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French and Italian Studies

Journals and Series

An increasing number of journals are available through the Internet. See for example Project Muse, which includes MLN and Modernism/Modernity.

  1. MLA Directory of Periodicals: a Guide to Journals and Series in Languages and Literatures. New York: MLA, 1978- Z7006.M642 Ref.

    Regularly updated. — Contains information that is also useful for publishing opportunities

  2. L’Avant-scène du cinéma. Paris: 1961-. 809.2705.A964 CPM/Stk

  3. L’Avant-scène du théâtre. Paris: 1949-. 809.205.A964 CPM/Stk

  4. Cahiers de l’Association internationale des études françaises. Paris: 1951- PQ 31.A7

  5. Cahiers du cinéma. Paris: 1951-. 809.2705.C132 CPM/Stk

  1. a. Cahiers de l’Herne. (Classed as separates)

  2. Communications. Paris: 1962/63- P87.C6

  3. Comparative Literature. University of Oregon, 1949- Quarterly. 805.C735 CPM/Stk

  4. Contemporary French Civilization. 1976- DC1.C6 CPM/Stk

  5. Le Débat. [Paris]: Gallimard, 1980- AP20.D36 CPM/Stk

  6. XVIIe siècle. Bulletin de la Société d’étude du XVIIe siècle. Paris: 1949- DC121.A1D5

  7. Esprit. Paris: 1932- 054.E77 CPM/Stk

  8. Français moderne. Paris: 1933- Quarterly PC2.F725

  9. Franco-italica. Alessandria, Italia: Edizioni dell’Orso, 1992- PQ143.I5F73 CPM/Stk

  10. French Cultural Studies. Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks, England: Alpha Academic, 1990- DC34.F746 CPM/Stk

  11. French Historical Studies. Baton Rouge: 1958- DC1.F69 CPM/Stk

  12. French Review. American Association of Teachers of French, 1927- Bimonthly. PC2001.F75

  13. French Studies. Oxford: 1947- Quarterly. 840.5.F877 CPM/Stk

  14. Infini . Paris: Denoel, 1983. AP20.I5

  15. Littérature. Paris: 1971- PQ2.L5

  16. Magazine littéraire. Paris: 1965- PQ2.M3 CPM/Stk

  17. MLN (Modern Language Notes). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1886- 805.M6893 CPM/Stk

  1. a. Modern & Contemporary France (Portsmouth [Hampshire] :Association for the
    Study of Modern and Contemporary France), 1993- DC411.M6 CPM/Stk

  2. Modern Language Association of America. Publications. 1884- 5 times a year. 805.M689

  3. Modern Language Journal. St. Louis: 1916/17- Monthly. PB1.M47

  4. Modern Language Quarterly. Seattle: University of Washington, 1940- PB1.M642 CPM/Stk

  1. a. Modern Language Review. (Modern Humanities Research Association). 1905- Quarterly. PB1.M65 CPM/Stk

  2. Le Nouveau recueil: revue trimestrielle de littérature et de critique. Seyssel: 1995- PQ1141.R42 CPM/Stk

  3. Nouvelle revue française. Paris: 1953- 054.N936 CPM/Stk

  4. Les nouvelles littéraires, artistiques et scientifiques. Paris: 1922- 074.N934 CPM/Stk

  5. Oeuvres et critiques. Paris: 1976- PQ2.O3

  6. Philological Quarterly. University of Iowa, 1922- P1.P55 CPM/Stk

  7. Poétique. Paris: 1970- PN45.P57 CPM/Stk

  8. Quinzaine littéraire. Paris: 1966- AP20.Q5 f

  9. Revue d’esthétique. Paris: 1948- BH2.R48

  10. Revue d’histoire du théâtre. Paris: 1948/49- 809.205.R454 CPM/Stk

  11. Revue d’histoire littéraire de la France. Paris: 1894- Quarterly. 840.5.R454 CPM/Stk

  12. Revue de linguistique romane. Paris, etc.: 1925- Semi-annual. PC2.R47

  13. Revue de littérature comparée. Paris: 1921- Quarterly. 805.R45 CPM/Stk

  14. Revue des langues romanes. Université de Montpellier, 1870- Annual. PC2.R4

  15. Revue des lettres modernes. Paris: 1954- Quarterly. PN3.R4

    Issues often devoted to one author or subject.

  16. Revue des sciences humaines. Université de Lille, 1933- Quarterly. B2.R45 CPM/Stk

  17. Romance Notes. University of North Carolina, 1959- Semi-annual. PC1.R58

  18. Romance Philology. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1947- Quarterly. PC1.R6 CPM/Stk

  19. Romanic Review. Columbia University, 1910- Quarterly. PC1.R7 CPM/Stk

  20. Romantisme. Paris: 1971- PQ287.A1R6 CPM/Stk

  21. Stanford French Review. Stanford University (3 times a year). 1977-1994. PQ139.S77 CPM/Stk

  22. Studi francesi. Turin: 1957- PQ5.S75 CPM/Stk

    Articles in French or Italian.

  23. Studies in Philology. University of North Carolina Press, 1906- Quarterly. P25.S86 CPM/Stk

  24. Tel quel. Paris: 1960- Ceased. See Infini (Item 202). PQ2.T26

  25. Les temps modernes. Revue mensuelle. Paris: 1945- 054.T28 CPM/Stk

  26. Yale French Studies. Yale University Press, 1948- Semi-annual. 840.5.Y18 CMP/Stk

  27. Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur. Wiesbaden: 1879- Semi-annual 840.5.Z48 CPM/Stk

  28. Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie. Tübingen, 1877- Quarterly, and a supplement. 440.5.Z48 CPM/Stk



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