Software name
Operating System
The E Factor Cosmi Corp. 1983 Atari
E.O.S. - Earth Orbit Stations Electronic Arts n.d. Commodore
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Atari, Inc. 1982 Atari
E-Motion Us Gold Inc 1990 Atari
EA Air Force LHX Attack Chopper Electronic Arts 1992 Sega Genesis
Eagle's Rider Microids 1989 Amiga
Eagles Strategic Simulations, Inc. n.d. Apple
Earthquake San Francisco 1906 Adventure International 1983 Apple
Eastern Front (1941) Atari, Inc. 1983 Atari
Eastern Front (1941) by Chris Crawford Atari, Inc. 1981 Atari
Easy Finance II Commodore Business Machines, Ltd. 1983 Commodore
Echelon : 3-D Space flight simulator with "The Lip Stik" Access Software Inc. 1987 Commodore 64/128
Ecoquest : The Search for Cetus Sierra On-Line, Inc. n.d. DOS
Educational - Recreational II Creative Software, Inc. n.d. Commodore VIC-20
Effective Writing: Atari Educational System Cassettes Atari, Inc. 1979 Atari
El-Ixir Isoft 1983 Apple
Electric Duet In Soft n.d. Apple
Electric Jigsaw by Brian A. Rice Merit Software 1990 DOS
Electronic Drummer Starsoft Development Laboratories n.d. Atari
Elektraglide Virgin Mastertronic International, Inc. 1986 Commodore 64/128
Elementary Science Facts American Educational Computer, Inc. n.d. Commodore
The Elements Instant Software, Inc. 1981 TRS-80
Elevator Action Wheeling, IL: Taito America Corp. 1991 Game Boy (Nintendo)
Eliminator Adventure International n.d. Apple
Eliminator Adventure International 1981 TRS-80
Eliminator Adventure International n.d. Commodore 64/128
Eliminator Thunder Mountain, Inc. 1983 Commodore
Elite Firebird Licensees, Inc. 1985 Apple
Elite Plus Microplay Software n.d. DOS
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Flair Software 1990 Commodore
Embargo Gebelli Software, Inc. 1980 Atari
Emperor of the Mines Impressions n.d. Amiga
Empire of the Over-Mind Avalon Hill Game Company 1981 Apple
Empire of the Overmind (2 copies) Avalon Hill Game Company 1981 TRS-80
Empire: wargame of the century Interstel Corporation 1987 Amiga
Enchanted Scepters, featuring RealSound Silicon Beach Software 1984 Macintosh
Encounter at L-5 Data Age, Inc. 1982 Atari
Energy Czar Atari, Inc. 1980 Atari 400/800
English Invaders Comm Data Computer House Inc n.d. Commodore VIC-20


Antic Publishing, Inc. 1985 Atari
Epidemic Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1984 Atari
Eric the Unready Accolade Entertainment, Inc. 1993 MS-DOS
Escape! SubLogic Communications Corp. n.d. Apple
Escape by R. A. Montgomery Bantam Electronic Publishing Inc. 1985 Apple
Escape Challenge! Robot Odyssey The LEarning Company 1986 Apple
Escape from TRAAM! Adventure International n.d. Apple
Escape from TRAAM! Adventure International n.d. Apple
Escape from Vulcan's Isle Epyx, Inc. 1982 Atari
Escape Map Comm Data Computer House Inc 1982 Commodore VIC-20
Escape MCP Comm*Data Computer House, Inc. n.d. Commodore 64/128
Escape MCP Comm*Data Computer House, Inc. n.d. Commodore VIC-20
Eskimo Games Micro-Partner Software GmbH 1989 Amiga
Espial [2 copies] Tiger Vision 1983 Commodore 64/128
ESPN Championship Coaching Tips CD-Rom Intelliplay n.d. Windows/Macintosh
Essex Broderbund Software, Inc. n.d. DOS
Essex : An Electronic Novel by Bill Darrah Synapse & Borderbund Production n.d. Apple
Eternal Champions Sega of America, Inc. 1993 Sega Genesis
The Eternal Dagger Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1987 Commodore 64/128
The Eternal Dagger: a wizards crown adventure Strategic Simulations Inc 1987 Commodore 64/128
Eternam : the ultimate fantasy adventure game Interactive Publishing Corporation n.d. Windows/Macintosh
Eureka! 250K of Pure Mystery Handic Software Ab 1984 Commodore
Europe Ablaze: the air war over England and Germany 1939 - 1945 Strategic Studies Group 1985 Commodore
Evasive Action : head-to-head dogfights through four world wars! The Software Toolworks, Inc. n.d. DOS
Excaliba / Big Mac Virgin Mastertronic International, Inc. 1986 Commodore 64/128
Exotic Car Showroom Capstone 1991 DOS
Expedition Amazon Penguin Software, Inc. 1983 Atari
Expedition Amazon Penguin Software, Inc. 1987 Macintosh
Expeditions Atari, Inc. 1983 Atari
Explode! The Soft Group 1988 Commodore
Express Raiders Data East USA, Inc. 1987 Commodore
Extended WSFN by Harry Stewart Atari, Inc. 1981 Atari
The Exterminator Softsmith Software, Inc. 1982 Commodore VIC-20
Extra Innings Sony Imagesoft, Inc.
1991 Super Nintendo
Eye of Horus Logotron Entertainment n.d. Amiga
Eye of Horus: an action adventure in Egyptian Mythology Fanfare, Inc. 1989 Commodore 64/128

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