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American Literary Studies

The Nathaniel Tarn Papers


OLD SAVAGE/ YOUNG CITY: Original TSP of some 50 plus pages with two pp. of manuscript, corrected, proofs corrected by NT; corrected galleys with additions by NT; advanced issue review copy in wrappers. (Jonathan Cape, Random House)

THIRTEEN TO BLED: Original TSP of some 20+ pages, corrected; NT's copy of booklet with his notes. (A few copies homemade for distribution at Bled PEN Conference)

PENGUIN MODERN POETS NO.7: 11 page X with notes; second copy; NT is on pp. 77-111, sharing the book with J.SILKIN and R. MURPHY.

WHERE BABYLON ENDS: Original TSP of some 29 pages, corrected; another original typescript; 30 pp. of unpublished poems; wrappers' proof; illustrations; letter from Cape. (NT's first book with Cape Goliard & Richard Grossman)

THE BEAUTIFUL CONTRADICTIONS: Manuscript of research materials for the book of some 18 pages; 58 pp. C typescript of early draft with extensive corrections; 34 pp. transcript of another version; 30 pages of notes for the work; 13 pp. of corrected galleys; 40 pp. X of a third version, corrected; 20 pp. of notes H or TSP and unused material; 13 pages of galleys; yet another fourth version, 33 pp. and a fifth, 16 pp.; other materials (Cape Goliard/Random House)

OCTOBER: Original 14 page C TSP; 2 sets of corrected galley proofs (Trigram Press in 3 variants)

A NOWHERE FOR VALLEJO: Small book containing 42 pages of manuscript; original TSP of 40 pp., corrected; 69 pages of original paste-ups; 100 pp. of TSP with copies and corrections; four sets of galleys, all corrected by NT; one version completely rejected (Random House/Jonathan Cape)

THE PERSEPHONES: 11 page X; 11 pp. corrected typescript; corrected proofs. (This small book illustrated by NT was published by Christopher Press and destroyed by fire.)

THE ARTEMISION: original corrected TSP of 20 pages; 40 pp. of early drafts and H research notes. (A part of Lyrics for the Bride of God published by Christopher Press)

LYRICS FOR THE BRIDE OF GOD: First draft given to New Directions: 35 page X transcript; various X TSP, corrected; some 375 pp. with additional materials of several drafts of several sections; final TSP of approximately 125 pp. (New Directions/Jonathan Cape)

THE HOUSE OF LEAVES: Approximately 375 pages TSP of original materials, many not used, unpublished; 130 pp. X of final version; 3 original NT drawings made when drawings prepared for de luxe edition; 120 pp. corrected galley proofs (Black Sparrow Press in three versions)

THE MICROCOSM: 20 page X (Membrane Press).

BIRSCAPES WITH SEASIDE: 19 page clean TSP plus unbound sheets (Black Sparrow Press)

ATITLAN/ALASHKA: A combined Selected Poems of NT (Atitlan) and a joint work with Janet Rodney (Alashka). 140 page X typescript; later version; C version; another version 150 pp. TSP corrected; 90 pp. X draft; 200 pp. X proof with HC (Brillig Works Press, Boulder CO)

THE LANDSONGS: copy of the booklet (Shearsman Press, UK)

WEEKENDS IN MEXICO: 9 page TSP; 13 draft pages with 2 pp. of notes; proofs (Oxus Press UK)

AT THE WESTERN GATES: Original MS of some 30+ pages; original corrected TSP of North Rim; original 80 pp. TSP drafts; some 75 pp. of clean TSP of poems; 2 sets of galleys (1 corrected); TSP of setting copy annotated; C TSP annotated; 45 pp. of corrected drafts (Tooth of Time Books, Santa Fe, NM)

THE DESERT MOTHERS: 25 page TSP with corrections (Salt Works Press, Granada, MS)

PALENQUE: NEW & SELECTED POEMS: 48 page galley proof (Oasis Press, London)

