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American Literary Studies

Duncan McNaughton Papers

The Papers

Location: Department of Special Collections, Green Library

Call Number: M1459

Size: c. 50 linear ft.

Finding Guide: Collection is closed until processing is complete.

Research Access and Use: Materials in the Department of Special Collections are non-circulating and must be used in the Special Collections' Reading Room in the Cecil H. Green Library. The Reading Room is open 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Photocopies, photographs, and microfilm can be made of some materials in the collections. For more information about the collections and access policies, please contact Special Collections by telephone at (650) 725-1022, by electronic mail at or by regular mail at the Department of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California 94305-6004.

Career of Duncan McNaughton (1942 - )

American poet, critic, teacher and editor Duncan McNaughton was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1942, and received a degree in Classics from N.Y.U. before pursuing graduate work in Oriental Studies at Princeton and completing a Ph.D. in English literature and poetics at S.U.N.Y. Buffalo. In addition to his own important and original work as a poet, McNaughton is a small press editor, and the founder/ publisher for FATHAR and MOTHER, two seminal little magazines. He also established the Poetics Program at the New College of San Francisco and directed the Program from its opening in 1965 until 1990. The Poetics Program, from its inception, was at the forefront of innovative literature, not only in the Bay Area but also in the country at large, and for almost three decades McNaughton acted as its principal spokesman and planned its public events. McNaughton is the author of twelve books of poetry, including A Passage of Saint Devil (1976), Sumeriana (1977), Valparaiso (1995), Kicking the Feather (1996), and Capricci (2003).

Highlights and Research Potential of the McNaughton Papers

Duncan McNaughton has often been regarded as a "writer's writer." In his case this description refers to both his unique and erudite poetic voice and the profound intellectual and personal ties he established with fellow writers and cultural figures. The McNaughton Papers feature the manuscripts of his own work, both published and unpublished, handwritten notebooks related to his poetry and prose works, and correspondence with other writers and artists. Characteristic of this correspondence are that with Italian conceptual artist Franco Beltrametti (162 letters), the American poets John Clarke (125 letters and numerous manuscripts), Robert Creeley (47 letters and numerous manuscripts), Ed Dorn (27 letters), Ken Irby (176 letters and numerous manuscripts), and Ed Sanders (48 letters), and the British poets Jeremy Prynne (15 letters and original manuscripts) and Tom Raworth (121 letters). All of these exchanges are unusually substantive, interesting for both their illumination of aesthetic practice and for literary history. Additionally, the Papers contain extensive documentation of the Program in Poetics, covering its institutional development, McNaughton's own class notes and materials, and the records of teaching by other writers, including Robert Duncan, Diane DiPrima, and Robin Blaser. Also in the archive are materials associated with McNaughton's role as editor and publisher of books issued by Blue Millenium Press, and earlier in his career, as editor of the little magazines, Mother, and Fathar.

Preliminary Inventory of the McNaughton Papers:


AARON, RICHARD (bookseller). 1 letter, 1 page; 2 postcards; dated 1975.

ADNAN, ETEL (Lebanese-American author / artist). 15 letters, 42 pages; 1 letter of recommendation; 10 postcards; dated 1988-2001; plus newspaper article.

ALCALAY, AMMIEL (author/ translator). 4 letters, 9 pages; dated 1999; plus 1-page Xerox of printed obituary with holograph note.

ALLEN, DONALD (editor / publisher). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1970-1974.

BARAKA, AMIRI (poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1975.

BAUDE, DAWN MICHELLE. 1 letter, 2 pages; dated 1983.

BELTRAMETTI, FRANCO (Swiss poet / editor / artist). 162 letters, 180 pages; 45 postcards; dated 1979-1995; plus several Xeroxed articles re Beltrametti in American and European magazines; several dozen cards and programs announcing Beltrametti exhibitions; 8 photographs.

BELTRAMETTI, GIONA (publisher, Giona Editions). 1 holograph note; 2 e-mails; dated 1996-1998; plus 1-page printed announcement.

BELTRAMETTI, MARCO. 1 letter, 1 page; 2-page e-mail; dated 1995.

BERGE, CAROL (author). 2 letters, 3 pages; dated 1972.

BERKSON, BILL (poet / editor / publisher / critic). 25 letters, 33 pages; 17 postcards; 2 letters of recommendation; dated 1979-2001; plus 2 pages of poetry.

BERLIN, LUCIA (author). 25 letters, 73 pages; 4 postcards; dated 1982-2000.

BERRIGAN, TED (poet). 2 letters, 3 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1968-1982; plus 1-page signed typescript, inscribed to McNaughton.

BERSSENBRUGGE, MEI MEI (poet). 2 letters, 2 pages;1 postcard; dated 1988-2001.

BOGIN, MAGDA (translator). 1 postcard; dated 1984.

BRAINARD, JOE (artist). 2 postcards; dated 1972-1973.

BRAKHAGE, STAN (filmmaker). 1 letter, 1 page; 1 postcard.

BROMIGE, DAVID (poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 2001.

BROWN, HARVEY (author / editor, Niagara Frontier Review / publisher, Frontier Press). 4 letters, 8 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1976-1986.

BROWNSTEIN, MICHAEL (author). 1 postcard; dated 2001.

BUTTERICK, GEORGE (poet / editor). 44 letters, 46 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1970-1987; 1 letter, 2 page from Collette Butterick; plus announcement of memorial celebration for Butterick and invitation to memorial celebration.

CALHOUN, DOUGLAS (editor, Athanor). 10 letters, 10 pages; dated 1970-1974.

CALLAHAN, BOB (publisher, Turtle Island). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1977.

CALLE, SOPHIE (French artist / filmmaker). 2 letters; dated 1990-1991; plus 14 miscellaneous printed announcements, invitations to museum and gallery openings, etc.

CAPLAN, RON (printer / author). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1974-1975.

CARROLL, JEAN MARIE (French editor). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1977.

CHAPMAN, LEE (Editor, First Intensity / publisher). 19 letters, 20 pages; 9 postcards; 1 card; dated 1993-2003; plus 3-page e-mail from Peter Gurnis, with holograph note.

CHARTERS, ANN (author / editor). 1 postcard; dated 1973.

CLARK, TOM (author / editor, Paris Review). 4 letters, 5 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1968-1984; plus 1 Xeroxed poem.

CLARKE, JOHN (author / editor, magazine of further studies). 125 letters, 196 pages; 18 postcards; 2 letters of recommendation, 2 pages; dated 1969-1987; plus 14 letters, 27 pages, to Louis Patler concerning From Feathers to Iron; 1 letter from Patler to Clarke; plus 3 pages of typescript poems; 12-page Xeroxed typescript poems; 6 photographs.

CODRESCU, ANDREI (author / editor, The Exquisite Corpse). 1 letter, 1 page; 1 postcard; 1 holograph note; dated 1981-1993; plus Xeroxed résumé.

COFFEY, MICHAEL (publisher, Station Hill). 2 postcards; dated 1983-1984.

COLE, NORMA (poet / translator / artist). 6 letters, 10 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1998-1999.

COLLOM, JACK (author / editor). 10 letters, 12 pages; 5 postcards; 1 card; dated 1968-2001; plus 10 pages of original typescript poems; 9-page Xeroxed poems, signed; 2-page carbon poem.

CONNOR, JULIA (poet). 2 printed poems, signed, dated 2002.

CORBETT, WILLIAM (author / editor, Pressed Wafer). 4 letters, 4 pages; dated 1978-2002.

CORDER, EILEEN (poet). 4 letters, 9 pages; dated 1993; plus 1 card.

CORMAN, CID (author / editor). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1983.

COUPEY, PIERRE (Canadian poet / editor, Capilano Review). 8 letters, 17 pages; 2 postcard; 3 cards; dated 1980-1995; plus 1-page original typescript with holograph notes; 1-page Xeroxed holograph manuscript; 1 invitation with holograph note; 4 printed postcard announcements; 2 slides of “Painting the Lion from a Claw.”

