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OED LogoThe OED Browser

OED Browser is a Macintosh application for browsing and viewing the electronic version of the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (OED). Unlike most dictionaries, which concentrate on word definitions, the OED documents the actual history of words, their usage, and how their meanings change over the years.

The printed version of the OED consists of twenty volumes, literally an entire bookshelf. The electronic version is similarly huge, requiring hundreds of megabytes of disk storage. Because of its enormous size, the OED is impractical to distribute to everyone who would like to use it. With OED Browser, however, you can use the OED from any Macintosh computer connected to the Leland network. OED Browser allows you to easily look up all entries for a given word, view them on your computer screen, print them, and search their contents.

The OED is licensed for Stanford University faculty, students and academic staff for their personal scholarship and research.

Hardware Requirements

Any Macintosh with at least 1 MB RAM (2 MB recommended), Ethernet/SLIP connection to the Leland network.

Software Requirements

System Software 6.0x or later, MacTCP 2.0 or later.

Download the OED Browser (500K)

Development of the OED Browser

OED Browser, version 0.3
October 25, 1993

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