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Selected List of Dissertations on Mexican Americans

*All dissertations can be found at Stanford University's Green Library or the University of California Libraries, as noted.

Acosta Johnson, Carmen
Fertility differentials among Mexican-Americans of the five Southwestern states / 1975. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas.  F790.M5A25
Arevalo, Luis Ernesto
Psychological distress and its relationship to acculturation among Mexican Americans / 1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--California School of Professional Psychology.    BF575.S75 A74 1987a
Ashley, Laurel Maria
Self, family and community : the social process of aging among urban Mexican-American women / Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA, 1985.    F870.M5A83 1985a
Barcelo, Margarita Theresa
Geographies of struggle : ideological representations of social space in four Chicana writers / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCSD.    PS153.M4B37 1995
Barcelo, Nancy Rusty V
A descriptive study of the educational concerns of Chicanos at the University of Iowa / 1980. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Iowa.    UCSB, UCLA
Barrera, Adolfo R. (Sonny)
The effectiveness of group psychotherapy and study skills training on academic achievement of Mexican American freshmen / 1981. Thesis (Ed. D.)--Texas Tech University.    UCSB
Bauman, Raquel
A study of Mexican American women's perceptions of factors that influence academic and professional goal attainment / 1983. Thesis (Ed. D.)--University of Houston.    BF503.B385 1983a
Beckwith, Lloyd J
An investigation of cultural bias in the Piers-Harris children's self concept scale / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--United States International University.   UCSB
Boldt, Joanne Shuhi
Patterns of intergenerational helping among Mexican-Americans : a three generation study / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Kentucky.   HQ799.95.B66 1985a
Briody, Elizabeth Kathleen
Household work/subsistence strategies among Mexican Americans of the Lower Rio Grande Valley / c1985 Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   HD8081.M6B75 1985a
Cadena, Gilbert Ramon
Chicanos and the Catholic Church : liberation theology as a form of empowerment / 1987. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Riverside.   E184.M5C285 1987a
Calvillo-Simpson, Suzette
Cross-cultural study of assertiveness and self-esteem among high school students / 1983. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Colorado State University.   UCSB
Carlquist-Hernandez, Karen
Twelve Mexican Americans in higher education : their mobility process : a dissertation ... / [Stockton, Calif.] c1987. Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of the Pacific.    Stanford Auxiliary Library LC2685.C28 1987a
Carlson, Paul Edward
Investigation of bias in the diagnosis of behaviorally-disordered Mexican-American children using the social behavior assessment scale / 1983. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Ohio State University.   UCSB
Cazares, Ralph B
A generational analysis of Chicano intermarriage in California / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Washington State University.   HQ1031.C39 1986a
Celis, Josephine L
The effect of bilingual teachers on reading and language achievement of Mexican American high school students / 1985, c1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Arizona State University. Stanford Auxiliary Library   LC2683.C44 1985a
Chabram, Angie C
Chicano literary criticism : directions and development of an emerging critical discourse / 1986. Thesis (Ph.D.)--UCSD.   UCD
Chavez, Anthony Joseph
The religious call in early adult development : seven life studies of Mexican-American sisters / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Wright Institute.   BX2380.C43 1985a
Chavez, Ernesto
Creating Aztlan : the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, 1966-1978 / 1994. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   Stanford Auxiliary Library 95 01348
Cruz, Wilfredo
The nature of Alinsky-style community organizing in the Mexican-American community of Chicago : United Neighborhood Organization / 1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago.   HN80.C5 C7 1987a
Deutsch, Sarah Jane
Culture, class, and gender : Chicanas and Chicanos in Colorado and New Mexico, 1900-1940 / c1985. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Yale University.   F785.M5D48 1985a
Diaz-Ortiz, Elia Mar
The use of Chicano literature in university and college Spanish-language courses in the southwestern United States / 1987. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   PQ7070.A53D5 1987a
Dickens, Edwin Larry
The political role of Mexican-Americans in San Antonio, Texas / 1969. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Texas Technological College.   JS1426.D5P6
Duenes, Andres Nieto
Mexican-Americans and social support networks : a trigenerational analysis / 1987. Thesis (Doctor of Social Welfare)--UCB.   E184.M5D82 1987a
Eggert, Virginia Rae Trambley
Student television production : the effects on student attitudes towards self and others / Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Arizona, 1985.   Stanford Auxilary Library LB3605.E33 1985a
Erickson, Pamela Irene
Pregnancy and childbirth among Mexican origin teenagers in Los Angeles / 1988. Thesis (Dr. P.H.)--UCLA.   HQ759.4.E752 1988a