CREELEY, BOBBIE (Bobbie Louise Hawkins). 1 postcard; dated 1973.

CREELEY, KATHERINE. 1 letter, 4 pages.

CREELEY, ROBERT (poet). 31 letters, 39 pages; 26 postcards; 1 telegram; 1 letter of recommendation; dated 1968-2002; plus “Hello,” 17-page typescript inscribed by Creeley to McNaughton; 2-page typescript poem with holograph note by Creeley; 4-page typescript poem; 1-page typescript poem; 1-page Xeroxed poem; “In company: Robert Creeley’s Collaborations,” original folded invitation to opening, inscribed by Penelope Creeley; 10-page Xeroxed printed material.

CROZIER, ANDREW (British poet / editor). 4 letters, 6 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1970-1980; plus 1-page typed disclaimer; 9-page Xeroxed printed poetry, with holograph note by Crozier; 1 Xeroxed form letter, signed; 2-page prospectus for The Ferry Press.

DAVIDSON, MICHAEL (poet / editor). 2 letters, 3 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1973-1980.

DAVIES, ALAN (poet / editor, Oculist Witness). 7 letters, 10 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1974-1977; plus 5 pages of typescript poems.

DAWSON, FIELDING (poet). 1 postcard; dated 1976.

DICKISON, STEVE (poet / editor, Shuffleboil / publisher, Listening Chamber). 17 letters, 23 pages; dated 1993-2003; plus 2-page typescript poem with holograph corrections, signed; 2-page typescript poem; 2 folding prospectuses for book; 4 pages of miscellaneous printed material; 7 pages of Xerox.

DI PRIMA, DIANE (author / editor). 4 letters; 5 pages; 13 postcards; dated 1995-2002; plus 1 printed postcard poem; broadside inscribed by DiPrima to McNaughton; small announcement of reading; 2-page horoscope typescript, signed by DiPrima; postcard invitation to DiPrima opening.

DORN, ED (author / editor). 22 letters, 32 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1967-1999; plus 1 letter from Janet Mu; 1 postcard from Jenny Dorn.

DORSKY, NATHANIEL (filmmaker). 9 postcards; dated 1994-2002.

DOUD, PATRICK (poet). 3 letters, 3 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1996.

DOWNSBROUGH, PETER (artist / book designer). 49 letters, 72 pages; 35 postcards; dated 1977-1999; plus 16 printed postcard announcements; 3 photos of Kaatzi; copy of 2-page letter from Sergei Sitar; 4-page Xerox holograph partial mock-up for Kicking the Feather; 2-page draft Blvd. Jacqmain; 2-page Xerox with holograph notes of “The Subject of Art.”

DRISCOLL, KAREN (translator). 1 letter, 3 pages; dated 1996.

DUERDEN, RICHARD (poet / editor). 2 letters, 5 pages; dated 1980; plus 2-page original typescript poem.

DUNCAN, ROBERT (poet). 6 letters, 13 pages, dated 1970-1980; plus 1 typed biographical paragraph.

DURRELL, LAWRENCE (author). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1983.

EFFING, JOHN. 1 letter of recommendation, 1 page; dated 1986.

EIGNER, LARRY (poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1993; plus eulogy.

ELHIHI, AZIZ (Moroccan / Swiss artist). 15 letters, 17 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1995-1999; plus 10 printed postcard announcements and invitations.

ELLIS, STEPHEN (poet / editor, :this:). 10 letters, 16 pages; dated 1992-1996.

EMERSON, STEPHEN (author). 4 letters, 5 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1992-1997.

ENSLIN, TED (poet). 1 letter, 1 page.

FAGIN, BETSY (Poet’s House). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 2002.

FAGIN, LARRY (poet / editor/ publisher). 1 letter, 1 page.

FATTAL, SIMONE. (publisher, Post-Apollo Press). 8 letters, 16 pages; 11 postcards; 1 card with newspaper clipping; dated 1989-2001; plus photo of McNaughton (1990).

FAWCETT, BRIAN (Canadian author / editor). 16 letters (1 is 23-inches long; another is 30-inches long), 18 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1970-1983.

FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE (poet). 1 letter, 2 pages; 1 postcard; plus 2-page letter from McNaughton to Ferlinghetti.

FERRINI, VINCENT (poet). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1976-2002.

FOYE, RAYMOND (editor / publisher, Hanuman). 4 letters; 9 pages; 9 postcards; plus 8 pages of original typescript poems with holograph notes; 1-page Xeroxed material.

FRIEDLANDER, BENJAMIN (poet / editor). 1 letter, 2 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1993.

GALLUP, RICHARD (poet). 1 letter, 2 pages; dated 1981.

GARDINER, DWIGHT. 4 letters, 4 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1975-1976.

GARDNER, DREW (poet / musician). 16 letters, 22 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1992-1998; plus 7 pages of original typescript poems, 2 poems initialed by Gardner; plus The Advantage of Discord. 8vo. Original printed wrappers. Self-Publish or Perish Initiative 1998. Limited to 60 copies. Presentation copy from Gardner to McNaughton.

GAYNOR, CHRISTOPHER. 1 letter, 1 page; plus 1 letter written on 5 6-by-4-inch cards; dated 1982-1984.

GINSBERG, ALLEN (poet). 2 letters, 3 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1981.

GIZZI, PETER (poet). 1 letter, 1 page.

GLOVER, ALBERT (MIKE) (poet / editor, magazine of further studies). 140 letters, 176 pages; 30 postcards; dated 1964-2002; plus “The Eastern Crow,” 1-page typescript; 6 pages of poetry typescript.

GODFREY, JOHN. (poet). 10 letters, 18 pages; dated 1968-1971.

GOLDBERG, MIKE (artist). 1 postcard.

GREER, MARY. 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1984; plus 1-page permission to print “The Black Fence,” signed by McNaughton.

GRIFFITH, JENNIFER. 1 letter of recommendation, 2 pages; dated 1986.

GURAVICH, DONALD (Canadian author). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1998; plus 1 letter from Myriam, Franca and Aziz.

GUSTAFSON, JIM (poet). 4 letters, 4 pages; 1979.

HADBAWNIK, DAVID (poet). 4 postcards; dated 2002-2003.

HARRISON-FORD, CARL (Australian editor). 4 letters, 4 pages; dated 1975-1976.

HEJINIAN, LYN (poet). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1989-1993.

HEMENSLEY, KRIS (Australian poet, editor, The Ear in the Wheatfield). 14 letters, 34 pages; dated 1972-1984; plus 1-page Xerox “For Shao.”

HICKMAN, LELAND (poet / editor, Temblor). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1988-1989; 1 contract.

HIRSCHMAN, JACK (poet / translator). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 2003.

HOLLANDER, GAD (British author / filmmaker). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1998.

HOLLO, ANSELM (poet / translator). 19 letters, 24 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1970-1988; plus 1 poem written in colored pencil; 12-page Xerox of “Letter to Tom;” 1 wedding invitation from Jane Rampton.

HOWE, SUSAN (poet). 6 letters, 7 pages; dated 1985-1996.

HYNER, STEFAN (German poet / translator of Philip Whalen, Lew Welch, etc. / editor/ publisher). 48 letters, 82 pages; 26 postcards; dated 1990-2003; plus 10-page typescript poetry with original drawings; 4-page Xeroxed content of a German/American edition of Philip Wahlen’s Collected Poems; 2-page Xeroxed reply from McNaughton to Hyner.

IRBY, KENNETH (poet). 176 letters, 349 pages; 6 postcards; 2 letters of recommendation; dated 1989-2002; plus 1-page holograph manuscript; approximately 22 pages of Xeroxed poems with holograph inscriptions; 2 copies of e-mails to Thomas Meyer; Xerox of e-mail from Ben Lerner; Xerox of note to Stan and postcard from McNaughton; Xerox of 2-page letter from McNaughton; plus approximately 92 pages of Xeroxed poems, typescripts and printed material; 5 pages of Xeroxed photos; 9 pages of Xeroxed material on Ridge to Ridge, Poems, 1990-2000; 5 pages of Xerox concerning “Endlessly Talking” article; 1-page typescript recommendation for Guggenheim Fellowship, signed; miscellaneous newspaper clippings; plus 1-page Xeroxed poem from Ed Dorn; 2-page Xeroxed letter from Dorn to Irby, with holograph post-it from Irby; 4-page Xeroxed letter from Bob Creeley to Irby.

