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French and Italian Studies

Printed Library Catalogs and National Bibliographies

  1. Paris. Bibliothèque Nationale. Catalogue générale des livres imprimés. Paris: Imprimérie Nationale, 1897-1981. Z927.P2 Ref.

    Supplement. 1960-1969 22 vols. (CD-ROM 1975-) Ref.
    The B.N. has the largest collection of French books in existence, and its printed catalogues are the most important general bibliographies of French publications.

    See also the separate list Research in France

  2. British Library General Catalogue of Printed Books to 1975. London: B.L., 1979. 360 vols. (and CD-ROM) Z921.B87 1979 Ref.

  3. U.S. Library of Congress.National Union Catalog. Pre-1956 Imprints.1968- Z881.U49A19 Ref.and Pre-1956 Supplement.

  4. ------ N.U.C., 1956-1967.Z881.U49A193 Ref.

  5. ------ N.U.C. 1968-1972, 1973-77, 1978, 1979, 1980-and microfiche supplements. Z881.U49A2 Ref.

    See also: Library of Congress catalogues LOCIS through the INTERNET

  6. California. University of California at Berkeley. Union Catalog of Monographs Catalogued by the Nine Capmuses From 1963 Through 1967.Z881.A12C3 Ref.

  7. ------ Library. Author-Title Catalog. 1963. Z881.B4 Ref.

  8. On-line Catalogue for U.C. System: MELVYL

  9. Bibliographie nationale française. Paris: Cercle de la Librairie, 1811- Z2165.B58 Ref.

    This is the “official” weekly list of French books that was Bibliographie de la France until 1971. Since 1972, it has cumulated annually into Les livres de l’année-Biblio, now Un an de nouveautés. (cf BN CD-ROM for 1975- earlier volumes are shelved in SAL)

  10. Lorenz, Otto H., ed. Catalogue général de la librairie française, 1840-1925. Paris: Lorenz, 1867-1945. 34 vols. Z2161.L86 Ref.

    The standard French book trade list for the period covered.

  11. Quérard, Joseph Marie. La France littéraire, ou Dictionnaire bibliographique des savants, historiens et gens de lettres de la France... pendant les XVIIIe et XIXe siècles. Paris: Didot, 1827-64. 12 vols.Z2161.Q4 Ref.

    Covers 18th and early 19th century to 1826. Author list, giving brief biographical, bibliographical, and historical notes.

  12. La littérature française contemporaine, 1827-1849. Paris: Didot, 1842-57. 6 vols.Z2161.Q41 Ref.

    A continuation of the above on the same general plan.



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