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French and Italian Studies
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French and Italian Studies

Text Collections

The library continues to acquire digitized texts in various forms, sometimes in collections organized by genre or special topics, others as sets of individual authors’ complete works. Some of these titles will be accessible in the future through the library’s text searcher (revisions now in process), while others will require use of searching software provided by the publishers. CD-ROMs often complement printed editions of major dictionaries that are held in the Information Center (many are noted in the guides to French and Italian dictionaries). It is also increasingly common to find CD-ROM indexes or related material with printed editions of works shelved in the stacks.

The library’s digital texts need to be seen in the context of the growing number of texts available on the Web, many of which complement each other even though they seem to duplicate efforts. Any researcher seeking online texts should check both library’s catalogues and the Web, since the variety of new materials changes each year. Examples of larger-scale text collections include the following:

French texts (selected examples), see also French studies — Texts, Sources, Dictionaries

Note that some locations have not been permanently established for CDs awaiting possible inclusion in the HDIS searcher. Consult the Humanities Digital Texts Services for the latest information.

Corpus des oeuvres de philosophie en langue française.

Containing texts of major philosophical works written in the French language from the Renaissance to ca. 1914, the collection’s titles are derived from printed volumes in the series edited by Michel Serres that the library has been acquiring since its inception. It is projected to encompass close to 500 volumes.

Montaigne, Michel de. Corpus Montaigne.

PQ1642 .E5B65 1997 HAS-DIGIT. Edited by Claude Blum, the CD includes all works published during the author’s lifetime and after his death in various editions, as well as related correspondence and publications associated with other authors. Includes users guide.

Voltaire électronique.

Contains texts from the ongoing Voltaire Foundation edition of Les oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, with all introductory material and editorial commentary, as well as other editions of texts not yet included in the new set of complete works. Updates will incorporate those new additions into the collection.

Gazette d’Amsterdam 1691-1796.

AP14.G289 HAS DIGIT. Pierre Retat’s edition of the complete set of this journal from the Archives du Ministère des affaires étrangeres. In 12 CD-ROMs published through the Voltaire Foundation.

Le cinema français des annés 30.

PN1993.5F7 C474 HAS DIGIT. Derived from the collections of the Bibliothèque nationale, this collection contains over 230 documents concerning 114 films of the 1930s, including photos, posters, and sound extracts. May be searched by title, director, actors, and subjects.

Italian texts (selected examples), see also Italian studies — Texts, Sources, Dictionaries

LIZ 3.0 Letteratura italiana Zanichelli: CD-ROM dei testi della letteratura italiana.

PQ4201 .L5 1997 HAS-DIGIT (Digital Culture and Humanities Computing, Lane Room). Edited by Pasquale Stoppelli and Eugenio Picchi; using DBT searching software and published in collaboration with the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche. 1997.

A CD-ROM database of 780 unabridged works of Italian literature by 182 authors, from Francesco d’Assisi’s Cantico delle creature to works of D’Annunzio and Pirandello. Complete works are included for major authors such as Dante, Petracrch, and Boccaccio. The 3.0 release of LIZ adds new technical features as well as additional texts and authors beyond the original version’s 109 authors. An accompanying Manuale di riferimento gives full explanations of searching strategy and various options for using data. The biographical dictionary included with the CD, Nadia Cannata’s Dizionario biografico compatto degli autori della letteratura italiana (Zanichelli 1997), is useful as a general reference, but does not indicate authors selected for inclusion in either the first or second versions of LIZ.

Giordano Bruno: Opere complete.

B783 .A3 1999 HAS Digital Culture and Humanities Computing (Lane Room). Edited by Nuccio Ordine. Part of the Lexis series Classici del pensiero europeo, it includes Bruno’s works in both Italian and Latin, related images, and critical bibliography. A users guide is available in both Italian and English.

Giacomo Leopardi: Tutte le Opere.

PQ4708.A1 F45 1998 HAS Digital Culture and Humanities Computing (Lane Room). Edited by Lucio Felici, the CD is one of the first collections in the massive digitization project undertaken by the Archivio Italiano. The collection contains all important editions of Leopardi’s works, with searching capacities that allow comparison of variant editions and textual analysis from a variety of research perspectives, from creation of concordances to thematic and stylistic study. A guide in Italian explains DBT searching methods.

Goldoni, Carlo. Famiglia dell’antiquario: l’ipertesto d’autori. Venezia: Marsilio; [Firenze]: Centro di ricerche e applicazioni dell’informatica all’analisi dei testi, Università di Firenze, c1996.

PQ4694.F2 1996 Green HAS-DIGIT. Edited by Luca Toschi, these three versions of the same Goldoni play allow the reader to do textual analysis of the author’s successive changes. Includes users guide.

Casalini EIO (Editoria italiana online) - full text of recently published Italian monographs, serials, and conference proceedings in digital form. Publications date from the 1970s to the present, and new titles are being added continuously. It is searchable by author and title; you can also do word searches within the full text. Help using EIO.

Last modified: August 25, 2008

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