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CALAFIA Annual Report (1996/1997)

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FROM: Eudora Loh, Convener
SUBJ: CALAFIA Annual Report, 1996/97

This year, the Latin American selectors group continued to work on a few ongoing projects and discussed strategies for analyzing major collection trends.

Guide to Large Microform Sets: Karen Lindvall-Larson compiled a list of major microform titles. The purpose of the guide is to assist librarians in identifying and locating holdings to facilitate referrals and to avoid unnecessary duplication. Caláfia members checked their holdings and supplied the information to Karen to annotate locations. Additional sets and titles were identified and added. The plan is to make the list accessible from the web when completed.

Newspapers: Work continued on canceling duplicate microform subscriptions, identifying available film to fill gaps, and placing new subscriptions. A form was developed to facilitate reporting of cancellations and dollar savings.

Serial Cancellations: Several campuses either have completed cancellation projects or are in the process of identifying titles for cancellation. Cancellations will be shared among members by means of a list to better coordinate and to protect access to as many serial titles as possible within the consortium. The list will then be the first step in attacking the problem. Discussions of strategies and approaches to coordinate serial cancellations identified the following possibilities: preserve core titles indexed on HAPI; identify big ticket titles, low use titles, new serials, and/or indexed serials.

Analysis of Collection Trends: Review of Berkeley data on acquisitions costs and collection size for each country of the region prompted a lively discussion of the usefulness of such data to document the steady decline in collection strength. We agreed to investigate providing the same data for each consortium member institution.

North and South Mexican States Agreements: Participants of these two agreements fine tuned the subject profiles and reviewed the financial data on acquisitions provided by the major vendors who supply materials for these cooperative agreements. A very worthwhile discussion on the relationship between special local interests and general subject responsibility to partners helped to bring about a more coherent understanding of the nature of these cooperative agreements.

Meeting at SALALM with Regional Consortia: Caláfia continues to meet twice yearly. The meeting held at the annual conference of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) affords us the opportunity to meet jointly with the other Latin American regional consortia, LANE, (Latin American North East Libraries) and LASER (Latin American South East Region Libraries). The time set aside on our agenda is used to share information and to discuss matters of common interest. Minutes, annual reports, and project products, such as the Guide to Large Microform Sets, are shared among the groups.

Change in Convener: As of July 1, 1997, Adán Griego, Stanford University, became the new convenor of Caláfia.

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