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Literature Online (LION) from Chadwyck Healey

Literature Online (a.k.a. LION) is a fully searchable, full-text digital collection of more than 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose, 124 full-text literature journals, and other key criticism and reference resources, published by ProQuest/Chadwyck Healey.

Hints for using LION

Because of the sheer volume of texts in LION, it is not always obvious how to get precisely what one wants. Here are a few hints:

  • Use Search: Authors or Search: Texts to find specific, known authors or works
  • Quick Search on the LION home page searches a large number of pieces of text, including titles, first lines, footnotes, and others — so it's best not to rely on this function if you know exactly which texts you want.
  • Advanced search options provide for the fullest set of analytical tools, allowing you to restrict your search, for example, to authors of a particular gender, nationality, ethnicity, or literary movement; or to texts published during a certain range of years.
  • Take advantage of LION's extensive "Getting Started" demo and context-sensitive "Help" links.

LION also boasts of extensive cross-resource linking among its full texts and bibliographic databases, and third-party sources such as JSTOR, primary text sources (such as Early English Books Online), World Wide Web resources, etc. Note, however, that LION's linking is not exhaustive:

  • The citation database currently used is the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL), which has different coverage from that of the MLA Bibliography that is perhaps better known at Stanford.
  • Not all of Early English Books Online is being searched through LION. Go directly to the source for searching of complete EEBO holdings.
  • Not all modules of JSTOR are linked in LION.
  • Web resources linked in LION are of varying quality and quantity; we strongly recommend supplementing these with SULAIR subject resources and with your own Internet searching.

LION and individual literature collections

LION supplements and replaces a large number of Chadwyck Healey full-text humanities databases that have long been a part of SULAIR's offerings of full-text humanities resources, including English Poetry, American Poetry, African-American Poetry, and many others. (For those who prefer them, the old search interfaces to these individual literature collections will remain available: check the list of Chadwyck Healey Individual Literature Collections and the HDIS full-text pages.) LION offers access to the same texts we've enjoyed before, along with a large number of humanities journals, criticism, authors' biographies, and multimedia, all of which can be cross-searched, cross-referenced, and annotated; in addition, users can set up e-mail alerts from LION to keep up with additions to the resource, and save records from one search session to another.

Access to LION

LION is available to all authenticated members of the Stanford community at

Last modified: August 29, 2006

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