching and Jonathan Cape Editorships, 1960s.

Job Offer Files: Prior to Departure from the U.K., c1958-59.

Job Offer Files: Between Princeton and Rutgers professorships, 1969-71.

Job Change Attempts File: 1977-81.

National Translation center, Austin, Texas: Correspondence file circa 1969-70 relating to and exploration of possibly hiring NT as head of the Center.

Battle with Seymour Lawrence over re-edition of NT's Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda, 1989-90.

Who's Who in America; in West; in Entertainment.

NEA file.

Library Contents files.

Pobiz files: reflecting NT's views on the literary scenes.

"Publishing" Files: various materials including publishing firms and magazines.

Record for all years of Correspondence sent & received; Books bought; Books read; Films, Theaters, Concerts & other Performances seen & attended.


Paris, 1948-51.

This Week in Paris, employment, 1948-52.

Cheltenham Literary Festival, 1963.

International Berliner Festwochen, 1964.

Bled: International PEN Round Table, 1965.

Societe Europeenne de Culture, membership, 1964-68.

Cardiff Commonwealth Festival, 1965.

Montreal World Poetry Festival, Montreal Expo., 1967.

Knokke International Biennale, 1968

Bratislava Translation Conference and Societe Europeene de Culture Meetings, Prague and Moscow-Leningrad, 1968.

Havana, Cuba International Cultural Congress, 1968.

U. of Colorado Writers' Conference, 1971.

National Book Award Translation Pannel, 1973.

A.W.P. Conference, Richmond Va., 1973.

First Cambridge, UK, Poetry Festival, 1975

First Ethnopoetics Conference, U. Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1975.

International Conference on Gianbattista Vico, School of Social Research, moderator, NY, 1975.

Holland Festivals, 1980.

Dartmouth College Latin American Poetry Festival and Conference, 1981.

Second Ethnopoetics Conference: Symposium of the Whole, Los Angeles, 1983.

Center for Contemporary Arts Conference, Santa Fe, NM, 1984

Ezra Pound Conference, San Jose, 1985.

Rotterdam International Poetry Festival, 1987.

Rockefeller Center at Bellagio, Lake Como, fellowship, 1987.

Tucson Poetry Festival, 1990.

Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO., teaching, 1990s.
Berlin, Prague, Budapest readings, 1991.

International Michel Leiris Conference, NYU., 1991.

International Antonin Artaud Conference, U Montreal, 1992.

International Conference on Translation Theory, Bard College, 1992.

Temple University Creative Writing Fellowship, 1992.

Cultural Capital of Europe Conferences, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1992-93.

Octavio Paz 80th Birthday Festival, New York, 1994.

American-Russian poetry conferences, Stephens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, 1994-95.

Robin Blaser International Conference, Simon Fraser U, Vancouver, BC, 1995.



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