Escobar, Edward Joseph
Chicano protest and the law : law enforcement responses to Chicano activism in Los Angeles, 1850-1936 / 1983. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Riverside.   E184.M5E84 1983a
Estrada, Rosa Omega
A study of the attitudes of Texas Mexican American women toward higher education / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Baylor University.   Stanford Auxilary Library LC2687.T4E88 1985a
Facio, Linda
Constraints, resources, and self-definition : a case study of Chicano older women / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCB.   E184.M5 F33 1988a
Finke, Eugene Irving
Aldermanic redistricting in El Paso, Texas : a case study of democratic representation / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New Mexico State University.   JF1051.F56 1984a
Fiol, John Joseph
The status of counseling services offered to elementary Mexican American students in selected school districts in the state of Texas / 1984, c1985. Thesis (Ed. D.)--Texas A&I University.   UCSB
Fong, Robert S
A comparative study of the organizational aspects of two Texas prison gangs : Texas Syndicate and Mexican Mafia / 1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Sam Houston State University.   HV8706.F6 1987a
Gallego, Marta Isabel
Cultural identification and self-esteem in migrant and non-migrant Mexican-American youth / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Colorado State University.   UCSB, UCSC
Garcia, Jorge
Forjando ciudad : the development of a Chicano political community in East Los Angeles / c1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Riverside.   Law BR AGB OJf
Garcia, Reyes Roberto
A philosopher in Aztlan : studies for ethnometaphysics in the Indohispanic (Chicano) Southwest / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Colorado.   BF311.G27 1988
Garza, Lisa
Crossing the educational border : Mexican-American women in higher education ... / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas Woman's University.   Stanford Auxiliary Library LC2683.6.G32 1995
Gerwin, William Scott
Racial stereotypes and acculturation in young children / c1987. Thesis (Ph.D.)--California School of Professional Psychology.   HQ783.G47 1987a
Graham, Joe Stanley
The Caso: a study of an emic genre of folk narrative among Mexican Americans of west Texas / 1981. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   GR111.M49G73 1981a
Guajardo, Maria Resendez
Educational attainment of Chicana adolescents / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Denver.   Stanford Auxilary Library LC2688.D4G9 1988a
Guerin-Gonzales, Camille
Cycles of immigration and repatriation : Mexican farm workers in California industrial agriculture, 1900-1940 / 1985. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Riverside.   HD1527.C2G84 1985a
Gutierrez, David G
Ethnicity, ideology, and political development : Mexican immigration as a political issue in the Chicano community, 1910-1977 / 1987, c1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University.   SAL & Spec Coll 3781 1988G
Gutierrez, Henry Joseph
The Chicano education rights movement and school desegregation, Los Angeles, 1962-1970 / 1990. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Irvine.   Stanford Auxilary Library LC2688.L67 G88 1990A
Guzman III, Fernando Ruiz
Chicano/a preference for an ethnically similar counselor a function of acculturation combined with ethnic identity / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Denver.   UCSB
Guzman, Maria Elena
Acculturation of Mexican American adolescents / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Denver.   E184.M5G89 1986a
Haas, Mary Lisbeth
The barrios of Santa Ana : community, class, and urbanization, 1850-1947 / 1985. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Irvine.   F869.S443H2 1985a
Heinz, Martha Clough
Racial and ethnic identification, preference, and acceptance in Hispanic and Caucasian preschool children / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of South Carolina.   UCSB
Hernandez-Gutierrez, Manuel de Jesus
El barrio, el anti-barrio y el exterior: la textualizacion semiotica del "colonialismo interno" en la narrativa chicana / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University.   SAL & Spec Coll 3781 1984 H
Husband, Eliza
Geography of a symbol : the Hispanic yard shrines of Tucson, Arizona / 1985. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Arizona.   UCSB, UCSC, UCD
Jenkins, Janis D
Schizophrenia and the family : expressed emotion among Mexican Americans and Anglo Americans / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   UCLA, UCSB
Joos, Sandra Kay
Social, attitudinal and behavioral correlates of weight change among Mexican American women / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.   UCSB, UCD
Jordan, Rosan Augusta
The folklore and ethnic identity of a Mexican-American woman / 1975. Thesis (Ph.D)--Indiana University, 1975.   GR111.M49J67 1975
Kluessendorf, Avonelle Donneeta
Role conflict in Mexican-American college women / c1986. Thesis (Ph.D.)--California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno.   E184.M5K68 1985a
Kotlarz, Gregory Michael
Depressive reactions and antidepressive activity in Anglo and Mexican American males with physical injuries and disability filing for workers' compensation / 1983. Thesis (Ph. D.)--United States International University.   UCSB
Kush, Joseph C.
