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Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry Database

About the Database -- Text from the Publisher

"The English Poetry Database encompasses the works of 1,350 poets from the Anglo-Saxon period to the end of the nineteenth century. It contains a core collection of English verse, from more than 4,500 volumes."

The Poets -- Text from the Publisher

"English Poetry contains primarily the works of those writers listes as poets by The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, Cambridge University Press, 1969-1972 (NCBEL). It includes those writers whose main entry in NCBEL appears under another genre but who are cross-referenced to Poetry. It also includes the few writers of poetry not cross-referenced by NCBEL, for example, Emily Brontë and Aphra Behn. In addition, following the NCBEL, the database contains the works in English of Welsh, Scottish and Irish poets. Poets who were active before 1900 are included but poets principally active in the twentieth century are excluded."

The Works -- Text from the Publisher

"English Poetry aims to include as full a collection of the published works of each poet as possible.

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