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Using Perseus at Stanford

380 Meyer Library
email: ats@leland.stanford.edu
phone: 725-3163

Who Can Use Perseus?

Perseus is available to anyone at Stanford University who has a Macintosh computer attached directly to SUNet. You do need HyperCard 2.x on your machine to run Perseus. If you do not have HyperCard 2.x, you should use the HyperCard Player which is included as part of the files obtainable below.

System Requirements

Obtaining the Perseus User Stacks

Click here to download the Perseus User Stacks, including the HyperCard Player. [Note: the downloaded file is a self-extracting archive in binhex format; you may need a separate program to convert the binhex, such as Suffit Extractor.]

Mounting the Perseus Server and Installing the Stacks

Mounting the Perseus Server

To use Perseus, you must mount the Perseus server. The server contains the files your Perseus Stacks need to run. You must perform this operation every time you want to use Perseus.

Note that Stanford has a site license to use Perseus 1.0, and the number of connections permitted, while high, is not unlimited. For this reason, you may occasionally get a message stating that the Perseus server is unavailable. In this case, you should try again later. This is also the reason that you should disconnect from Perseus when you are done, as a courtesy to others.

Installing the Perseus Stacks

You will find a Read Me file with your Perseus stacks that details installation instructions and provides other relevant information. The pertinent portions are repeated here.

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