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dd-ILL, the Stanford University Libraries' Digital Delivery of Interlibrary Loan Service, was generously supported from 1999-2001 by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

In addition to being an experimental service to provide Interlibrary Loan materials, this is research and development project, and we are happy to receive feedback from our users. Please send comments about image quality, ease and speed of service, communications, or anything else related to this new service.

Stanford's Digital Delivery of Interlibrary Loan service began October 1, 2000, and was publicly funded through September 2001. Internal funding allowed the dd-ILL project to offer free service through December 2002; we are currently (as of January 2003) reconfiguring the project's funding and operational models for possible continued service.

During recent years we have offered interlibrary loan patrons digital versions of out-of-copyright monographs in our collections. Often these are materials that would ordinarily not circulate from the Stanford Libraries.

dd-ILL is a cooperative effort of the Stanford University Libraries'
Interlibrary Services Department and the Humanities Digital Information Service.

Please contact us at text@dlib.stanford.edu with questions and comments.

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