Cognitive processing differences in Mexican-American and Anglo-American students / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Arizona State University.   UCSB
Loza, Steven Joseph
The musical life of the Mexican/Chicano people in Los Angeles, 1945-1985 : a study in maintenance, change, and adaptation / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   Stanford Auxilary Library ML3481 .L925 1985A
Lozano-Bull, Irma
Acculturative stress in Mexican-American women / Ann Arbor : UMI. Thesis (Ph.D.)--California School of Professional Psychology, 1987.   BF575.S75L68 1987a
Lyon, Richard Martin
The legal status of American and Mexican migratory farm labor : an analysis of U. S. farm-labor legislation, policy and administration / 1954. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University.   Stanford Auxilary Library KF3580.A4L9
Mancillas, Paul Joseph
Measurement of cultural life styles, cultural transmutation, and gang identification in Mexican-American adolescents / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--California School of Professional Psychology.   E184.M5M37 1986a
Martinez, Armando
Acculturation, self-concept, anxiety, imagery and stress as related to disease in Mexican-Americans / 1981, c1982. Thesis (Ph. D.)--North Texas State University.   RC451.5.M48M35 1981a
Martinez, Camilo Amado, Jr
The Mexican and Mexican-American laborers in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, 1870-1930 / 1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas A&M University.   HD1527.R5M37 1987a
Martinez, Ruben Orlando
A conceptual approach to Chicano labor history / 1984. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Riverside.   HD8081.M6M346 1984a
McMillen, Jay Ben
The social organization of leisure among Mexican-Americans in Houston, Texas / 1980. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas A & M University.   UCLA, UCSB
Mendez-Negrete, Josephine
"Es lo que haces!" : a sociohistorical analysis of relational leadership in a Chicana/Latino community / c1995. Thesis (Ph. D. )--UCSC.   UCSB
Mendoza-Hall, Marie M
The effect of sociocultural environment of Chicano language attitudes, language use patterns and ethnic identity / 1980. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Colorado at Boulder.   P45.U5M4 1980b
Mercado Villagra, Salvador Arturo
Purchasing patterns, life-style, and demographics among middle class Mexican-Americans and Mexicans : a market segmentation study / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   F394.A9 M4 1988a & 89 19757
Mesa-Bains, Amalia
A study of the influence of culture on the development of identity among a group of Chicana artists / 1983. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Wright Institute Graduate School of Psychology.   E184.M5M48 1983a
Mitchell, Marjorie Cain
An application of attachment theory to a socio-cultural perspective of physical child abuse in the Mexican-American community / 1980. Thesis (Ph. D.)--California School of Professional Psychology.   UCSB
Morrison, Suzanne Shumate
Mexico's "Day of the Dead" in San Francisco, California : a study of continuity and change in a popular religious festival / 1992. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Graduate Theological Union.   GT4814.A2M67 1992
Ochoa, Maria
Creative collectives : a study of Chicana artistic expressiveness / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCSC.   NRLF, UCSB, UCSC
Orozco, Carlos D.
