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CALAFIA Annual Report (1995)

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TO: David Farrell, Chair
Collection Development Committee
FROM: Eudora Loh, Convener
SUBJ: California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group -Annual Report, 1995

The Latin American selectors group met on January 31 at UCLA, and on May 1 in Athens, Georgia at the annual SALALM conference.

Newspapers: During the past year, the group focused much of its effort on newspapers. The consortium defined the following objectives to guide its activities:

  • Strive to maintain the current level of funding for newspapers.
  • Reduce duplication of microform copies as much as possible.
  • Inform the group of any cancellations.

Lists of newspaper holdings were compiled, updated, and reviewed. From summaries, a number of duplicate microform subscriptions were identified. As a first step, campuses decided on current subscription responsibility for each title, either on a statewide or regional (north/south) basis so duplicate subscriptions could be canceled. Secondly, a short list of titles not held by any library was suggested for purchase consideration. A more complete list of titles not held anywhere in the consortium is being developed for further discussion. Additional areas for future cooperation are consolidating holdings into one of the regional library facilities or into the library of record, selling or exchanging duplicate runs of microfilm, and depositing film in the CRL.

This group's attention to newspapers dovetails with similar efforts in the Latin American Northeast Libraries Consortium (LANE) and in SALALM. Latin American and other foreign area studies collections are facing a crisis in newspaper holdings. Prices for both paper and microform subscriptions are soaring, as are mailing costs. Microfilm of current issues is increasingly difficult to acquire. The Library of Congress, facing the same pressures and constraints as other libraries, has reduced its list of foreign newspaper subscriptions and the number of titles that it films. In order to assert some influence on both LC and microform publishers, the California consortium devoted part of its May 1st meeting to a joint meeting with LANE. Representatives of LC and microform publishers attended, as well as interested SALALM members. By pooling our efforts, the California group and LANE hope to:

1) establish priorities for microfilming titles in the Latin American region,
2) identify sources for current microfilm by title, and
3) determine locations of current subscriptions in order to improve regional and national cooperation.

Mini-SCAP Proposal: The Latin American Group received funding of $16, 511 to purchase the Scholarly Resources microfilm set of the Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. This important primary research resource contains pamphlets, broadsides, fliers, and posters on political parties, elections, race, agrarian reform, labor, human rights, and related topics. The portion of the collection that was funded supplements existing holdings at UCSC, UCSD, and UCB-Bancroft, and completes the set within the state.

North Mexican States Agreement: The cooperative agreement between UCLA, UCR, UCSD, UCSB, and USC covering the six border states of Mexico completed its second year. Participants increased their annual funding commitment from $1,000 to $1,500 per state and revised the subject profile. The new owners of Mexico Norte, the primary vendor supplying materials to the consortium, provided marked catalogs of selections for each state to each participant and an annual expenditure summary by campus to assist consortium members coordinate and monitor purchases. The agreement was renewed for a third year without change.

Large Microform Sets: In order to make better use of large microform sets that are in the system, the group will compile a guide to sets on the Latin American region. A preliminary list is being compiled from information that already had been gathered at one of the campuses.

Collaborative Collection Development Agreement and Future Plans:
The imperative for defining the basis of collaboration within the consortium was discussed at the May 1 meeting. Examples of other group collaboration statements will be reviewed and the drafting of a statement for the Latin American area is high on the agenda for the next year. Other potential projects that received support were cooperative collecting and filming of literary supplements from the region and the development of a home page (or contributing information to a home page) on Latin American cooperative collection development projects.

October 5, 1995

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