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French and Italian Studies

Language and Literature Bibliographies

A. Retrospective

  1. Cabeen, D.C., ed. A Critical Bibliography of French Literature. New York: Syracuse University Press, 1947. Z2171.C3 Ref.

    v.1. The Medieval Period 1947, 1952
    v.2. The Sixteenth Century 1956. Supplement 1985
    v.3. The Seventeenth Century 1961. Supplement 1982
    v.4. The Eighteenth Century 1951. Supplement 1968
    v.5. The Nineteenth Century 1994. In 2 vols.
    v.6. The Twentieth Century 1979. In 3 vols.

    An annotated survey of editions, bibliographies and critical studies.

  2. Griffin, Lloyd. Modern French Literature and Language: A Bibliography of Homage Studies. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1976. Z2175.F45G74 1976 Ref.

    An index to essays in collection that revises and extends H.H. Golden’s book of the same title (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1953).

  3. Lanson, Gustave. Manuel bibliographique de la littérature française moderne XVIe, XVIIe, XVIIIe et XIXe siècles. New ed. Paris: Hachette, 1925. Z2171.L22 1925 Ref.

    For the early 20th century, the standard bibliography of French literature, 16th-19th century; arranged by century and genre. Indexes a considerable amount of analytical material, including periodical articles. Continued by:

  4. Giraud, Jeanne. Manuel de bibliographie littéraire pour les XVIe, XVIIe, XVIIIe siècles français. Paris: Vrin, 1939. For period 1921-35. Z2171.G52 Ref.

  5. ------ Manuel de bibliographie littéraire. Paris: Nizet, 1956. — For period 1936-45.

  6. ------ Manuel de bibliographie littéraire. Paris: Nizet, 1970. — For period 1946-55.

B. Continuing (cf IV)

  1. Klapp, Otto, ed. Bibliographie der französischen Literatur-Wissenschaft. Frankfurt a. M.: Klostermann, 1960- vol.1, 1956-58 Z2171.B5 Ref.

    ------ Supplement zu den Bänden I-IV (1956-68). Frankfurt a. M.: Klostermann, 1970.

    Includes books, essays, articles, book reviews and theses published since 1956. Index of scholars, subjects and authors.

  2. Rancoeur, René.Bibliographie de la littérature française du Moyen âge à nos jours. Paris: Colin, 1967-1980 (ceased). Z2171.B522 Ref.

    Revived 1986 - each year in #3 of Revue d’histoire littéraire de la France (not published as a separate volume)

  3. ------ Bibliographie de la littérature française moderne (16e-20e siècles).1953-1965. Z2171.B521 Ref.

  4. ------ Bibliographie littéraire. 1953-1961 (see above)

    Collection of quarterly listings in RHLF, not cumulated; no coverage for living authors.

  5. Modern Language Association of America. MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures. 1921-(published as supplements to MLA, vol.37-). Annual. 1970- on-line. Z7006.M64 Ref.

    CD-ROM and FOLIO

  6. Permanent International Committee of Linguists. Bibliographie linguistique. Utrecht: spectrum, 1939-1975. Z7001.P4 Ref.

    Annual; lists books, essays, reviews, and articles.

  7. Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies. 1929/30- Edited for the Modern Humanities Research Association. London: Oxford U. P., 1931- PB1.Y45 Ref. (current year)

    Annual. A critical survey of books and articles, selective in scope.

  8. Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie. Supplement: Bibliographie. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1875/76-1960. 440.5.Z48 Suppl. SAL
    Continued by:

  9. Romanische Bibliographie = Bibliographie romane. Tübingen: M. Niemeyer, 1961/62- 440.5.Z48 Suppl. SAL

    Includes theses, books, articles.

  10. Bibliographie annuelle de l’histoire de France du 5e siècle à 1939. Paris: CNRS, 1955- Z2176.B5 Ref.

    Annual. A large section devoted to literary history.

  11. “Rassegna Bibliografica” in each issue of Studi francesi. Turin: 1957- PQ5.S75 STK

C. By period (both retrospective and continuing bibliographies)

Middle Ages
(see curator’s supplemental lists and John Rawling’s Medieval Studies page)
  1. Bossuat, Robert. Manuel bibliographique de la littérature française au Moyen âge. Melun: Argences, 1951 Z2172.B7 Ref.
    Supplement 1949-1953 Z2172.B7 suppl. Ref.
    Supplement 1960-1980 (3d Vielliard) Z2172.B6 suppl.3 Ref.

    The major bibliography for French medieval studies, listing books, articles, dissertations, reviews.