IVERSON, RODERICK (poet / translator). 16 letters, 60 pages; 6 postcards; 1 card; dated 1997-2002; plus 15-page holograph poem; 9-page Xeroxed typescript with corrections in the Xerox; 3 pages of Xerox.

JESS (COLLINS) (artist). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1989-1993; 2 art exhibition cards.

JIMENEZ-FAJARDO, SALVADOR (translator). 10 letters; 19 pages; dated 1974-1978; plus 1 card with holograph notations.

JOHNSTON, ALAISTAIR (printer / publisher, Poltroon Press). 2 letters, 3 pages; 1 postcard; 1 Christmas card; dated 2002; plus 2 invitations to birthday parties; plus Breaking, folding broadside poem by Linda Hogan, limited to 150 copies, Poltroon Press 2002, with holograph note by Johnston on verso.

JONAS, STEPHEN (poet). 5 letters, 6 pages; dated 1967-1969; 1 typed poem for Gerard Malanga, 1965.

JORIS, PIERRE (poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1984.

JULIA, MARY (poet). 2 letters, 4 pages; dated 1979.

KAHN, PAUL (author / editor, Bezoar). 2 letters, 2 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1978-1979.

KEARNEY, LAWRENCE (poet). 11 letters, 23 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1976-1988; plus 1 postcard invitation to poetry reading; 4-page Xeroxed typescript.

KELLY, ROBERT (author). 5 letters, 7 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1980-1983; plus 1 printed postcard poem.

KEROUAC, STELLA (Jack Kerouac’s widow). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1970-1972.

KILLIAN, KEVIN (author / editor / playwright). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1995.

KISSAM, EDWARD (poet / translator). 11 letters; 19 pages; dated 1970-1977; plus 2 letters, 3 pages from Nancy to Jeannie.

KÖHLER, MICHAEL (German translator / poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1978.

KOLB, MARIANNE (artist). 2 postcards; dated 2000; plus 1 postcard invitation.

KOLLER, JAMES (author / editor, Coyote’s Journal / publisher, Coyote Books). 2 letters, 3 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1980-1999.

KYGER, JOANNE (with Donald) (poet). 9 letters, 9 pages; 2 holograph notes; 4 postcards, 1 card; dated 1988-2002; plus post-it “thank you;” 1-page Xeroxed typescript; 4-page Xeroxed typescript; 2 reprinted poems by Robert Creeley.

LACY, STEVE (musician). 2 postcards; dated 1992-2001.

LANSING, GERRIT (poet / editor, SET). 4 letters, 5 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1983-2001.

LATEINER, BONNIE. 7 letters, 8 pages; dated 1982-1986.

LEHMAN, DAVID (The Best American Poetry). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 2001; plus 2-page holograph vitae from McNaughton.

LEVY, LOUISE LANDES (poet / translator). 10 letters, 22 pages; dated 1994-2002; plus approximately 18 pages of Xeroxed prose and poetry, lightly corrected in ink.

LITTLE, BILL (ZONKO) (poet). 4 letters, 4 pages; dated 1993; plus 8 pages of work; 3 pages of printed poetry; Xeroxed e-mail of McNaughton review.

LOCATELLI, GIANCARLO (NINO) (Italian musician / composer). 5 letters, 6 pages; dated 1994-1999.

MacADAMS, PHOEBE (poet). 6 letters, 20 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1972-1977; plus Xeroxed material.

MacADAMS, LEWIS (poet / journalist). 18 letters, 32 pages; 23 postcards; dated 1959-1996; plus 1-page typescript poem signed, 1-page Xerox invitation to poetry reading, 1969.

MACAULEY, CHARLES. 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1991.

MACKEY, NATHANIEL (poet / editor, Hambone). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 2002; plus card announcing the adoption of a child.

MALANGA, GERARD (poet / photographer / actor). 5 letters, 7 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1970-1985.

MARCUS, BRUCE (editor). 5 letters, 9 pages; dated 1965-1966.

MARIOTTI, DADI. 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1994.

MARLATT, DAPHNE (Canadian poet / editor Periodice). 9 letters, 9 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1977-1983; plus Xerox of work by Kathy Acker.

MARTONE, JOHN (publisher / editor). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 2002.

MATLIN, DAVID/GAIL (author / artist). 1 letter, 1 page; 2 postcards; dated 1974.

MAVERICK, VANCE. 1 letter, 2 pages; dated 1998.

MAYER, BERNADETTE (poet). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1985-1986.

McCLURE, MICHAEL (poet / playwright). 9 letters, 9 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1970-1983; plus note from Joanna McClure with candid photo.

McKAGUE, ELIZABETH (poet). 6 letters, 12 pages; dated 2000-2003; plus 1-page holograph poem, signed; 1-page Xeroxed poem, signed, inscribed to McNaughton; plus 2-page carbon letter of recommendation by McNaughton for McKague.

McPHERON, WILLIAM. 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 2002.

MELTZER, DAVID (author / editor). 29 letters, 35 pages; 12 postcards; 2 letters of recommendation; dated 1973-1996; plus copy of a letter from Leslie Davis.

MENEFEE, SARAH (poet). 36 letters, 85 pages; 14 postcards; 1 card; dated 1986-2002; plus 8 pages of original typescript poems, with 2 post-it notes; 2 pages of original typescript; 3 typescript poems; 5-page original typescript with a few holograph notations; 1 original photograph; 1-page Xeroxed poem with post-it note; approximately 14 pages of Xerox; 10-page Xeroxed printed material, etc.

MONOD, JEAN (French poet / editor / publisher AIOU / anthropologist / actor / historian, etc.). 39 letters, 77 pages (some illustrated with original drawings); 6 postcards; 9 e-mails; dated 1993-2000; plus 1-page poem by Jessie Duravoir for McNaughton; 8-page heavily revised galley; 5 pages of Xeroxed poems.

MONTGOMERY, JOHN. 1 letter, 1 page, dated 1977; plus 1 page photocopy of advertisement.

MORITZ, JOHN (poet / publisher, Tansy Press). 2 letters, 3 page; 2 cards; dated 2001-2003.

MOTRAM, ERIC (British author). 6 letters, 6 pages; dated 1970-1983.

MYLES, EILEEN. 1 letter, 4 pages; dated 1984.

NAYLOR, PAUL (author / editor). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1998.

NGUYEN, HOA (poet / editor / publisher). 2 letters, 7 pages; dated 1996-2002.

NICOSIA, GERALD. (author / publisher). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1977-1978.

NISBET, JIM (author). 2 postcards; dated 2001.

NOTLEY, ALICE (poet). 5 letters, 8 pages; dated 1992-1998.

OKAMURA, ARTHUR (artist). 1 letter, 2 pages.

OLIN, JENI (poet). 1 letter, 2 pages; 1 postcard; dated 2001; plus 3-page color Xerox.

OLSON, CHARLES (author). 1 letter, 5 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1967-1970; plus 2-line holograph poem written inside flap of empty cigarette rolling paper, ca. 1968-1969; post-funeral thank-you note from Charles, Peter and Kate Olson.

OPSTEDAL, KEVIN (poet / editor / publisher). 10 letters, 10 pages; dated 1998-2003.

PADGETT, RON (poet / translator). 2 letters, 2 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1973-1995.

PADIN, CLEMENTE (Argentinean poet). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1994; plus pamphlet entitled, Experimental Uruguayan Poetry. Brief Presentation of Clemente Padin.

PALMER, MICHAEL (poet). 1 letter, 2 pages; 1 postcard; 1-page letter of recommendation; dated 1992-1993.

PATLER, LOUIS. 1-page letter of recommendation; dated 1986.

PAUL, SHERMAN (scholar / critic). 5 letters, 5 pages; dated 1978-1987.

