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ATS Staff

Jim Coleman

Head, Academic Computing for the Humanities and Area Studies

Jim Coleman joined Stanford in January, 1995 as the Head of Academic Computing for the Humanities, and is also responsible for the Academic Text Center. In previous lifetimes he has worked in collection development, managed, designed, and programmed bibliographic and non-bibliographic databases for a Large Bibliographic Network Whose Name Does Not Begin With 'O', and has led projects to investigate the use and support of electronic files of both a textual and non-textual nature. He also attended an SGML Boot Camp run by the Master Sergeants Sperberg-McQueen and Burnard in December of 1994, and is therefore qualified to help you pick your tags. Rates available. Inquire within.

His academic interests run along the neo-neo-Hegelian, Post-Modern line. He has taught German at Stanford and University of San Francisco, supported academic committees on undergraduate education, and conducted collection analyses of the Stanford collection. He studied at Stanford, Cornell, and in Europe, and has advanced degrees from Stanford.

380 Meyer Library
tel. (415) 725-3163
e.mail: jwciii@leland.Stanford.edu

Peter W. Burchard

Electronic Text Technician

At the Academic Text Service since 1994.

M. A. in French Literature, B. A. in German Literature, B. A. in French Literature.

Other interests:

Sweet Hall, 3rd floor
tel. (415) 723-2868
e.mail: epee@leland.Stanford.edu

Justine Cogan

Electronic Text Research Assistant




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