Douglas Engelbart: Appendices

Douglas C. Engelbart, "Curriculum Vitae".

Douglas Engelbart, Founder and Director of Bootstrap Institute.

Douglas Engelbart and Harvey Lehtman, "Working Together," BYTE, December 1988, pp. 245-252.

Douglas C. Engelbart, "Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware," Groupware '92, Proceedings of the groupWare '92 conference, San Jose, Ca, Aug 3-5, 1992, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, pp. 77-100.

Douglas C. Engelbart, "Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System," Proceedings of the conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Los Angeles, CA, Oct 7-10, pp. 143-156. (AUGMENT, 132082,). Also republished in Hypertext/Hypermedia Handbook, E. Berk and J. Devlin [Ed.], McGraw-Hill, 1991.

 NOTE: The original illustrations and figures are not included in these appendices because of the scanning software. Please consult the original copyrighted articles.


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