  2. Fisher, John H., ed. The Medieval Literature of Western Europe: A Review of Research, Mainly 1930-1960. NYU Press, 1966. PN671.F5 Ref.

    Evaluative essays on major critical works and editions of texts.

  3. International Guide to Medieval Studies: A Quarterly Index to Periodicals. Darien, Conn.: American Bibliographic Service, 1961-73. 12 vols. No longer published. Z6203.I6 Ref.

  4. International Medieval Bibliography. Leeds: University of Leeds, 1967- Z6203.I63 Ref.

    Semi-annual, on articles in journals and collections.

  5. Rouse, Richard. Serial Bibliographies for Medieval Studies. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969. Z6203.R66 Ref.

    For additional bibliographies of interest to medievalists:

  6. Société Rencesvals. Bulletin bibliographique pour l’étude des épopées romanes. Paris: Nizet, 1958- Z7032.S6

    Covers journal articles, with a separate section for reviews.

  7. Taylor, Robert A. La littérature occitane du Moyen âge: bibliographie sélective et critique. Toronto: U.T.P., 1977. Z7033.P8T38

    Lists both books and articles.

  8. Williams, H.F. An Index of Medieval Studies Published in Festschriften, 1865-1946. With special reference to Romantic material. Berkeley: U.C. Press, 1951. Z6203.W5 Ref.

    See also: Cabeen, vol.1 The Medieval Period, ed. by Urban Holmes, 1947 (section III/A).

Sixteenth Century

  1. Cioranescu, Alexandre. Bibliographie de la littérature française du seizième siècle. Paris: Klincksieck, 1959. Z2172.C5 Ref.

  2. “BIHR” Bibliographie internationale de l’humanisme et de la Renaissance. Geneva: Droz, 1956- Z7128.H9B5 Ref.

    Suspended in 1976; now published with a 5 year lag.

  3. Literature of the Renaissance. A bibliography and index (bound from the special bibliographic issues of Studeis in Philology). 1917-69. Annual. Z6207.R4L5 Ref.

    No longer published. Covered French after 1938, listing books, dissertations, articles.

    See also: Cabeen, vol.2 (section III/A). The Sixteenth Century, edited by Nathan Edelman, 1961. Supplement ed. by Raymond La Charité, 1985.

    And Lanson (section III/A).

Seventeenth Century
  1. Cioranescu, Alexandre. Bibliographie de la littérature française du dix-septième siècle. Paris: CNRS, 1965-67. 3 vols. Z2172.C52 Ref.

    Basic bibliography of editions, history and criticism.

  2. Modern Language Association of America. French III. Bibliography of French Seventeenth Century Studies. 1953-77. Z2172.M57 Ref.

    Continued by: French 17 (no.26-) 1978-

    Current annual bibliography of books and articles.

    See also: Cabeen, vol.3 (section III/A), The Seventeenth Century, edited by Nathan Edelman, 1961, and its supplement 1982.

    And: Lanson (section III/A).

Eighteenth Century
  1. Cioranescu, Alexandre. Bibliographie de la littérature française du dix-huitième siècle. Paris: CNRS, 1970. 3 vols. Z2172.C48 Ref.

    Most extensive bibliography for eighteenth-century French studies.

  2. Martin, Angus.Bibliographie du genre romanesque français, 1751-1800. London: Mansell, 1977. Z2174.F5M3 Ref.

  3. ------ The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography. New York: 1975- Z2011.E62 Ref.

    See also: Cabeen, vol.4 (section III/A) The Eighteenth Century, edited by R. Havens and D. Bond, 1951; and its supplement edited by Richard Brooks, 1968.

    And: Lanson (section III/A)
    And: Quérard (section II)

Nineteenth-Twentieth Centuries
  1. Modern Language Association of America. French VI. Bibliographie Comm. French VI Bibliography: Critical and Biographical References For the Study of Nineteenth Century French Literature. N.Y.: French Institute, 1956-69. Z2153.M59 Ref.

  2. French XX Bibliography: Critical and Biographical References For the Study of French Literature Since 1885. N.Y.: French Institute, 1949-. Annual. Z2173.M6 Ref.

    A continuation of the MLA publication French VII (1949-1969).

  3. ----- Provençal Supplement. N.Y.: French Institute, 1976- Z2173.M62 Ref.

    Covers Provençal literature from 1850 and indexes critical works from 1940 to the early 1970’s.

  4. The Romantic Movement: A Selective and Critical Bibliography. Supplement to English Language Notes. Boulder: University of Colorado, 1965- Z6520.R7R6 Ref.

    Annual, annotated bibliography, with a separate section on France.

