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Art 236. Art History Bibliography and Library Methods

Individual Reference Lists

Specific lists not made available via the WWW may be obtained by contacting Alex Ross (see below). Eventually we hope to make all the bibliographies available via this page.

  1. Research Guides -- General guides to research, reading, and writing in the arts.
  2. Lists of Published Catalogs of Books -- International, national, and area library catalogs in print.
  3. Microform Book Collections -- Full texts of books from various catalogs of English publications, 1475 - 18th century.
  4. General and Topical Bibliographies -- Ranging from art general to topical, medium, period, movement, artist, architect, art historian, and specialized; plus a listing of art library catalogs in print.
  5. Art Periodical Indexes and Abstracting Services -- Commercial and institutional guides to articles, essays within collected works, and festschriften, including art general, medium, and topical indexes.
  6. Non-Art Periodical and Literature Indexes -- General, discipline-specific, newspaper, dissertation, and book review indexes.
  7. Art Encyclopedias -- General, media-specific (Decorative Arts), geographic, or period (Early Christian).
  8. General Encyclopedias --
  9. Art Biographical Reference Sources -- General, media specific, geographical, or period; indexes to biographical sources; guides to artists'; signatures and monograms.
  10. Dictionaries of Art Terms --
  11. Exhibition Records Arranged by Artist --
  12. Guides to Art Techniques --
  13. Bibliographies that Include Substantial Coverage of Oeuvre Catalogs --
  14. Bibliographies of Art Auction Catalogs --
  15. Indexes to Art Auction Catalogs --
  16. Biographical Reference Works - Collectors, Dealers --
  17. Sources for Exhibition Catalogs --
  18. Significant Corpora --
  19. Catalogs of Paintings in a Geographic Region --
  20. Monument Inventories and Topographic Surveys not in Ehresmann --
  21. Print Catalogs --
  22. Topical Information and Iconography --
  23. Archive Directories and Other Information --
  24. Picture Sources --
  25. Other Research Information --

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