California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group


Memorandum of Agreement
South Mexican State Materials

May 17, 1997

The southern area of Mexico is a region of great importance and interest. Scholarly focus on its ancient cultures and indigenous populations is taking on new directions related to recent political events, refugee and environmental issues, and economic development in the region. In recognition of these trends, we agree to share our responsibility for the acquisition of material from the southern Mexican states along state lines. This collaborative approach will allow our libraries to build more extensive collections, more systematically and effectively, and at lower costs to each library than would be possible to do individually.


1. The territorial responsibilities are:

Campeche -UC Riverside
Chiapas -UC San Diego
Oaxaca -University of Southern California
Quintana Roo -UC Riverside
Yucatan -UC Riverside

2. Each library will commit $1,000 per year for the purchase of recent materials--either through blanket order or individual selection--from its geographic area of responsibility. The blankets and individual selections will be in accord with the attached profile as adjusted to the local needs of the participating campuses.

3. Materials will be sent to and processed by the individual campus libraries in line with their geographic responsibilities by state.

4. Materials will be processed with reasonable haste and entered into the individual campus OPACs.

5. These materials will be made readily available on interlibrary loan.

6. In keeping with established review cycles and criteria at participating UC libraries, material from the UC libraries may be relocated to their respective Regional Library Facility.

7. This agreement will not preclude further purchase or duplication of materials judged to be needed by any of our collections.

8. Each library will also endeavor to maintain serials subscriptions for the pertinent publications issued within the states for which we are responsible.

9. Although it is assumed that this agreement will remain in force indefinitely, it will be reviewed annually by the Latin American selectors at participating institutions for revision and renewal.

10. Participants agree to provide information necessary to monitor the agreement, such as total expenditures for their state assignment each year and bibliographic information for orders placed. Procedures will be mutually agreed upon and established by the participants.

South Mexican States Materials
Collection Profile
May 17, 1997

I. Territorial responsibilities:

Campeche -UC Riverside
Chiapas -UC San Diego
Oaxaca -University of Southern California
Quintana Roo -UC Riverside
Yucatan -UC Riverside

II. Level of Publication: University Research

III. Types of Publication: Commercial, institutions, and governmental.

IV. Exclusions: a) Titles over $50.00 (do not send, but notify), b) Textbooks, c) Translations, d) Reprints (but do send facsimile and new editions), e) Children's books, f) Sound recordings, films, and microform materials, g) Flat maps (Send state atlases, commercial city plans, and road maps. Quote national atlases if published in the state).

V. Periodical and Serial Publications: Send only one sample issue of new periodicals and new institutional monographic series. Separate subscription orders will be placed for those titles wanted on a continuing basis.

VI. Subjects: (Relating to Latin America or expressing a Latin American point of view):

  1. Agriculture, only when of social, historical, or economic significance
  2. Anthropology and archaeology
  3. Art and architecture, only monographic works and catalogs, not prints or folio texts
  4. Bibliography and reference
  5. Biological and natural science: major works relating to the state and/or Mexico; exclude how-to manuals
  6. Ecology and environment
  7. Economics, not business administration
  8. Education
  9. Geography, travel, and city planning
  10. History
  11. Indigenous populations
  12. Languages and linguistics - Spanish and American Indian languages
  13. Law, only constitutional
  14. Literature - criticism, novels, poetry
  15. Medicine, only when of social or historical significance
  16. Music and dance, no musical scores
  17. Philosophy and religion, not religious texts or tracts
  18. Political science and politics, including political party pamphlets
  19. Psychology, only social psychology
  20. Sociology
  21. Theater, plays, and film

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