PETTET, SIMON (British poet / editor). 2 letters, 2 pages; 6 postcards; dated 1990-2002.

PHILPOTT, PETER (British author). 2 letters, 2 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1970s.

POSNER, DAVID (poet). 5 letters, 5 pages; dated 1972-1977.

POZZI, GIANANTONIO (Italian poet / publisher). 5 letters, 6 pages; 2 postcards; 2 e-mails; dated 1994-1999.

PRICE, MICHAEL (poet / editor / publisher, Blue Book; Mike & Dale’s Younger Poets). 7 letters, 8 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1999-2002.

PRYNNE, JEREMY (British poet / critic). 10 letters, 20 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1977-1992; plus 2-page original typescript poem; 1-page original typescript; 9-page Xeroxed typescript; folding illustrated prospectus for Infolio 40 with poem by Prynne.

QUASHA, GEORGE (publisher, Station Hill). 1 letter, 2 pages; dated 1985.

RADOSLOVICH, JEAN (Olson’s sister-in-law). 7 letters, 13 pages; dated 1975.

RAWORTH, TOM (British poet / artist). 79 letters, 96 pages; 42 postcards; 6 e-mails; dated 1984-2001; plus 3-page typescript poem, inscribed; 5-page computer-generated typescript; 2 photos.

RENWICK, VANESSA (filmmaker). 2 letters, 2 pages; 2 postcards; plus 1-page typescript poem; 1-page Xeroxed typescript.

RILEY, PETER (British poet / artist). 2 letters, 4 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1969-2002.

RITZ, DAVID (author / biographer). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1979-1980.

ROBERTS, DAVID THOMAS (pianist / composer). 7 letters, 9 pages; dated 1993-1995; plus 7 pages of Xeroxed typescript.

ROBINSON, KIT (poet). 1 letter, 4 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1998.

ROCHE, JUDITH (poet). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 2000; plus 7-page schedule and performer agreement for “Bumbershoot;” laminated “Bumbershoot” card for McNaughton.

RODEFER, STEPHEN (poet). 1 letter, 1 page.

RODRIGUEZ, ANDRES (poet). 72 letters, 88 pages; 3 postcards; dated 2002; plus 5-page typescript poetry; “Perspectives,” 8-page typescript essay; “The Letters of John Keats,” 3-page typescript; “Will and Reality,” 3-page typescript; “Introduction,” approximately 10-page typescript.

ROSS, CHARLIE (publisher, Smithereens Press). 6 letters, 12 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1977-1978.

ROTENBERG, TINA (author). 4 letters, 6 pages; dated 1995-1999; plus 2-page typescript poetry and 1-page typescript announcement.

RUMAKER, MICHAEL (author). 9 letters, 9 pages; 1 postcard; 1 holograph note; dated 1974-1975; plus 12-page typescript poem, signed.

SANDERS, ED (poet / editor / publisher). 48 letters, 64 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1966-1984; plus 1 Xeroxed form letter from Sanders; 2 pages of Xeroxed typescript.

SAROYAN, ARAM (author). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1981.

SCALAPINO, LESLIE (author / publisher, O Books). 3 letters, 4 pages; dated 2001-2003; 2-page Xerox printed material.

SCHARF, BILL (photographer / editor). 27 letters, 39 pages; 12 postcards; dated 1971-1980; plus 1-page Xeroxed poem by John Clarke; 1-page Xeroxed poem by James Koller.

SCHIEMANN, PHILIPP (German author / musician). 8 letters, 14 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1999-2001; plus copy of “Ragged Soul,” for McNaughton; 2 pages of poems with holograph note; 4 black-and-white photos.

SEGURA, PHYLLIX (Publisher, The Broadshirt). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1997; plus 3 pages of Xeroxed typescript.

SIEGLER, KARL (Canadian translator / editor / publisher, Talon Books Ltd.). 7 letters, 13 pages; dated 1975-1979; plus 1 letter, 1 page, from David Robinson at Talon Books.

SMITH, DALE (poet / editor / publisher, Skanky Possum). 33 letters, 53 pages; dated 1994-2002; plus 16 pages of computer-generated typescript poems, with some corrections; 9-page computer-generated typescript review of Araki Yasusada’s Notebooks; 12-page typescript review of McNaughton’s Kicking the Feather; 2-page typescript; 2 photographs; 18 pages of printed material.

SMITH, PAT 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1993; plus 1-page typed poem, signed.

SPANOS, WILLIAM 2 letters, 2 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1977-1979; plus 1 letter, 1 page, from Carol Fischler.

STANLEY, JOHN (American / Canadian poet). 2 letters, 2 pages; 1 card; dated 1995-1999.

STRAUSS, DAVID LEVI (poet / artic critic / editor). 2-page small note; 1 postcard; dated 1998; plus 2 photographs.

SUSSMAN, RACHAEL (editor, Best American Poetry). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 2002; plus business card; 15-page Xerox of The Quarry 1-13, by McNaughton.

TEMPLE, JOHN (British poet). 7 letters, 14 pages; 1 postcard; 1 card; dated 1972-1980; plus birth announcement for son.

TALLMAN, WARREN (American / Canadian editor). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1986.

TARN, NATHANIEL (poet). 4 letters, 5 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1974-2003; plus 1 printed announcement postcard, inscribed by Tarn to McNaughton; Xeroxed book advertisement.

THACKREY, SUSAN (poet). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 2002; plus 1 Xeroxed letter from McNaughton, with underlining, etc.

THESEN, SHARON (FAWCETT) (Canadian author / editor). 68 letters, 79 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1974-2002; plus 3-page Xeroxed typescript.

THORPE, JOHN (poet). 3 letters, 4 pages; dated 1970-1979; plus 8 pages of typed poems; 1-page note re “Sumeriana”; 2-page note re “Shit on My Shoes”; 1- page note re “Shit on My Shoes.”

TOMAINO, ANTONELLA. (Swiss artist / widow of Franco Beltrametti). 5 letters, 6 pages; 5 postcards; dated 1995-1999; plus card with children’s artwork; printed postcard invitation; photo of young child; 2 printed announcements for Franco Beltrametti.

TRANTER, JOHN (Australian poet). 3 letters, 3 pages; dated 1984; plus photo; 4-page printed Xerox. Plus 2 letters from Lyn Tranter.

VALAORITIS, NANOS (poet). 2 holograph notes on verso of poetry reading announcement.

VAN NEWKIRK, ALLEN (author / editor / publisher, Guerrilla). 5 letters, 12 pages; plus 1 page of holograph poetry; 3-page Xeroxed poetry; 1-page printed Xerox.

VILLA, MARTA PELLIS (Italian journalist). 6 letters, 9 pages; 1 postcard; dated 1996-1999.

VILLA, NARIO (Italian poet / translator / editor). 7 letters, 15 pages; dated 1994-1995; plus 4 pages of Xerox.

WAH, FRED (Canadian poet / editor). 14 letters, 22 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1967-1982; plus 1 letter and 1 postcard from Pauline; 1 snapshot photo.

WALDMAN, ANNE (poet / editor / publisher). 6 letters, 6 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1982-1987; plus 1-page typescript poem inscribed to McNaughton; 3 pages of typescript poems, signed; 1 folding pamphlet.

WALDROP, KEITH. 1 letter.

WARSH, LEWIS. (author / editor / publisher). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1968.

WATTEN, BARRET (poet / editor). 7 letters, 10 pages; 3 postcards; dated 1972-1974; 2-page typescript poems by McNaughton, signed.

WHALEN, PHILIP (poet). 6 letters, 14 pages; 2 postcards; dated 1971-1997.

WIENERS, JOHN (poet / editor, Measure). 16 letters, 32 pages; 4 cards; dated 1969-1973; plus 3-page holograph poem; plus 3-page, from Jacquiliane Wieners; 1-page letter from McNaughton (1974); Christmas card from McNaughton.

WILDING, MICHAEL (Australian author, publisher). 1 postcard.

WILKINSON, JOHN (British author / editor). 3 letters, 3 pages, dated 1985.

