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Judaica and Hebraica Collections


E-books and digital collections
Dictionaries and encyclopedias
E-journals (full text)
Websites for newspapers and journals (not full text)


CD-ROMs are available in two Green Library locations:

(1) Some are mounted on cluster machines in the Information Center (Green East, 1st Floor), behind the Information Desk. Among these is the 1997 CD-ROM of the Encyclopaedia Judaica.

(2) Others circulate from the Humanities Digital Information Services (Green 221, Bing Wing — adjacent to the Lane Room). These include:

Bar-Ilan's Judaic Library 16.0. Monsey, N.Y. : Torah Educational Software, 2008. 1 CD-ROM + user's guide [for version 10.0] (iv, 109 p.).
HAS-DIGIT BM501 .M37 2002
6. Norfolk, VA: BibleWorks, 2003. 2 CD-ROMs. + 1 user manual.
HAS-DIGIT BS420 .B6 2003
The Sol and Evelyn Henkind Talmud Text Databank. Version 5. [New York]: Saul Lieberman Institute of Talmudic Research, 2002. 1 CD-ROM.
Soncino Classics Collection. Version 2.2. [Chicago]: Institute for Computers in Jewish Life; Brooklyn, N. Y.: Davka Corporation : Judaica Press, [2001]. 1 CD-ROM.
HAS-DIGIT BM495 .S63 2001

(Electronic books, full-text) and digital collections

Center for Jewish History Digital Collections
Digitized Ladino Library (Taube Center for Jewish Studies, Stanford University)
Halacha Brura and Birur Halacha Institute - Virtual library (Hebrew-language rabbinica) - additional resources available on the Institute's home page. (Hebrew-language rabbinica, mainly published in the U.S.) - portions of this resource are also available on CD-ROM, in the following Green Library locations: HAS-DIGIT BM495 .S54 2004 (2 DVD-ROMs + 1 booklet; 2004), and ZMS 1063 Media & Microtext (7 CD-ROMs; 2003).
JNUL Digitized Book Repository (a plug-in is required to view the e-books)
Judaica Sammlung Frankfurt (Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt/Main) - a "virtual Judaica collection" based on the holdings of the pre-World War II Judaica collection of the University of Frankfurt, Germany.
Ladino popular fiction (Latin alphabet) printed in Istanbul, early 1930s (Bibliothèque de l'Alliance Israélite Universelle, Paris)
Mechon Mamre (Hebrew Bible, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud Yerushalmi, Talmud Bavli, Mishneh Torah, Encyclopedia of Torah Basics)
Menasseh Ben Israel Project (Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, Amsterdam)
Otzar HaHochma (digitized Hebrew books "encompass[ing] all realms of Judaism and the Torah from ancient times to the modern period"; restricted access)
Pri ha-Pardes (Book series, Universität Potsdam)
Project Ben Yehuda (Modern Hebrew literature)
Yiddish Books Online ("Online access to the full texts of nearly 11,000 out-of-print Yiddish titles... scanned under the auspices of [the] Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library [at the National Yiddish Book Center], and... made available online through the Internet Archive")
Yiddish Literature (Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw)
Yiddish Prints / Jiddische Drucke (Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main), (Ryzman edition, via the Society for Preservation of Hebrew Books)
Yizkor books (via the New York Public Library)

Dictionaries and encyclopedias (full text):

Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography (print version published by Carlson Publishers, 1994)
Encyclopedia of the Founders and Builders of Israel = Entsiklopedyah le-halutse ha-yishuv u-vonav, by David Tidhar (searchable and browsable database in Hebrew, originally published from 1947-1970; via Touro College).
Elektronnaia Evreiskaia entsiklopediia (in Russian, based on the Kratkaia Evreiskaia entsiklopediia, published 1976-2005)
Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edition (2006) (restricted access)
Evreiskaia entsiklopediia Brokgauza-Efrona (in Russian, full-text resource based on the print edition, 1906-1913)
The Jewish Encyclopedia (originally published 1901-1906)
Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (via the Jewish Women's Archive)
Ma'agarim: The Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language (site is in Hebrew - restricted access)
Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies (Hebrew, Hebrew/Aramaic, Coptic, and Syriac dictionaries)
The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe (print version published by Yale University Press, 2008)

