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Software name Publisher Date Operating System
U.S. Gold : The Gold of the Aztecs Kinetica Software 1991 MS-DOS
U-Boat Command Synergistic Software n.d. Apple
Uchi Mata Mindscape, Inc. 1986 Commodore 64/128
UFO! Magnavox Consumer Electronics Company 1980 Odyssey 2 by Magnavox
Ultima Exodus American Video Entertainment, Inc. 1988 Nintendo
Ultima II Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1984 DOS
Ultima II Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1984 Commodore
Ultima II Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1985 Apple
Ultima II : The Revenge of the Enchantress Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1984 Macintosh
Ultima III : Exodus Origin Systems, Inc. n.d. Apple
Ultima Trilogy: I . II. III Origin Systems, Inc. n.d. Commodore
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Origin Systems Inc n.d. DOS
Ultima VII: The Black Gate Origin Systems, Inc. 1991 DOS
Ultimate Game Collection Encore Software 1992 DOS
Ultimate League Soccer American Video Entertainment, Inc. 1990 Nintendo
Ultra Golf Ultra Software Corporation 1992 Game Boy (Nintendo)
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece Green Valley Publishing Corporation [Load 'n' Go! Software!] 1985 Commodore 64/128
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece On-Line Systems n.d. Atari
Uncle D's Con Sound Tration Aloha Fonts 1987 Amiga
Under Fire! Extended Capability Disk #2 Avalon Hill Game Company 1986 Apple
Under Fire! extended capability disk I Avalon Hill Game Company n.d. Apple
Uninvited Mindscape, Inc. 1986 Atari
Uninvited Mindscape, Inc. 1987 Amiga
Universal Item Selector III A & D Software 1983 Atari
Unlimited Adventures Fantasy Construction Kit Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1992 DOS
Up & Add 'em Fisher-Price Learning Software 1984 Commodore
Up All Night CD-ROM BHI, Inc. 1993 DOS
Up 'n Down Bally Midway Manufacturing Co. 1984 Commodore 64/128
Up Time.--Vol. 1, no. 12 Viking Technologies, Inc. 1987 Macintosh
Upper Reaches of Apshai Electric Dreams Software, Ltd. 1989 Amiga
Upper Reaches of Apshai Epyx, Inc. 1981 Atari
Upper Reaches of Apshai Epyx, Inc. 1985 Amiga
Uridium Hewson Consultants, Ltd. n.d. Commodore 64/128
Uridium (2 copies) Mindscape, Inc. 1986 DOS
Utopia Mattel, Inc. 1979 Atari

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