WOLFE, MICHAEL (author / publisher, Tombouctou Books). 19 letters, 29 pages; 2 postcards; plus 1-page typescript poem; 1-page typescript list of Elliston Book Award winners; Churchill Downs ticket; printed postcard poem by McNaughton; 1 photo.

WHITE, DERRYL (Canadian poet / editor). 2 letters, 2 pages; dated 1971-1974.

WOODS, HANFORD (Canadian author). 7 letters, 12 pages (1 on verso of a photograph); dated 1974-2002.

YOUNG, GEOFF (publisher). 1 letter, 1 page; dated 1995.

ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL. (poet / editor, Brittannia, The Western Gate). 8 letters, 9 pages, dated 1973-1993; 1 postcard announcement; plus 3 pages of typescript poems.

MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE. Approximately 103 letters, including the following: Steve Abbott (poet); American Academy of Arts & Letters; Gordon Baldwin (artist / curator) (2); Christopher Barnford; Peter Berg; Julien Blaine (Frnech poet); Maggie Brown; Paul Buck (poet / editor); Avery E.D. Burns; Michael Bylebyl (4); Callaloo (2); Henry Cole; Robert Commanday; Curbstone Press; J. Daley (4); Chris Daniels; Rita Fink; Alec Finlay (2); Christina Fisher; Michael Fournier (editor); Leonard Fox; Nemi Frost; Larry Gilmore; Ariella Givlivi; Albert Glover; Guravick, Donald; Steven Hall (musician); Hambone (4); Mac Hammond; Dale Herd (author); Terrel Herle; Andrew Hill (composer); Jack Hirschman (poet); Emmanuel Hocquard (French poet); Robert Hogg; Lindy Hough; John James (British poet); Lisa Jarnot (poet); Kent Johnson; Howard Junker; Jay Knoepfel; Michael Kohler; Dawn Kolokithas; Tim Longville (British poet); Mann Arts Council; Rob Merton; David Miller; Frank Peters; Jean Portante (French poet); Stephen Ratcliffe; Antonio Ria; Bob Rose; Bernard Rosenthal; Remington Rose (3); Esther Roth; Bernard Row (3); Joseph Safdie; Hassan Salamé-Sarkis (Lebanese scholar); Keith Schein (poet / publisher); Alan Shurin; Cedar Sigo (poet); Richard Silberg (critic / editor); Gretchen Dow Simpson; John Sinclair; Joseph Siomas (poet); Pat Smith; Roger Snell (poet); Louisa Solano; Charles Stein; Tina Stoltz; Christopher Wall-Romana; Lynne Wildey; Gregory Wood;


Duncan McNaughton’s first poem, written in Provincetown, MA 1961. 1-page typescript annotated by McNaughton.

Meditations on William Shakespeare’s Sonnets (McNaughton’s 1972 PhD. thesis). Approximately 100 pages of notes for the book; approximately 300-page final draft original typescript and holograph manuscript with light pen corrections; approximately 400-page working draft typescript and holograph manuscript with Jack Clarke’s corrections and annotations, revised by McNaughton; Approximately 225-page mimeographed typescript; 154 “sonnet cards,” each sonnet pasted to cardboard, the sonnet heavily annotated by McNaughton, discussing meanings of words, Latin roots, Shakespeare’s poetic usage, etc.

Shit on My Shoes. (Poems 1971-1979). Approximately 300-page typescript and holograph manuscript, heavily revided in pen by the author; plus some typed story fragments.

Sumeriana. (Poems 1974-1975). Approximately 60-page typescript heavily corrected, annotated and edited; approximately 50 pages of working drafts and corrected poems, plus work to be Selected Poetry and Prose. Unpublished.

A Passage of Saint Devil. (Poems 1975-1976). Approximately 65-page typescript annotated and corrected by the author; approximately 120 pages of corrected and annotated typescript, poems in rejected versions and miscellaneous poetry.

Pacific Slope. (Poems 1973-1976). Approximately 175-page carbon typescript lightly annotated; 141-page typescript with holograph title page. (Many of these poems were later incorporated into A Passage of Saint Devil and Sumeriana.)

Atalanta. (Published by Alou in 1997). 18-page galleys heavily corrected by Jean Monod; 10-page typescript lightly edited; 14-page galleys heavily corrected, with 5 pages of holograph questions from McNaughton; 16 pages of Xeroxed proofs with 2-page letter from Monod; 8 pages of proofs lightly corrected, with 2-page letter from McNaughton; 5-page heavily-corrected typescript, 5 pages of notes by McNaughton; 1 copy of the book in page proofs, with a long letter from Monod.

The Wrapped Church. Approximately 20-page long galleys, heavily corrected by McNaughton; 1 e-mail from Jean Monod; 32-page layout for the book, both typescript and holograph, with McNaughton’s notes and 1 letter from Jean Monod; 3 Xeroxed drawings; 1 Xeroxed letter from McNaughton; approximately 32 pages of holograph manuscript heavily corrected by McNaughton.
Singularite Progressive. 15-page Xeroxed long galleys; 1 page of holograph notes by McNaughton; 15-page page proofs with a letter from Jean Monod on back page; 1-page typescript, signed by McNaughton.

Another Set / Of Circumstance. 44-page typescript lightly corrected, with 8 pages of holograph notes; 38-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 30 pages of holograph poems (most of which were not included in the book).

Kicking the Feather. 31-page typescript, very lightly annotated, with a letter form John Thorpe; 50-page clean typescript; 31-page annotated typescript; 44-page Xeroxed galleys, corrected, with letter from the printer; 2 letters from Peter Downsbrough, the designer; 1 letter from McNaughton to Downsbrough; 2 photographs of color illustrations; 2 slides.

Valparaiso. 35-page typescript, lightly annotated, with 1 page of holograph notes; 123-page computer-generated typescript; 123 pages with original notes; approximately 150 pages of holograph poems, with some typescript, revised and annotated; 2 pages of early draft holograph notes; approximately 40-page clean typescript; approximately 60-page typescript, heavily corrected, with 2 pages of notes; 62-page annotated typescript; 54-page clean typescript; 123-page clean typescript; 2 e-mails from Jean Monod, 4 pages; 4 pages of holograph notes by McNaughton.

“CPF. A Book of Poems.” Approximately 269-page bound mimeographed typescript, working copy of a book of poems, with some light corrections, original photograph laid-in; approximately 200 pages of Xeroxes and off prints of the long book of poems Aql, used as s section of CPF.

CPF. Approximately 285-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 5 pages of annotated Xerox; approximately 300 pages of corrected typescript;2 floppy disks.

Nerval’s Necktie. Approximately 80 pages of typescript and holograph manuscript, corrected. This was a section of CPF.

La Rosita. 47-page corrected typescript; 48-page corrected typescript; plus second version 48-page typescript. This was a section of CPF.

Love For Sale. 96-page original typescript, corrected. This was a section of CPF.

Sonny Boy. Poems. (1982-1989). 40-page typescript, heavily corrected, with some pages of holograph; 1 copy of the book, published by Smithereens Press, Bolinas, 1983, lightly corrected by the author.

“Verse and Prose. 1980-1981.” Written in the United States, Europe, Syracuse, etc., much of which was later published in CPF, including “Melville’s Church” (first draft). Approximately 100 pages of holograph manuscript, corrected, of poems, critical essays and short stories.
Selected Poetry and Prose of Duncan McNaughton. Approximately 64-page carbon typescript with some Xerox, a few original annotations; approximately 6 pages of Xeroxed poems.

Morning. A Shuthina for Robert Duncan. 1988-1989. Original 20-page typescript, lightly corrected; 25-page holograph manuscript, heavily corrected; 20-page typescript with Jack Clarke’s criticism.

Mary’s. A Play. (1985). 35-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 40-page holograph manuscript, heavily corrected.

Dogs. A One-Act Play. (1985). 16-page typescript; 10-page holograph manuscript, corrected.