  5. Place, Jean-Michel. Bibliographie des revues et journaux littéraires des XIXe et XXe siècles. Z6956.F8P5 Ref.

    Full descriptions and background on major literary journals. Stanford has microfilm of all journals listed.

  6. Talvart, Hector and Place, Joseph. Bibliographie des auteurs modernes de la langue française (1801-1974). Paris: 1928-1975. Vols. 1-22. Z2171.T16 Ref.

    Arranged by author, giving generally for each a biographical sketch, list of writings and editions, minor literary works, and biographical and critical works and articles.

  7. Thieme, Hugo Paul. Bibliographie de la littérature française de 1800 à 1930. Paris: Droz, 1933. Z2171.T43 1933 Ref.

    Continued by:

  8. Dreher, S. et Rolli, M. Bibliographie de la littérature française de 1930 à 1939. Lille: Giard, 1948. Z2171.D7 Ref.


  9. Drevet, Marguerite L. Bibliographie de la littérature française de 1940 à 1949. Genève: Droz, 1954. Z2171.D73 Ref.

    See also: Cabeen, vol.5: The Nineteenth Century edited by David Baguley, and vol. 6: The Twentieth Century, edited by Douglas Alden and Richard Brooks, 1979 (section III/A).

D. Comparative Literature

  1. Baldensperger, Fernand and W.P. Friedrich. Bibliography of Comparative Literature. New York: Russell and Russell, 1960., c.1950. Z6514.C7B3 1960 Ref.

    Still valuable for historical coverage.

  2. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. Edited by Michael Groden and Martin Kreiswirth. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1994. Z6514.C97J64 1994 Ref.

E. French Literature Outside of France: Bibliographies and Guides.
     (See also: African Studies page and bibliographies within)

1. North Africa

  1. Arnaud, Jacqueline. Répertoire mondial des travaux universitaires de la littérature maghrébine de langue française. Paris: L’Harmattan, 1984. PQ3988.N6A76 1984

  2. Bonn, Charles. Bibliographie de la littérature maghrébine, 1980-1990. Paris: EDICEF, 1992. Z3515.B66 1992 Ref.

  3. Déjeux, Jean. Maghreb: littératures de langue française. Paris: Arcantère, 1993. PQ3988.5.N6D434 1993

  4. Memmi, Albert. Bibliographie de la littérature nord-africaine d’expression française, 1945-62. Z2173.3.M4 Ref.

2. Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. Baratte-Eno-Belinga, Thérèse. Bibliographie des auteurs africains de langue française. 4e éd. Paris: F. Nathan, 1979. Z3058.L5B35 1979

  2. Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires négro-africaines de langue française des origines à 1978. Sherbrooke, Que.: Naaman, 1983. PQ3980.A52D53 1983

  3. Michael, Colette Verger. Negritude: An Annotated Bibliography. West Cornwall: Locust Hill Press, 1988. Z6520.N44M53 1988

  4. Midiohouan, Guy Ossito. Bibliographie chronologique de la littérature négro-africaine d’expression française, 1920-1981. [Bénin]: Univ. nationale du Bénin, 1984. Z3674.L5M53 1984

  5. Jahn, Janheinz. Bibliography of Creative African Writing. Nendeln: Kraus-Thomson, 1971. Z3508.L5J25 Ref.

  6. ------ A Bibliography of Neo-African Literature from Africa, America, and the Caribbean. New York: Praeger, [1965]. Z3508.L5J3 Ref.
3. Belgium

  1. Lettres françaises de Belgique: dictionnaire des oeuvres. [par] Robert Frickx et Raymond Trousson. Paris: Duculot, 1988- (v. 1-4, ongoing) PQ3811.Z5 1988 Ref.

4. Canada

  1. Dionne, René. Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise ... [par] René Dionne et Pierre Cantin. [Ottawa]: Presses univ. d’Ottawa, 1988- Z1377.F8D56 1988

    See also:

  2. Cantin, Pierre. Bibliogaphie de la critique de la littérature québécoise dans les revues des XIXe et XXe siècles. Ottawa: Université d’Ottawa, 1979. (5 vols.) Z1377.F8C3

  3. Dictionnaire des écrivains québécois contemporains. Montréal: Québec/Amérique, 1983. PQ3904.D5 1983 Ref.

  4. Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires du Québec. Dir. Maurice Lamire. Montréal: Fides,1978-1987. (v.1-5) PQ3917.D5 Ref.

5. Switzerland

  1. a Dictionnaire des écrivains suisses d’expression française. Genève: GVA SA, 1994. 2 vols. PQ3874.N53 1994 Ref.



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