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CALAFIA Annual Report (1993/1994)

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TO: Stella Bentley, CDC Chair
Peter Briscoe, CDC Liaison
FROM: Eudora Loh, Convener
SUBJ: UC/STANFORD/USC Cooperative Latin Anerican Collection Development Group - Report, 1994

Nine members of the selectors group met in May 1993 in Salt Lake City at the annual meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM). The first order of business was to welcome the University of Southern California representative, Barbara Robinson, into the consortium. The group plans to meet twice a year, with one meeting in California and the second at the SALALM conference.

In discussing the goals of this cooperative group, there was general consensus that we should devote the major part of our time to collection development issues. Other topics on the agenda reflect additional areas of interest: priorities for MELVYL databases, the Stanford cooperative cataloging proposal, access to non-circulating collections, and influencing better coverage of Latin American journals in indexes.

The North Mexican States agreement was renewed for a second year with an increase in commitment from $1,000 to $1,500 per state. This plan ensures a steady inflow of current material on agreed upon subject areas for the six border states of Mexico. For 1994/95, UCLA, UCR, UCSD, UCSB, and USC will participate, with UCR taking responsibility for two states. In addition to some minor adjustments to the subject profile, participants also agreed to share bibliographic and expenditure information in order to monitor acquisitions covered by the plan.

New group initiatives will focus on Latin American newspaper subscriptions and journals from Mexico and Argentina. Both projects dovetail with cooperative efforts underway in other parts of the country. The newspaper project will identify current print and microfilm subscriptions from the entire region to improve coverage of important titles, to complete film holdings, and to reduce duplication. This California initiative complements a similar effort which is underway among the Northeast Corridor Latin American Libraries and at other SALALM institutions. The second project will analyze holdings of journals published in Mexico and Argentina to better coordinate coverage and to assign last copy responsibility for titles. Our work is likely to benefit the national cooperative joint AAU/ARL Latin American Demonstration Project which will distribute collecting responsibilities for a cross-section of Mexican and Argentine serials.

In addition to cooperative collecting projects, the group discussed a number of issues related to access to materials: non-circulating materials, speeding up cataloging, improving indexing to Latin American journals, increasing access to Latin American cd-roms and databases, and changes in Latin American collection development responsibilities and policies at member institutions. While lack of time prevented discussion of additional approaches to cooperating, there seems to be interest in and support for collaboration on large microform sets as well regional and subject divisions of responsibility. Group members have a long history of successful cooperation and interaction through SALALM and local Latin American partnerships, so we are looking forward to a productive year.

October 5, 1994

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