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Illustration from "Nueva Galicia: A Subtropical Switzerland" [n.p.,n.d.] Bion S. Gregory Papers.

A great many people are due thanks for their contributions of time and expertise to the Celebrating Mexico exhibition and catalogue. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Curator for Latin American, Mexican American, and Iberian Collections Adán Griego for the untold hours he devoted to selecting and writing about the materials on display. Secondly, I would like to acknowledge Exhibits Manager and Designer Becky Fischbach for her editorial oversight, design, and production of Stanford’s exhibition as well as the joint Stanford-Bancroft catalogue. Her dedication, attention to detail, and sensitivity in shepherding the catalogue to press, and her close collaboration with Adan Griego and his counterparts at The Bancroft Library, UC-Berkeley, is characteristic of her professionalism and much appreciated by all involved.

Many others provided gracious assistance and generous support for the exhibitions and print catalogue: The Honorable David Figueroa, Consul General of Mexico in San Jose, California; José E. Loreto, Deputy Consul General of Mexico in San Jose; Jonathan Chait Auerbach, Cultural Attaché at the Consul General’s Office for Mexico in San Francisco; Alfonso Vijil, Jim Nikas, Lourdes Portillo, Ester Hernandez, Juan Felipe Herrera, Raúl Nava Villa, and Sandra Ríos Balderrama. We also thank Professor Jorge Ruffinelli of Stanford and professors Margaret Chowning and Ivonne del Valle of UC-Berkeley for the essays, and Stanford graduate student Cuauhtémoc García García for his assistance with translations. Everardo Rodríguez, Stuart Snydman, Wayne Vanderkuil, Astrid Smith, Ryan Max Steinberg, Glen Worthey, and the staff from Special Collections were tremendously supportive of Adán Griego and the project overall. Librarians at the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, in particular Brad Bauer, Martina Podskla­nova, and Lisa Nguyen, were most helpful in securing materials from their rich collections. Elspeth Olson and Judy Adams helped install the exhibit. Last but not least, we thank our colleagues from The Bancroft Library, Dr. Charles Faulhaber, Theresa Salazar, and Jack von Euw for their cooperation.

Roberto G. Trujillo

Frances & Charles Field Curator of Special Collections
and Head, Department of Special Collections
September 15, 2010

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