E-journals (full text):

(1) Gateways:

At Stanford -
click on E-Journals on the E-Resources page
Index to Jewish Periodicals
- list of periodicals indexed and links to their websites
MALMAD union list of e-journals in Israeli libraries —> old interface
———— >new interface

(2) Collections:

Historical Jewish Press project (National Library of Israel & Tel Aviv University) - includes titles in English, French, and Hebrew

In German:
Compact Memory
(German-Jewish press)

German exile press (Exilpresse digital)

In Hebrew:

E-journals from Snunit (click on Kitve 'et icon)
Early Hebrew press (JNUL)

(3) Individual titles (full text) - selected list:

In English:
ADAJE: American Digital Archive of the Jewish Experience, includes Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (1893-1961) and American Jewish History (1961-1978), via ProQuest (free resource)
AJS Perspectives (Association for Jewish Studies)
AJS Review (recent years via Cambridge University Press -- restricted access; earlier issues (from 1976) are available via JSTOR -- restricted access)
Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
American Academy of Jewish Research - Proceedings (1928-2001) (via JSTOR -- restricted access)
——>Index to Proceedings
The American Jewess (1895-1899)
American Jewish Archives (2001-present)
American Jewish History (recent years via Project Muse -- restricted access)
The American Jewish Year Book (1899-2005 -- via the American Jewish Committee Archives website)
Annual of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem (1919-1922) (via JSTOR - restricted access)
Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research (1922-2003) (via JSTOR - restricted access)

Biblical Theology Bulletin (restricted access)
Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Commentary Digital Archive (from 1945 - restricted access)
Conservative Judaism (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Covenant: Global Jewish Magazine
Dead Sea Discoveries (1994-2002) (via JSTOR - restricted access)
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Holocaust and Genocide Studies (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Holy Land Studies (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
International Journal of Jewish Education Research (IJJER) (Click on Online Journal button)
Israel Affairs (restricted access)
Israel Studies (via Project Muse -- restricted access) + Index (click on "Israel Studies Index")
Israel Studies in Language and Society = 'Iyunim be-safah ve-hevrah (English & Hebrew -- restricted access)
Jewish History (1986-2005, via JSTOR -- restricted access; full text is also available via EBSCO and Springer -- also restricted access)
Jewish Quarterly Review (recent years via Project Muse -- restricted access; earlier issues [from 1888] are available via JSTOR -- restricted access)

Jewish Social Studies (via Project Muse -- restricted access; earlier issues [from 1939] are available via JSTOR -- restricted access)
Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ)
Jewish Studies Quarterly (2002-present -- restricted access)
Journal for the Study of Sephardic & Mizrahi Jewry
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (restricted access)
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha (restricted access)
Journal of Biblical Literature (1890-2004) and Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis (1881-1888) (via JSTOR -- restricted access)

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Journal of Israeli History (restricted access)
Journal of Jewish Identities (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Journal of Jewish Studies
Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy (restricted access)
Journal of Textual Reasoning
Judaism (restricted access)
Mima' (journal of artistic exploration of the Jewish religious experience)
Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (new series, from 2004)
The Middle East Journal (via Project Muse -- restricted access)

Modern Judaism (recent years via Project Muse -- restricted access; earlier issues (from 1981) are available via JSTOR -- restricted access)
Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
New Vilna Review
The Palestine Post (1932-1950) (via the Historical Jewish Press project)
Perush: An Online Journal of Jewish Scholarship and Interpretation (UCLA)
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project (The Jewish Criterion [1895-1962], The American Jewish Outlook [1934-1962], and The Jewish Chronicle [1962-Present])