Factors contributing to the psychosocial adjustment of Mexican-American college students / 1995. Thesis (Ed. D.)--Northern Arizona University.   UCSB
Orozco, Cynthia E.
The origins of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Mexican American civil rights movement in Texas with an analysis of women's political participation in a gendered context, 1910-1929 / 1992. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   Stanford Auxilary Library LD791.9.H6 O74
Palacios, Maria
Fear of success: Mexican-American women in two work environments / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New Mexico State University.   BF637.S8 P3245 1988a
Patrick, Ida Hilda Acuna
Quality of life perceptions among residents of rural unincorporated subdivisions in Hidalgo County, Texas / 1990. Thesis (Ed. D.)--Texas A&M University.   HN79.T42 H56 1990
Pease Alvarez, Lucinda
Home and school contexts for language learning : a case study of two Mexican-American bilingual preschoolers / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University.   Education Library & Spec Coll 3781 1986A
Perez, Adrian J
The relationship between Chicano ethnic self-esteem, level of acculturation, and cultural identity /1990. Dissertation (Ph.D.)--Colorado State University.   GN495.6.P45 1990a
Pesquera, Beatriz Margarita
Work and family : a comparative analysis of professional, clerical and blue-collar Chicana workers / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCB.   HD6057.5 .U5 P476 1987a
Prigoff, Arline Wyner
Self esteem, ethnic identity, job aspiration and school stress of Mexican American youth in a Midwest urban barrio / 1984 Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Illinois at Chicago.   E184.M5P74 1984a
Pumarejo, Faustino
Educational attainment and organizational perceptions of Mexican-American supervisors / 1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Michigan State University. Dept. of Educational Administration.   E184.M5 P85 1987a
Ramirez, David Gaytan
An empirical assessment of the concept of Mexican American underutilization of mental health services / 1982. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   UCSB
Reeve, Shirley Ballard
Comparison by socio-economic class of the power structure of Mexican-American and Anglo-American families in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas / 1975. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Florida State University.   HQ728.R34 1975a
Remy, Martha Caroline Mitchell
Protestant churches and Mexican-Americans in South Texas / 1970, c1971. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   BR563.M49R4 1970a
Rider, Kennon V
Relationship satisfaction of the Mexican American woman : effects of acculturation, socioeconomic status, and interaction structures / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas Tech University.   UCSB, UCSC
Rodriguez, Alfonso W
A heuristic phenomenological investigation of Mexican American ethnic identity / 1984. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities.   E184.M5R586 1984a
Rodriguez, Rogelio
Psychological distress among Mexican American women as a reaction to the new immigration law / 1988. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Loyola University of Chicago.   E184.M5R589 1988a
Roeder, Beatrice A
Chicano folk medicine from Los Angeles, California / 1984. Thesis (Ph.D)--UCLA.   SAL 398.06.C153 v.34 & GREEN GR109.R65 1984a
Rogers-Zegarra, Nancy Evelyn
A study of Anglo and Chicano literal, implicit, and scriptal comprehension of ethnic stories /1981. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Riverside.   Z1039.M5R65 1981a
Romero, Yolanda G
The Mexican American frontier experience in twentieth century Northwest Texas / 1993. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas Tech University.   F395.M5R64 1993a
Rose, Margaret Eleanor
Women in the United Farm Workers : a study of Chicana and Mexicana participation in a labor union, 1950-1980 / 1988. Thesis (Ph.D.)--UCLA.   HD1527.C2 R67 1988a
Rosen, Gerald Paul
Political ideology and the Chicano movement : a study of the political ideology of activists in the Chicano movement / 1972. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   E184.M5R67 1972 & F869.L89.M468
Russel y Rodriguez, Monica L
Renegotiating responsibilities, transforming culture : gender, sexuality, and class in the contestation of Chicana womanhood / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   E184.M5R87 1995
Salman, Ines
Referral of Mexican American students to special education services / 1987. Thesis (Ed.D.)--USC.   Stanford Auxilary Library LC2683.3.S245 1987a
Sanchez, George Joseph   Becoming Mexican American : ethnicity and acculturation in chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1943 / 1989. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University.   Meyer MEPC 1399, Green F869.L89 M57 1993, SAL & Spec Coll 378 1989S
