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The Searcher

General Information

The Searcher is a software application designed to aid faculty and students in researching course and specific project reading materials. This page is designed to answer any general questions you may have about your use of the Searcher in conjunction with your course work and/or research. The texts available through the Searcher are for Stanford University faculty, students and academic staff for their personal scholarship and research. If you have any additional questions about the texts that are not answered in a text information file, please contact the ATS at searcher@sweet.

The Searcher is very flexible and as a result, permits you to perform search requests in a number of ways, some of these ways may lead to the same results. This is a default characteristic of the Searcher.

When first using the Searcher, the ATS suggests opening the Searcher and experimenting with each menu item. For your information, the File and Edit menus perform similar functions as in Microsoft Word, the Session menu allows you to browse through search results, and the Special menu permits you to manipulate your search results in various ways. In addition, it is important for you to be capable of visually identifying the two representations of pop-up menus: the bar format and the box format.

If you need a Searcher demonstration or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ATS.

Hardware Requirements

Any Macintosh with at least 1 MB RAM (2 MB recommended), Ethernet/SLIP connection to the Leland network.

Software Requirements

System Software 6.0x or later, MacTCP 2.0 or later.

Download the Searcher (600K)

Text Availability and Access

The texts available through the Searcher are currently only available to the Stanford community on campus or to off-campus users who have password-authenticated SLIP/PPP access to the Leland network.

Text availability is similar to that of library books, and is contingent upon how many other users request access to a particular text at any one time. Consider the availability of the texts to be analogous to that of Reserve Readings. Specific text access varies. Some texts are available to all of the Stanford community simultaneously and others have limited siunultaneous availability. If a text is available for a course, the ATS will arrange to have at least one copy accessible for every member of the class. Third, if either the network is having problems or the computer on which the texts are stored is down. then vou will receive a message that the online library is not accessible. In this case, try again later.

Development of the Searcher

Last Updated: June 28, 1995

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