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The Chadwyck-Healey
American Poetry Database

Table of Contents: Revolutionary Era, 1766-1799

  • Barlow, Joel (1754-1812)
    • The Columbiad
      Washington City: Published by Joseph Milligan, 1825
    • The conspiracy of kings
      London: Printed for J. Johnson [etc.], 1792
    • An Elegy
      Hartford: Printed by Hudson & Goodwin, [1782]
    • The Hasty-Pudding
      [New York]: [1796]
    • A poem
      Hartford: Printed by Hudson & Goodwin, [1781]
    • [Poems in] Cyclopśdia of American literature
      New York: Charles Scribner, 1856
    • [Poems, in] Life and Letters
      London: The Knickerbocker Press, 1886
    • The Prospect of Peace
      New-Haven: Thomas and Samuel Green, 1788
    • A translation of Sundry Psalms
      Hartford: Printed by Barlow and Babcock, 1785
    • The vision of Columbus
      Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin, for the author, 1787
  • Bleecker, Ann Eliza (1752-1783)
    • The posthumous works
      New York: Printed by T. and J. Swords, 1793
  • Brackenridge, Hugh Henry (1748-1816)
    • The battle of Bunkers-Hill
      Philadelphia: Printed and Sold by Robert Bell [etc.], 1776
    • The death of General Montgomery
      Norwich: Printed by J. Trumbull, for and sold by J. Douglass McDougall [etc.], 1777
    • An epistle to Walter Scott
      Pittsburgh: Franklin Head Printing-office, [1811]
    • Gazette publications
      Carlisle: Printed by Alexander & Phillips, 1806
    • Modern chivalry
      Richmond: Published by Johnson & Warner, 1815
    • A poem on divine revelation
      Philadelphia: Printed and sold by R. Aitken, 1774
    • A poem, on the rising glory of America
      Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Crukshank [etc.], 1772
  • Church, Benjamin (1734-1776)
    • An address to A Provincial Bashaw
      Printed in (the Tyrannic administration of St. Francisco): 1769
    • The choice: a poem
      Boston: Edes & Gill [etc.], 1757
    • Elegy on the death of the Reverend Jonathan Mayhew
      Boston: Printed and Sold by Edes and Gill [etc.], [1766]
    • An Elegy to the infamous memory of Sr. F*** B***
      Boston: [1769]
    • An elegy
      Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, 1770
    • Liberty and Property Vindicated, and the St**pm*n burnt
      Boston: Re-printed and Sold at the Newest Printing-Office - [etc.], 1765
    • A poem Occasioned by the Death Of the Honourable Jonathan Law Esq.
      New London: Printed by Timothy Green, 1751
    • The times
      [Boston]: Printed by Thomas and John Fleet, [1765]
  • Cliffton, William (1772-1799)
    • The group
      Philadelphia: Printed for Thomas Stephens, By Lang and Ustick, 1796
    • Poems
      New York: Printed for J. W. Fenno, by G. & R. Waite, 1800
    • [A poetical rhapsody on the times, in] Tit for tat
      Philadelphia: Printed for the Author, [1796]
    • [To William Gifford, Esquire, in] The Baviad and Mśviad
      Philadelphia: Re-printed for William Cobbett, 1799
  • Cockings, George (fl.1758-1802)
    • The American war
      London: Printed by W. Richardson for the Author: and Sold by S. Hooper [etc.], 1781
    • Arts, manufactures, and commerce
      London: Printed for the Author, and sold by J. Cooke [etc.], [1769]
    • Benevolence, and gratitude
      London: Printed for the author, 1772
    • [The conquest of Canada]
      Philadelphia: W. Magill, [1772]
    • War
      Portsmouth: Re-printed and Sold by Daniel Fowle, 1762
  • Dwight, Timothy (1752-1817)
    • America
      New-Haven: Printed by Thomas and Samuel Green, [1780]
    • The conquest of Canšan
      Hartford: Printed by Elisha Babcock, 1785
    • Greenfield Hill
      New York: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794
    • [Poems, in] American poems
      Litchfield: Printed by Collier and Buel, [1793]
    • The triumph of infidelity
      Printed in the world, 1788
  • Fessenden, Thomas Green (1771-1837)
    • Democracy unveiled
      New York: Printed for I. Riley, & Co., 1806
    • The ladies monitor
      Bellows Falls: Printed by Bill Blake & Co., 1818
    • Original poems
      Philadelphia: Printed at the Lorenzo Press of E. Bronson, 1806
    • Pills, poetical, political, and philosophical
      Philadelphia: Printed for the author, 1809
    • Terrible tractoration
      Boston: Tuttle, Weeks And Dennett, 1836
  • Freneau, Philip Morin (1752-1832)
    • The Last Poems of Philip Freneau
      New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1945
    • Poems
      New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, [1929]
  • Honeywood, St. John (1763-1798)
    • Poems
      New York: Printed by T. & J. Swords [etc.], 1801
  • Hopkins, Lemuel (1750-1801)
    • The Anarchiad
      New Haven: Published by Thomas H. Pease, 1861
    • [Poems in,] American poems
      Litchfield: Printed by Collier and Buel, [1793]
    • [Poems, in] The Echo,
      [New York]: Printed at the Porcupine Press by Pasquin Petronius, [1807]
  • Hopkinson, Francis (1737-1791)
    • A Collection of Psalm Tunes
      [Philadelphia]: Printed by William Dunlap, 1763