Santillan, Richard
The politics of cultural nationalism : el Partido de la Raza Unida in Southern California, 1969-1978 / 1978. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Claremont Graduate School.   E184.M5S275 1978
Segura, Denise Anne
Chicanas and Mexican immigrant women in the labor market : a study of occupational mobility and stratification / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCB.   HD6057.S43 1986a
Sepulveda, Ciro
La colonia del Harbor : a history of Mexicans in East Chicago, Indiana, 1919-1932 / 1976. Thesis (Ph. D)--University of Notre Dame, Ind.   F534.E37S46 1976a
Spangler, Katherine Louise
Chicano and Anglo children's reactions to Anglo-authored children's books /1981. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Washington.   UCSB
Stephen, Elizabeth Hervey
The effect of immigration on fertility : the case of the Mexican origin population in the United States / 1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   UCSB
Tan, Gerdean Graham
Dropping out among Mexican-American students : a multicultural perspective / 1994. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Washington State University.   Stanford Auxiliary Library LB1715 .W2 P95 1994A
Terrazas, Luis Miguel
Psychological effects of adult basic education programs on locus of control and socialization in Mexican born Mexican American women / 1977. Thesis (Ph. D.)--U. S. International University.   UCSB
Tsterrazas, Olga E.
The self concept of Mexican-American adolescent females / 1980. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Wright Institute.   E184.M5T36 1980a
Torres, Cynthia
Cultural and psychological attributes and their implications for career choice and aspirations among Mexican American females / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   Stanford Auxiliary Library LC2683.6.T56 1986a
Torres-Padilla, Jose L.
Critical crossroads : narrative, rhetoric, and ideology in critical essays of the Chicano renaissance / 1994. Thesis (Ph.D.)--USC.   PS173.M39T66 1994a
Urrabazo, Rosendo
Machismo, Mexican American male self-concept : an interpretation and reflection on Thematic Apperception Test and kinetic family drawing results of Mexican American teenagers / 1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Graduate Theological Union.   E184.M5U77 1986a
Valadez, John Robert
Chicano political development : the role of political participation and agenda-building in expanding the biases of the polity, a case study / 1986. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Washington.   E184.M5V34 1986a
Valencia, Albert
An examination of selected characteristics of Mexican-American battered women and implications for service providers/ 1995. Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of the Pacific.   HV1446.C3V34 1995a
Valdes, Luis Felipe
The effects of two types of psychotherapy on the self-disclosure and attitude toward seeking professional help of Mexican-Americans / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas Tech University.   UCSB
Velasquez, Patrick M
The integration and persistence of Chicano students in higher education : student and institutional characteristics / 1995. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Claremont Graduate School and San Diego State University.   Stanford Auxiliary Library LC2683.6.V44 1995a
Villa, Raul Homero
Tales from the second city : social geographic imagination in contemporary urban California Chicana/Chicano literature and arts / c1993. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCSC.   PS153.M4 V55 1993a
Villanueva, Anselmo
Case studies of Chicano educators who have successfully transited the public school system and who have not lost their primary cultural identity / 1992. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Oregon.   Stanford Auxiliary Library LB1775.V54 1992a
Williams, Norma Jean
Changing patterns in the Mexican American family / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin.   E184.M5W54 1984a
Zamora, Bernice B. Ortiz
Mythopoeia of Chicano poetry : an introduction to cultural archetypes / 1985, c1986. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University.   Stanford Auxiliary Library & Spec Coll 3781 1986Z
Zaragoza, Cosme M.
Del XIX al XX : la novela aztlanense en espanol (Spanish text) / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Arizona.   PQ7070.5.Z2 1984a
Zepeda, Marlene
Mother-infant behavior in Mexican and Mexican-American women : a study of the relationship of selected prenatal, perinatal and postnatal events / 1984. Thesis (Ph. D.)--UCLA.   SRLF, UCSB


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