SEEING AMERICA FIRST: 4 files. 1) 7 page H drafts of the "Rectangles,"; some 200 pp. of TSP drafts of various versions with HC; 2) 2 sheets of H notes on publication history of single poems; all following this point with notes and HC, often HHC: some 85 pp. of TSP mostly of the "Narratives;" 9 pp. Conjunctions proof of "Four Poems;" & more 10 pp. Conjunctions proofs; 6 pp. Scripsi proofs; 4 pp. of Credences proof of Rectangles; 10 pp. TSP of "Prefinal versions;" 24 pp. proofs on legal paper; 18 pp. TSP of another version; 8 pp. original draft pages of "Persephone West" (10.9.86 - 10.14.86 in California); 17 pp. original typescript draft & 2 hologr. pages (11.12.86 at MICHAEL DAVIDSON'S house, Del Mar); 3) some 75 pp. of early version of "Rectangles;" Coffee House Catalogue announcing book; Neat X copy of "Persephone West;", more Conjunctions & Scripsi proofs; TLS from LAURA CHESTER for an anthology, with proofs and notes; 4) 5 pp. "Narratives"proof for Conjunctions with MORROW/TARN notes; some 200 pp. of further TSP of various versions (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis).

MULTITUDE OF ONE: Two files. 1) 3 page H and 2 pp. X drafts & notes; some 60 pp. H notebook pages first drafts (10.1 - 19.86); 15 pp. of drafts PRO; 30 further pp. of same; 16 pp. of same with excluded pieces; 25 pp. of early drafts with H pages; 40 pp. of drafts with HHC and another copy; 47 pp. PRO of clean version; 2) Full set of very fine Letterpress galleys from Grenfell Press with HC; (The Grenfell Press, New York).

FLYING THE BODY: 21 page clean PRO of drafts; (Arundel Press, Los Angeles).

NT DRAFTS, 1980s-1990s: Mostly with HC: 12 pp. PRO of "The Mothers of Matagalpa" with KARL YOUNG proof and 1990 program; 8 pp. PRO of "Home;" 3 pp. Notus proof of "Ethnographies I;" 2 pp. TSP of "P2EX87;" 10 pp. H first drafts of "Indian Miniatures;" 14 pp. of rejected poems in MSP & PRO; some 80 pp. of miscellaneous poems in TSP or H.

NT DRAFTS, 1990s: all mostly with HN & HC: 12 pp. PRO of "A Calm on Flanders;" H draft of "Saturn to the Venus City for BRAD MORROW" & 24 pp. of drafts; 25 pp. of TSP of "Red Banner's Whereabouts for ROBERT KELLY, with Conjunctions proofs; 12 pp. TSP of "T(w)alks; 20 pp. TSP of "Segalen travels with Gauguin for LINDSAY HILL;" 10 pp. TSP of "Breughel at Wien for JEROME ROTHENGERG;" 48 pp. TSP for "The Army has Announced...;" with Trout Creek Press mock up of booklet; 12 pp. of "Bartok in Udaipur;" 15 pp. of NT translations from the Hungarian of AGNES GERGELY; 24 pp. of miscellaneous materials.

VIEWS FROM THE WEAVING MOUNTAIN (American Poetry Books with UNM Press): 3 files. 1) some 300-400 pp. of PRO, many with HC, indices, tables of contents, some papers entirely in H; 2) and 3): same with XX, PROS, TSPS, HH, including a complete re-write of "Child as Father to Man in the American Uni-verse" which was combined with the separate "Dr.Jekyll, the Anmthropologist...Etc." for the volume VIEWS.

NB. Most of the following files are Partial Files, with similar material listed in other places.

NT, AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: 7 pp. "Towards Any Geography..." original TSP and 3 pp. H intention program for it; Conjunctions proof of "Dr Jekyll..." with BM/NT notes with 17 pp original TSP draft with HHC & neat version; 24 pp. similar for "Child as Father..." (no proofs); 6 pp. original TSP of "The Root of Exile" with HHC corrections; 12 pp. similar for "The Choral Voice" (3 drafts); 30 pp. early version of "Child" - "From the American Background to the Field of Action" with HHC; some 30 pp. of notes; xerox of RON SILLIMAN's "Realism" for Ironwood, Fall 1982.

