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Converting ATS Texts for Web/SGML Access

Why Convert?

Right now the staff of the ATS is converting the texts available for use with the Searcher to a format that will permit them to be delivered over the Web.

This involves changing the encoding of the texts from the 'pseudo-SGML' tagging scheme that the Searcher uses to full-blown, standard SGML. We are using a version of the TEI document type definition (DTD) that is variously known as 'TEI Lite' or the 'pocket TEI.' Changing our tagging scheme has a number of advantages:


Since there is a large amount of material that needs conversion, we will converting our 'legacy data' -- to use the au courant term -- over a period of several months. The good news is that this conversion can continue while we're developing Web access, so many of the texts will be ready when Web searching starts. Access to texts not on the Web will still be available through the Searcher until these have been converted.

Our plans foresee the conversion project taking several months. We will be posting information about the process and schedules for availability on both the main ATS home page and here, so please visit us frequently. If you have texts that you are especially interested in having converted in the early stages, please let us know by calling the number listed above or e-mailing jwciii@leland.

Last Updated: June 28, 1995

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