The Pilot. A Book of Poems. Original pictorial wrappers. Blue Millennium Press, 1991. Approximately 50-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 40-page proof for the book, corrected; notebook of approximately 30 pages of holograph manuscript, corrected; approximately 80 pages of typescript and holograph manuscript, corrected; 4 original collages for the covers by Tom Raworth; 1 letter from Raworth.

“Poems (1966-1973).” Folder. Written in Brookline, Buffalo and Antrim, New Hampshire. Includes some poems in Dream, mostly unpublished. Approximately 100 pages of typescript, some Xerox; many with place and year of composition, some with revisions and annotations; many poems annotated with place of publication.

“Poems (1972-1974).” Folder. New Hampshire and Bolinas. Approximately 50 pages of typescript, with some holograph manuscript, a few corrected; including a few drafts of essays; mostly unpublished.

“Poems (1973-1974).” Folder. New Hampshire (1973) and Bolinas (1973-1974). Approximately 100 pages of typescript, some holograph manuscript, many corrected, many dated.

“Poems (1973-1975).” Folder. Bolinas. Approximately 40 pages of typescript and holograph manuscript, some dated, a few corrected, unpublished.

“Poems (1973-1977).” Folder. Bolinas. Approximately 150 pages of holograph manuscript, with some typescript, many heavily corrected.

“Poems (1974-1975).” Folder. 20 pages, mostly holograph manuscript, heavily corrected, a few dated.

“Poems (1975).” Folder. Buffalo, New Hampshire and Bolinas. Approximately 90 pages of typescript, holograph manuscript and some Xeroxes, many dated, some corrected.

“Poems (ca. 1974-1979).” Folder. Approximately 40 pages of holograph manuscript and some typescript, most corrected, some heavily.

“Poems (1976-1979).” Folder. Bolinas. Approximately 120 pages of holograph manuscript with some typescript, some corrected, some dated.

“Poems (1978-1979).” Folder. Bolinas. Approximately 90 pages of holograph manuscript, heavily corrected, some dated; including a few pages of typescript, heavily corrected.

“Poems.” (1982-1983). Folder. Berkeley. Approximately 100 page of holograph manuscript, with a few Xeroxes, heavily corrected.

“Poems (1986-1988).” Folder. Santa Cruz. Approximately 120 pages, mostly holograph manuscript, mostly corrected, some dated, with some corrected typescript.

“Comnewvement. (Mid 70s to summer of 1980).” An attempt at a book of poems. Approximately 80 pages of typescript, heavily corrected, annotated with McNaughton’s comments on some poems.

“Prose Works (1960s-1980s). All unpublished. 15 essays and short stories. Approximately 100 pages, mostly typescripts, some corrected. Titles include: “The Sky is the Limit,” approximately 30-page typescript; “The Haircut,” 8 pages; “The One to Blame,” 6 pages; “Snow,” 2 pages; “Our Town,” 6 pages (2 versions); “X,” 10 pages; “IV,” 2 pages (2 versions), etc.

“291, A Film.” (1990-1991). (A film concerning the love story of Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe). El Cerrito. 91-page original typescript, lightly annotated; 29-page Xeroxed outline of the film; a second treatment, 29-page Xerox lightly corrected; approximately 5 pages of holograph and Xeroxed notes; 34-page Xeroxed typescript film outline; approximately 40-page original typescript, corrected.

“Literary Essays, Book Reviews (1969-1988).” Approximately 80 pages of typescript of 16 works, with some Xerox and some offprints. Works include, “Bullshitting About Creeley,” “Water From an Ancient Well,” “From the Empty Quarter,” “Shards of God, An Essay on Ed Sanders,” etc.

“Introduction to Emerson and Hawthorne for Wordsworth Editions / London (1996-1997).” 4-page holograph manuscript, heavily corrected; 5-page corrected typescript; 5-page clean Xeroxed typescript second version; 5-page proof of the introduction.

“One of Melville’s Churches.” 8-page holograph and typescript of the essay, published in Periodics, 7/8. Winter 1981.

“Introduction to Robert Duncan’s Reading, November 9, 1978.” University of Iowa. 3-page holograph manuscript; 2-page typescript.
Academic Classes and Lectures. Approximately 30 pages of course outlines and lectures, including: “Poetry and Historical Geography,” “Art, Politics and History,” “The Ancient Mediterranean: Myth, Poetry and Kosmos.”

“Introduction to American Poetry.” (1987). Original 17-page typescript and bound version handed out to students with examples of poetry to be studied.

Interview with McNaughton conducted by Michael Price and Dale Smith. Published in Mike and Dale’s Younger Poets, Winter 1998, Issue 8, San Francisco. 8-page typescript, heavily corrected by McNaughton; 6-page typescript, heavily corrected by McNaughton, second edit; 14-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 40 pages of corrected proof from the magazine; 1 copy of the magazine.

(CREELEY, ROBERT). “One More Praise of Williams.” By Duncan McNaughton. 5-page typescript, written for Creeley’s class at Buffalo, with Creeley’s handwritten comments of approximately 30 words.

(OLSON, CHARLES). “Intersection of Remarks about Charles Olson,” by McNaughton and Tom Clarke. 5-page typescript.

“Some Chili Notes from 1990.” 9-page holograph manuscript, with corrections; “V. Colonia Dignidad,” 3-page original typescript; “Was in Chili,” 8-page original typescript with holograph corrections; “Was in Chili,” 12-page original typescript with holograph notes; “Was in Chili,” 1-page holograph title page.

“First Attempt at Italian with Villa’s Calend Haiku.” “Aphrodia and Cypres.” 11-page original holograph poem; 4-page holograph manuscript, 1994; “Taught,” 1-page original typescript with holograph corrections; 17 pages of original typescript poems with holograph corrections; “Summer Nights at Abu Fayszl’s,” 3-page holograph manuscript; “Chronic Depression,” holograph poem; “Alora,” 1-page holograph poem; 8 pages of holograph poems, ‘In Nicosia, April 1994,” 5-page Xeroxed poems; Xeroxed copy of Calend Haiku, heavily corrected, 1994; 11 pages of Xeroxed poems with holograph corrections; 1993 Xeroxed map of Ethiopia; Xeroxed curriculum vitae.

Translation of Dario Villa’s Hard Traveling for Sex. 8-page original typescript with a couple notations by McNaughton; 8-page Xeroxed typescript of same, heavily corrected by Villa; 8 pages of printed text, heavily annotated by Villa; 3-page corrected typescript translation that was faxed to Dario Villa, 1995; 1-page letter fax to Dario Villa, 1995; 1-page letter fax to Dario Villa, 1995.

Translation of Dario Villa’s Preliminary note (complication). 3-page original typescript heavily corrected by McNaughton; 3-page Xeroxed typescript heavily corrected in another hand; 4-page Xerox of printed text with holograph translation in another hand; 3-page original typescript heavily corrected by McNaughton; 3-page Xeroxed typescript moderately corrected by McNaughton and another hand; 6-page Xeroxed text proofs of Points of Permanence, with a couple of corrections.

Translation of Franco Beltrametti’s Onze Takes Plus Une. 1996. 3-page original typescript; 3-page Xeroxed typescript with holograph notes by Jean Monod.

Translation of Jean Monod’s Tiens la vie, 1996. 8-page original typescript with holograph corrections; 8-page Xeroxed typescript with holograph notes; 1-page Xerox with holograph notes; 2-page Xeroxed letter from McNaughton to Monod, unsigned.

Translation of Antonio Ria’s Lo spiritu della tribu dei poeti, 1996. 5-page original typescript; 1-page original typescript translator’s note; 4-page Xeroxed copy of poem before translation.

Translation of Dario Villa’s Immagini Volubili. 1996. 5-page original typescript with holograph notes; 3-page original typescript with corrections; 10-page Xeroxed printed version with holograph notes.

“In the Whole of Clear New Space.” 1995. Original typescript poem with post-it notes.


Red pad. 3 by 5 inches. Circa 1971-1972? Buffalo. 25 pages of holograph notes.

Black bound notebook. 1977. Bolinas. 19 pages of holograph notes, quotes, etc.