NT "ETHNOGRAPHIES": 5 pp. original TSP of "Willow (E I) for EDWARD DORN" with HHC & 2 other versions; 30 pp. of TSP for other "Ethnographies"; 3 pp. mimeo of NT's "Alaskan Artists of the World Unite"for Survival International 1976, with comments by other members.

NT, POETICS: 7 pp. original TSP of "Hommage a Andre Breton" for the Nouvelle Revue Francaise (for which NT was forbidden to translate AB by the successor "Surrealists") with HHC, clean version & notes (1967); some 50 pp. of original TSP for "Archaeology, Elegy, Architecture" with several pp. of H notes and reprint; 7 pp. H notes for Smith College paper on NISHITANI; 10 pp. original H version of "Fresh Frozen Fenix: Notes on the Sublime etc...." for NHL with clean versions and correspondence with editor RALPH COHEN; 4 pp. original TSP of "Is there, currently, an American Poetry?" for Bartlett's American Poetry with HC.

NT, "POBIZ" MONTEMORA ISSUE: Original TSP of NT's piece with HHC & clean version; materials on ELIOT WEINBERGER'S Pobiz issue of Montemora (EW claims NT invented the word "Pobiz"); & materials, mostly xerox, by EW, JOHN TAGGART, CARL RAKOSI, G. & M. OPPEN, GUY DAVENPORT, RON JOHNSON, CLAYTON ESHLEMAN, M. DEGUY, ED SANDERS, ETC. & Montemora materials.

NT, REVIEWS BY: xerox of NT's 2nd critical article on ALBERTO DE LARCERDA, for Critique; copy of London International Times, no. 34, (6.68) containing NT's "The Work Laid Before Us..."; proof of "Pop Culture" and original CC of "Climbing Prague" & "Bomb Culture" for Lettres Nouvelles; original C of "De l'Olympe a la Guinee" for Critique; original TSP of "Science & the Shabby Curate of Poetry;" The Listener pages of "Pansies for Thought: on Levi-Strauss..." (5.11.67); original C of "Landscape Papers" for ABR; original C for "Environment & Politics in the U.S." (unpublished); cutting of "Tajos" for NY Times; 12 pp. TSP of piece on Primitive Art with HN, cuttings for NY Times (11.5.71); 2 pp. piece on Wallace Stevens, 8 pp. H piece on TEDLOCK's Popol Vuh with 6 pp. HN (12.29.85) and proofs, 10 pp. of reviews of JOHN DIGBY s' Collage Book; Holbein and American Luminists (?unpublished) for Conjunctions.

NT, REVIEWS OF: 33 page X of an unpublished TSP by KENNETH WHITE "A Propos of Old Savage" (6.65) and a C with an HN from KW. 17 pp. C of the same's "English Poetry 1950-69" signed (?unpublished); 5 pp. C of the same's "Open Letter to All Hyperboreans", signed (?unpublished); PAT CALLAHAN (U Notre Dame) X TSP on NT; fair collection of early and late cuttings of reviews and XX of cuttings.

NT, INTERVIEWS WITH: JED RASULA & MIKE ERWIN original TSP of unedited interview at New Hope, 9.23.73 with NT's HC & HN, a carbon and 2 page ALS from JR; 37 pp. X of LEE BARTLETT interview with LB's corrections (11.85) & a clean copy; 28 pp. X of interview by same for UNM Press book of interviews; 33 pp. X of "verbatim transcript" interview by MOLLY MACQUADE (1992) for book on writers at U Chicago with NT's HN; 14 pp. edited versionm and 22 pp. revised version with NT's HN and 10 pp of ALS from MQ; 57 pp. PRO of a 1995 interview with WILLIAM CAMPBELL (Naropa student) with NT's corrections & 48 pp. PRO of final version with 2 ALS from WC; X of interview with L.MURPHY (Rutgers Graduate) for a publication of his own (late 80s).

NT, INTERVIEWS BY: 13 pp. C of original TSP of Interview with GARY SNYDER (1971) with Snyder's corrections (unpublished in book form); 1 TLS from ROBERT FAGLES, 1971.