Prooftexts (via Project Muse -- restricted access; earlier issues (from 1981) are available via JSTOR -- restricted access)
Protocols: History & Theory (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem); also available in Hebrew, under the title Protokolim: teoryah ve-historyah
Quntres: An Online Journal for the History, Culture, and Art of the Jewish Book
Sephardic Horizons
Sh'ma - web edition (1999- ) and print edition (1970- )

Shofar (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Southern Israelite (1929-1986) (via the Digital Library of Georgia - requires the DjVu browser plug-in)
Studies in American Jewish Literature (via Project Muse -- restricted access)
Tablet Magazine: A New Read on Jewish Life

Women in Judaism

In French:
L'Avenir illustré (via the Historical Jewish Press project)
Bulletin de l'Alliance Israélite Universelle (via the Historical Jewish Press project)
Israël (via the Historical Jewish Press project)
Paix et droit (via the Historical Jewish Press project )
La Voix des communautés, Rabat (via the Historical Jewish Press project)

In German:
Zeitschrift für hebraische Bibliographie / hrsg. von Heinrich Body und Aron Freimann (1896-1921; via Gallica)

In Hebrew:
Katedrah (via Yad Ben-Zvi)
Pe'amim (via Yad Ben-Zvi)

In Portuguese:
Archivo Maaravi: Revista digital de Estudos Judaicos da UFMG (Belo Horizonte)

In Russian:
Migdal Times

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Judaica and Hebraica home page

Web sites for current newspapers:
ha-Arets [Haaretz] (English)
ha-Arets [Haaretz] (Hebrew)
Baltimore Jewish Times
Cleveland Jewish News

Intermountain Jewish News, Denver
J (formerly: Jewish Bulletin of Northern California)
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Advocate, Boston
Jewish Chronicle, London
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
Jewish Press
Jewish Review of Portland
Jewish Week, New York
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) (includes links to many Jewish newspapers)
-->JTA - Jewish News Archive (1923- )
Ynet - Yedi'ot aharonot (Hebrew)

Web sites for journals (not all are archived):
Archivi reali di Ebla. Testi
Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR)
ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) Newsletter
Balshanut 'ivrit = Hebrew Linguistics
Der Bavebter Yid
BDD: be-khol derakhekha daehu
BESA Bulletin
Biblical Archaeology Review
Bi-sedeh hemed
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) Journal
Les Cahiers de l'Alliance (under "Les dernieres parutions")
Les Cahiers du Judaïsme (under "Les dernieres parutions")
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Chronicle (Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion)
Commentary (current issue)
Conservative Judaism
Dimensions: A Journal of Holocaust Studies
European Judaism
Focus (University of Haifa)
Folklore Research Center Studies
Hadassah Magazine
Hebrew Union College Annual
Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
Iggrot haari = The Lion's Letters
Israel Yearbook on Human Rights
Jerusalem Viewpoints
Jewish Bible Quarterly
Jewish Culture and History
Jewish Law
Jewish Magazine
Jewish Political Studies Review
Jewish Quarterly
Jewish Studies Newsletter
Jewish World Review
Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies
Journal of Biblical Literature
Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies (table of contents only)
Journal of Judaism and Civilization
Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages
Journal of Semitic Studies
Journal of the AAR (American Academy of Religion)
JTD, Haifa University Studies in Jewish Theatre and Drama
Judaica Librarianship (Association of Jewish Libraries; recent issues available full text via ProQuest)
Kol ALEPH (via ALEPH-Alliance for Jewish Renewal)
Leo Baeck Institute Year Book
Liber Annuus (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem)
The Maccabean

Mikhlol: 'iyunim be-'inyene Yahadut, hinukh, ve-mada
NCJW Journal
Near Eastern Archaeology
Orthodox Union (OU)
Oyfn shvel
Der Pakn-treger
Pe'ulot u-firsumim statistiyim be-Yisrael
Reform Judaism
Review of Biblical Literature
Rokdim - Dancing
Studia Rosenthaliana
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
Tel Aviv University Review (formerly Tel Aviv University News)
ha-Yarhon ha-statisti le-Yisrael
Der Yidisher tam-tam

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