Black and red bound notebook. 6½ by 8¼ inches. 1980. Damascus. 28 pages of holograph notes, addresses, etc. 15-page original typescript poem, lightly corrected, laid-in; 8 pages of holograph notes and 3 pieces of printed material laid-in.

Black and red bound notebook. 6½ by 8¼ inches. 1981-1982. Bolinas. 53 pages of holograph notes, poetry, etc.; 2 pages of holograph notes laid-in.

Tan notebook. 8 by 10 inches. 1983. Berkeley. 39 pages of holograph notes, poem fragments, New College notes, etc.; 1 page of holograph notes laid-in.

Brown notebook. 8½ by 11 inches. 1984. Berkeley. 16 pages of holograph notes and poetry fragments.

Blue notebook. 6 by 9 inches. 1986. Berkeley. 24 pages of holograph notes, poems, New College notes, etc.

Pale blue notebook. 6 by 9 inches. Mid-1980s. The Hussien Notebook. 26 pages of holograph notes, poetry fragments, New College notes, etc.

Tan notebook. 7½ by 8½ inches. 1987. 38 pages of holograph notes on students’ work, exams, etc. 3-page typescript and holograph of students’ work laid-in; miscellaneous form re poetry class laid-in.

Green notebook. 9½ by 11 inches. “1987 Santa Cruz. UCSC Course Notes. Fall 1987 Intro. To American Poetry.” Approximately 27 pages of holograph notes.

Notebook. 8 by 10 inches. “With notes etc. re: Morning, (Poem for Robert Duncan) circa 1988. Santa Cruz.” 63-page holograph manuscript, with Xeroxed printed material glued-in, underlined and annotated by McNaughton; 1-page holograph poem laid-in.

Notebook. 8 by 10 inches. “With notes etc. re: Morning (poem for Robert Duncan) circa 1988, Santa Cruz.” 25 pages of Xeroxed printed material glued-in.

Plaid notebook. 5½ by 8½ inches. 1989-1990 – Bolinas / El Cerrito. 42 pages of holograph notes and miscellaneous poem fragments; 1-page holograph notes laid-in.

Green notebook. 6 by 8 inches. 1990. Chile. 13 pages of holograph notes.

Green notebook. 6 by 8 inches. 1990-1991. 21 pages of holograph notes, poem fragments, etc.

Green notebook. 6 by 8 inches. 1991-1992. 17 pages of holograph notes.

Green notebook. 6 by 8 inches. “Cyprus 1994.” 53-page holograph journal.


VILLA, DARIO. Venus Ill-Treated by the Odd Ones. Translated from the Italian by McNaughton. (Blue Millennium Press, Bolinas, 2001). 1 copy of the book, as new.

2 pages of holograph notes; 18-page original typescript; 10-page original typescript heavily corrected by McNaughton; 14 pages of original holograph notes and translations; approximately 40-page typescript lightly corrected by McNaughton; 3 pages of holograph notes.

40-page clean Xeroxed galleys; another clean copy; 40-page galleys heavily corrected by McNaughton and the printer; 40-page galleys moderately corrected by McNaughton and the printer; 11-page Xeroxed galleys corrected in the Xerox; 5-page Xeroxed proof; original mock-up of the book.

40-page Xeroxed typescript with notes in the Xerox; 2-page holograph notes; 15-page typescript moderately corrected by McNaughton; 14-page Xeroxed typescript, heavily corrected; 4-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected;
2 Xeroxed letters.

17-page holograph translation by Patricia Stein, with some corrections by McNaughton; Xeroxed photo of Dario Villa.

KYGER, JOANNE. Patzcuaro. (Blue Millennium Press 1999). One copy of the book, as new.

Approximately 31-page Xeroxed galley, heavily corrected by McNaughton; approximately 32-page Xeroxed galley, lightly corrected by McNaughton; approximately 32-page clean galleys; another clean copy.

9-page original typescript lightly corrected by McNaughton.

19-page Xerox, lightly corrected by McNaughton; approximately 21 pages of Xeroxed poetry typescript lightly corrected by McNaughton; 14-page Xeroxed typescript.

Holograph mailing list; mock-up of book


Proposal for Master of Arts in Poetics, New College of California, by McNaughton and Louis Patler. 22-page Xerox in rod binder; 24-page paste-up of proposal with holograph notations; 22-page Xeroxed typescript with holograph notes and corrections; 8-page holograph draft for poetics curriculum.

Program in Poetics, 1985. Student and Faculty responses to Diane DiPrima’s letter: Baron, 3-page Xerox; Connor, 6 pages; DiPrima, 8-page Xerox, 1-page typescript; Duerr 2-page Xerox; Edminster, 5-page Xerox; Grundberg, 3-page Xerox; Klingman, 6-page Xerox; Lowell, 3-page Xerox; McNaughton, 5 pages; Meltzer, 8-page Xerox; Roche, 4-page Xerox; Strauss, 4-page Xerox; Thompson, 5-page Xerox; Van Cleve, 8-page Xerox.

Program in Poetics. Budgets and financial information. 1980-1986. Approximately 56 pages; plus approximately 14 pages of announcements and catalogues.

Program in Poetics. Grant information, 1984-1986. San Francisco Foundation. 39 pages.

New College general catalogs, 1980-1986 (missing 1984-1985). Includes Poetics material and others written by McNaughton.

Convivio: A Journal of Poetics. 1983. NNOC Poetics. Tombouctou. Edited by John Thorpe. With contributions by Duncan, Shurin, Thorpe. Grenier, Brundberg, Clarke, Kyger, Thackrey, Meltzer et a; plus 1 copy of the book, as new.

Asphaleios. A selection of work by students in the NCOC Poetics Program, 1981. With contributions by J. Thorpe, S. Thackrey, D. Levi Strauss, A. Shurin, S. Menefee et al.

Notice. 1 & 2. Journal of the NCOC Poetics Program, Fall 1981 / Spring 1982. Edited by Kerry Tepperman & Bill Scharf. With contributions by Menefee, Grundberg, R. Kocik, Thorpe, D. Kolokithas, interview with A. Hollo.

Yangi #1. Magazine produced by McNaughton’s poetry class in May of 1974. Sausalito. Edited by the students. Cover by Bill Berkson. With contributions by Michael Palmer, John Wieners, Michael McClure, Tom Clark, Gallup, etc.

2-page typed course statement by Diane DiPrima; plus approximately 30 pages of Xeroxed course outlines, vitae, etc.

Four bound volumes of students’ papers from Robert Duncan’s Spring 1981 class, “The Nature of Person in the Poem.” Papers from: Thorpe, Shurin, Thackerey, Grundberg, Kocik, Scharf, Levi Strauss, etc. Approximately 400-page Xerox.

(DUNCAN, ROBERT). Dawn Kolokithas’s (Dawn Michelle Baude). First draft of her PhD Thesis on HD. 83-page Xeroxed typescript, with Robert Duncan’s comments in the Xerox; New College of California Poetic’s Programs 1980-1981, approximately 40 pages of mimeographed forms of teaching schedules, filled out in pen and pencil, professional biographies of staff, staff and advisor lists of courses, many in original typescript, students lists, etc.; plus letters from Diane DiPrima (1) and Anselm Hollo (1); Robert Duncan’s course descriptions annotated, class schedule filled out in his hand; faculty statement and reading list in Duncan’s hand; also statements by Michael Palmer, Robert Grenier and David Meltzer; 25-page Xeroxed typescript detailing the history of the Poetic’s Program at New College; 2-page typescript of “Why Poetics” for the catalogue, signed by Duncan; 1-page holograph manuscript “Articulation of the Poem,” course description signed by Duncan; plus 2-page mimeograph of same statement.

GRENIER, ROBERT. 1981 grant application for summer 1981, UC Berkeley seminar on Foucault & Heidegger. With notes and materials from Grenier’s Oct/Nov 1979 lectures at NCOC as visiting poet prior to institution of the Program in Poetics.

