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ATS Services

Using Electronic Texts for Research and in the Classroom

ATS supports the Stanford community by making electronic texts available for the purpose of research and scholarship. The texts that are currently available come from a variety of sources:

The texts that ATS will be delivering over the Web are encoded using a document type definition that complies with TEI P3. The texts that are delivered using the Searcher are also encoded using a different scheme. See Preparing Texts for Web Access for more information.

ATS endeavors to meet your needs as a scholar and instructor. Given sufficient lead time, we will use the appropriate means to create or acquire the texts that are needed, provided we can do so in a manner that is consistant with laws governing intellectual property (copyright). If you have particular needs that are not met by the ATS's standard method of encoding text, we may be able to provide the encoding or help you make arrangements for the additional preparation.

ATS also provides consulting services for those interested in text encoding, scanning and OCR, and making textual resources available over the Internet. We are working with a number of others to provide innovative services for scholars in all textually-based fields. We also offer advice, sympathy, understanding, and help to members of the Stanford community who require assistance in using and/or integrating new technologies in their research or teaching.

If you are interested in our services, have a question, or would simply like additional information, please call the number given above, or send e-mail to jwciii@leland.stanford.edu.

Last Updated: June 28, 1995

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