    • Colonial Love Lyrics
      New York: The Arthur P. Schmidt Co., [1919]
    • The first American Poet-Composer
      Boston: G. Schirmer, [1920]
    • The miscellaneous essays and occasional writings
      Philadelphia: Printed by T. Dobson [etc.], 1792
    • An ode for the 4th of July
      [Philadelphia]: [1788]
    • A psalm of thanksgiving
      [Philadelphia]: [1766]
    • A Tory medley
      [Philadelphia]: [1780]
  • Humphreys, David (1752-1818)
    • The miscellaneous works
      New York: Printed by T. and J. Swords [etc.], 1804
  • Linn, John Blair (1777-1804)
    • The death of Washington
      Philadelphia: Printed by John Ormrod [etc.], 1800
    • Miscellaneous works
      New York: Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, 1795
    • The poetical wanderer
      New York: Printed for the Author, by G. Forman [etc.], 1796
    • The powers of genius
      Philadelphia: Published by John Conrad, & Co. ... and sold by M and J. Conrad & Co. [etc.], 1802
    • Valerian
      Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas and George Palmer, 1805
  • Livingston, William (1723-1790)
    • Poems
      New York: Printed by Tho's Greenleaf, 1790
  • Morton, Sarah Wentworth Apthorp (1759-1846)
    • Beacon Hill
      Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring for the Author, 1797
    • My Mind and its Thoughts
      Boston: Wells and Lilly, 1823
    • Ou‚bi
      Boston: Printed ... by L. Thomas and E. T. Andrews [etc.], 1790
    • [Philenia to Menander, in] The Works, in Verse and Prose, of the late Robert Treat Paine
      Boston: Printed and published by J. Belcher, 1812
    • The virtues of society
      Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring, for the Author, 1799
  • Munford, Robert (1737?-1784?)
    • A collection of plays and poems
      Petersburg: Printed by William Prentis, 1798
  • Odell, Jonathan (1737-1818)
    • [Poems, in] The Loyalist poetry of the Revolution
      Philadelphia: Collins, 1857
    • The New Brunswick Poems
      Kingston: Loyal Colonies Press, 1982
    • [Poems, in] The Loyal Verses of Joseph Stansbury and Doctor Jonathan Odell
      Albany: J. Munsell, 1860
  • Odiorne, Thomas (1769-1851)
    • Poems
      Boston: Published for the author, by Munroe & Francis, 1821
    • The progress of refinement
      Boston: Printed by Young and Etheridge [etc.], 1792
  • Paine, Robert Treat (1773-1811)
    • The works
      Boston: Printed and published by J. Belcher, 1812
  • Prime, Benjamin Young (1733-1791)
    • Columbia's glory
      New York: Printed by Thomas Greenleaf for the author, 1791
    • The Fall of Lucifer
      Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin, 1781
    • Muscipula sive Cambromyomachia: the mouse-trap
      Albany: W. C. Little, [1840]
  • Rowson, Susanna Haswell (1762-1824)
    • [A Dirge, in] Sacred Dirges, Hymns, and Anthems
      Boston: Printed at Boston, by I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews [etc.], [1800]
    • [He's not worth the trouble, in] The village songster
      Haverhill: Printed by Burrill and Tileston, and sold at their bookstore, 1817
    • Miscellaneous poems
      Boston: Gilbert and Dean, 1804
    • New song
      [Philadelphia]: Carey, [1794]
    • [Poems, in] A memoir of Mrs. Susanna Rowson
      Albany: Joel Munsell, 1870
    • A present for young ladies
      Boston: Published by John West & Co. [etc.], 1811
    • [XIV. A soldier is the noblest name, in] Songs in the Highland Reel
      [Philadelphia]: Printed for W. Carey, 1794
  • Smith, Elihu Hubbard (1771-1798)
    • Democracy
      New York: Printed for the author, [1794]
    • Edwin and Angelina
      New York: Printed by T & J. Swords [etc.], 1797
    • [Poems in,] American poems
      Litchfield: Printed by Collier and Buel, [1793]
    • [Poems, in] The Echo
      New York: Printed at Porcupine Press by Pasquin Petronius, [1807]
  • Trumbull, John (1750-1831)
    • A new Proclamation!
      Hartford: Printed by Ebenezer Watson, [1775]
    • The poetical works
      Hartford: By Lincoln & Stone, 1820
  • Tucker, St. George (1752-1827)
    • The knight and friars
      New York: Printed, Published and Sold at the Printing office [etc.], 1786
    • Liberty
      Richmond: Printed by Aug. Davis [etc.], 1788
    • [Lines, in] The American Ladies Pocket Book
      Philadelphia: A. Small, 1819
    • The Poems of St. George Tucker
      Washington: Vantage Press, [1977]
    • The Probationary Odes of Jonathan Pindar, Esq.
      Philadelphia: Printed for Benj. Franklin Bache, 1796
  • Tyler, Royall (1757-1826)
    • The verse of Royall Tyler
      Charlottesville: The University Press of Virginia, [1968]
  • Warren, Mercy Otis (1728-1814)
    • The adulateur
      Boston: Printed and sold at the New Printing-Office [etc.], 1773
    • The group
      Boston: Printed and Sold by Edes and Gill [etc.], 1775
    • Poems, dramatic and miscellaneous
      Boston: I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, 1790
  • Wheatley, Phillis (1753?-1784)
    • Poems
      London: The University of North Carolina Press, 1989

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