NT, ARTICLES ABOUT: Partial File: 25 pages X of PRO of DORIS SOMMER's (Amherst Coll.) 7.20.83 "America as Desire(d): NT's Poetry of the Outsider as Insider" with NT's HC for Stanley Diamond's anthology & another version; 11 pp. of correspondence with DS; 33 pp. X of TSP by DAVID LENFEST's (U Illinois Chicago Circle & Loyola U, Chicago) "NT: the Poetry of Material Transfiguration" for Boundary 2, with notes by NT & DL (DL is also author of a film on NT).

NT, ANTHOLOGIES: Partial File: X of corrected proofs of NT's poems to be included in Stanley Diamond's Dialectical Anthropology anthology.

NT, TRANSLATIONS OF NT INTO FRENCH: Some 50+ pages of original C of NT in French by MICHEL DEGUY with HC, HHC and HN by NT and MD, also 14 pp. X for the Gallimard anthology "20 Poetes Americains"; X of 1 p. of "The Jubilation" with HN by MD; H materials on NT's broadcasts on France Culture's program Poesie Ininterrompue for the week of 5.30 - 6.6.1976
NT ANNOUNCEMENTS: small collection of flyers on readings, publications, events etc. by NT.

NT, TRANSLATIONS INTO SPANISH: 10 page X of HECTOR MANJARREZ's translations of NT poems with H notes; X of TOMAS SEGOVIA's version of "The Great Odor of Summer" for Vuelta.

NT, ART WORK: Original photo of NT's large collage for ICA, London's exhibition on GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE; collection of XX of NT's drawing inscriptions of books; X of The Life We Do Not Le


THE HEIGHTS OF MACCHU PICCHU: by Pablo Neruda. 100 page working draft MS with extensive corrections (Jonathan Cape/Farrar Straus)

CON CUBA: Anthology of Cuban Poetry. 50 page typescript and MS drafts; corrected proofs (Cape Goliard/Richard Grossman)

STELAE: by Victor Segalen. 85+ pages of drafts H & TSP (Unicorn Press)

SELECTED POEMS OF PABLO NERUDA: 20 pages of drafts for the book with ROBERT BLY, 2 TLS & CC; ANTHONY KERRIGAN, 12 TLS; W.S.MERWIN, 15 TLS with C replies and poems; ALASTAIR REID, 5 PC. (Jonathan Cape/Delacorte)

RABINAL ACHI: from the Quiche Maya for Rothenberg's Shaking the Pumpkin. 75 pages of drafts

PENGUIN NERUDA: Original clean galley proofs (Penguin UK)

NT ON NERUDA: 7 pp. H reading notes on Neruda; 7 pp. on "Neruda & Nobel" with HC and 3 pp. original TSP, NT translated, of PN's "Watergate- but which one?", also with HC and cuttings and 7 pp. appraisal of PN, half in H, for the NY Times with copy of NYT for 10.22.71; 5 pp. HN for "Neruda & Ethnopoetics" for Durango Conference & Sulfur with 7 pp. HN on Neruda & the Araucanians; 5 pp. C of the original TSP for "Naming & the Matter of Matter: Notes on PN's Poetics" for the Bigus Labyrinth Press book.

NT MISCELLANEOUS TRANSLATIONS: 12 pp. of original TSP of NT translations of ANDRE BRETON poems; some 40 pp. H & TSP NT translations of MICHEL DEGUY; 15 pp. H & TSP NT translations of THEODORE ENSLIN into French for Po&sie; 12 pp. CC of NT's translations of TOMAS SEGOVIA; 4 pp. HN on MARY DE RACHELWITZ; file of some 40 pp. of miscellaneous translations, includes SEGOVIA's Spanish translation of NT's "The Great Odor of Summer;" some 25 pp. of NT's translations of HECTOR MANJARREZ, with one TLS from Manjarrez (6.11.69); 1968 program of 1968 BORGES evening at the NY Y (NT's "Spinoza" translation read); NT revisions of translations of Czech poets: V.HOLAN; I. DIVIS; J.SKACEL, etc.













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