GRUNDBERG, CARL. La Bela Semblansa: Bernart de Ventadorn and the Troubadour Moment. MA thesis. 1983 / 84. 105-page Xerox.

KOLOKITHAS, DAWN. The Grammar of Dictation. MA thesis, 1985. 76-page Xerox.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Course materials for McNaughton’s Fall 2000 class in Program in Poetics, “The Span of Prometheus: Hesiod, Aeschylus, Shelley.” 39 pages.

SHURIN, AARON. Out of Me: Whitman and the Projective. MA thesis, 1982. Approximately 89-page typescript.

WILDEY, LYNNE. class notes, fall 1984-fall 1985, from Basic Elements of Poetics course taught jointly by Robert Duncan, DiPrima, McNaughton, Meltzer, Palmer and Patler. Wildey was then companion of Bob Kaufman.

WINKLER, JACK and ROBIN BLASER. Transcriptions of Winker’s fall 1983 lectures (Stanford, Classics Department) on Sappho; plus portion of Blaser’s lectures on Sappho. Original 11-page typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 134-page computer-generated typescript; 3½-inch disk (3 lectures);


Application for Guggenheim Fellowship. 1992. 1-page completed application; 2-page typescript lists of books and publications; 3-page typescript vitae; 1-page statement of plans.
Application for National Endowment for the Arts, 1993. 4-page completed application form; 10-page Xeroxed typescript poetry.

Application for National Endowment for the Arts, 1994. 4 page completed application form; 14 pages of Xeroxed poetry.

Application for National Endowment for the Arts, 1996. 5-page completed application form; 4-page 1993 application form; approximately 8 pages of computer-generated poetry typescript.

Application for Mann Arts Council, 1996-1997. 3-page completed application form; 10-page typescript poetry.

Application for Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship, 1994-1995. 1-page cover letter; 1-page completed application; 3-page Vitae; 1-page typescript index of poems sent with application; 1-page letter from AL Trustee.

Jazz and the Visual Arts. Pamphlet. 16-page typescript and printed material.

8 broadside and postcard poems by McNaughton, 1970s-1990s; approximately 20 original announcements of McNaughton poetry readings, 1974-2003.

McNaughton’s Natal chart done by Gerrit Lansing on green paper.

2 photos of McNaughton at New College in 1980s.


CLARKE, JOHN. From Feathers to Iron: A Concourse of World Poetics. One copy of the book, as new.

JOHN THORPE. 10-page Xeroxed typescript prologue with holograph corrections.

CLARKE, JOHN. Approximately 419 pages of computer-generated typescript, lightly corrected; approximately 178-pages of computer-generated typescript, heavily corrected;

CLARKE, JOHN. 32-page Xeroxed typescript first draft with corrections in the Xerox; 46-page typescript notes; “Lecture II,”12-page Xeroxed typescript lightly corrected in the Xerox; “Lecture III,” 14-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; “Lecture 1,” 19-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; “tape 2,” 20-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; “Lecture II,” 12-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; “Side 2,” 30-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; “Lecture III,” 44-page Xeroxed typescript, lightly corrected in the Xerox; 5-page Xeroxed typescript.

FATHAR ZAYIN. Original manuscripts from contributors to the magazine. Bolinas 1975. Baraka, 2-page Xerox; Butterick, 4 pages; Bylebyl, 4 pages; Clarke, 6 pages; Davies, 1 page; Dorn, 1 page; Glover, 2 pages; Kempton, 3 pages; Kissam, 5 pages; MacAdams, 5 pages; Olson, 6 pages; Raworth, 2 pages; Rumaker, 5 pages; Sanders, 1 page; Stuart, 2-page Xerox; Tirrell, 27 pages; plus approximately 33 pages of original typescript from unsigned authors; 9 pages of Xeroxed typescript.


McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Dream. (Institute for further studies, Canton, New York, 1972). # 2 of the series. A Curriculum of the Soul. One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. A Passage of Saint Devil. (Talonbooks, Vancouver, B.C. 1976). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Sumeriana. (Tombouctou, Bolinas, 1977). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Shit On My Shoes. (Tombouctou, Bolinas, 1979). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. The Pilot. (Blue Millennium, Bolinas 1991). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Valparaiso. (Listening Chamber, Berkeley, 1995). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. The Wrapped Church. (Blue Millennium / AIOU, Bolinas/ St. Etienne Vallee Francaise, France, 1996). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Kicking the Feather. (First Intensity, Lawrence, Kansas, 1996). One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Atalanta. (AIOU, 1997/1999). American/French text, translated by Jean Monod. One copy of the book.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. Another set / of circumstance. (hawkhaven, San Francisco 1998). One copy of the book.

MOTHER magazine. #8. (Edited / published by Lewis MacAdams & McNaughton. Buffalo, May 1967). Covers: George Schneeman / Joe Brainard. With: Schuyler, Koethe, Wieners, Jonas, Berrigan, Padgett, Schjeldahl, Malanga, Brainard, Clark, Bobbie Creeley, Godfrey Matthews, Stanton, MacAdams, McNaughton, Robert Creeley, Sanders, et al.
1 copy of the magazine.

MOTHER magazine #9 (MacAdams & McNaughton. Buffalo, Summer 1968). Final issue. LP record. Covers: Jim Dine / Elliott Barowitz. With: McClure, Clark, Welch, McNaughton, Ceravolo, Saroyan, Elmslie, MacAdams, Ginsberg, Wieners. 1 copy of the LP, with 7-inch tapes and master disc.

FATHAR 1-7 Complete set. 1970-1975. Edited / published by McNaughton. Buffalo, Antrim, New Hampshire and Bolinas. All mint, in tissue wrappers.

FATHAR. One. June 1970. Buffalo. With contributions by: McNaughton, Nerval, Wieners, Ferrini, Jonas, Berrigan, Creeley, O’Hara, Chief Seattle.

FATHAR. Two. December 1970. Buffalo. With contributions by: McClure, L. & P. MacAdams, Colin Stuart, McNaughton, Olson, Wieners, Sanders, et al.

FATHAR. Three. June 1971. Buffalo. With contributions by John Clarke.

FATHAR Four. June 1972. Buffalo. With contributions by: Duncan, Clarke, McNaughton, Wehage, Wieners, Glover, Sanders, Stuart.

FATHAR. Five. April 1973. Antrim. With contributions by: Duncan, Wieners, McNaughton, MacAdams, Davidson, Clarke, John Temple, Joe Dunn, Sanders.

FATHAR. Sixty-six. September 1974. Bolinas. With contributions by: E. McNaughton, Wieners, Hanford Woods, D. McNaughton, Wah, Duncan, Temple, L. Kearney, Dorn, Saroyan, Snyders, Jonas.

FATHAR Zayin. March 1975 / Bolinas. With contributions by: Raworth, Baraka, Wah, Glover, Karl Kempton, Gustafson, Ed Kissam, Olson, Thorpe, Kearney, Clarke, Sanders, Rumaker, et alia.


McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. I’m a Poet. CD. Poetry reading. Produced by Philipp Schiemann . (Dusseldorf, 1999/2000); Ich Gehe Lan, Gsam Durch Die Stadt. (Dusseldorf, 2001/2002).


McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. For Peter. Yanagi Broadside IV / Peter Downsbrough. Original pictorial broadside poem. 14 by 20 inches. Limited to 300 copies. (ca. 1970)

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. In Whose Circuitry the Heart’s Complete. Color photocopy of illustrated broadside by Terry Bell, Bolinas 1993. 8 by 11½ inches.

McNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. The Dying Plum. From Kicking the Feather. Xeroxed illustrated broadside. Drawing by Donald Yurarich. 1997. 8 ½ by 14 inches.

Poster for New College of California Reading, February 22, 1976. 10 by15 ½ inches.

Poster for New College of California Imamu Amiri Baraka Reading, March 1977, by George Mattingly.

Art Politics & History. Poster for The Koerner Lecture Series. 11 by 17 inches. For McNaughton’s lecture on March 19, 1999 at Capilano College.

Continental Divide. Original broadside, inscribed to McNaughton by S.E.


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