SALALM at the 15th Guadalajara International Book Fair, 2001

There were between 25-30 SALALM members attending the 15th FIL (Feria Internacional del Libro) in Guadalajara. With so many "Salalmeros" in attendance, the FIL felt like a mini-SALALM gathering. Our "librero" colleagues Garcia Cambeiro and Luis Retta organized a dinner in honor of a few of the attendees.

Nerea Llamas diligently took several pictures. I took a few others but my disposable camera was no match for hers.

For those of you that did not attend, here are a few memorable scenes. In case you cannot figure out what I am doing in the middle of two well known Southern Cone "libreros," I am receiving a check from Garcia Cambeiro for ENLACE. The original check was lost in the mail, so we now have proof that the 2nd check was hand delivered to the current chair of ENLACE.

Adan Griego