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Latin American & Iberian Collections:

Videos from Cuba

(Our videos ARE NOT FOR SALE, some may be available for purchase at the Las Americas Film Network)

  1. Alsino y el Condor = Alsino and the Condor, Michael S Landes et al., 1 videocassette (89 min.), Beverly Hills, Calif, 198.
    Notes: Performer Note: Dean Stockwell, Alan Esquivel, Carmen Bunster, Alejandro Parodi, Delia Casanova.
    Abstract: "Idealistic young peasant jumps out of a tree in the hope of flying; he becomes a hunchback, but learns to stand tall when he joins guerillas fighting in a Central American Country."--Leonard Maltin's TV and movies guide, 1987 ed.

  2. Amada, Humberto Solás et al., 1 videocassette (105 min.), New York, N.Y., 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Eslinada Runez, Cesar Erora, Silvia Planas, Andrés Hernández, Oneida Hernández.
    Abstract: A young woman from a wealthy family in Havana, Cuba of 1914, is faced with great sexual and social inequality. Her struggles to achieve identity and dignity are played out in a tragic romance in which she is torn between her established and respected marriage and the forbidden love of a young rebel.

  3. Amores, Ana Caridad Sánchez et al., 1 videocassette (107 min.), S.l, 1994?
    Notes: Performer Note: Jorge Cao, Doriam Alonso, Laura de la Uz, Luisa Perez Nieto.
    Abstract: Sopa de cucarachas: a man looks for female companionship in all the wrong places and one day while fishing, a basket floats towards him on the water and in it is a baby girl whom he raises tenderly as his own daughter. Silencios: a girl tries to understand why her parents separated and why her father has retreated further and further into himself and his sorrow. El Jefe: a young woman sleeps with the officer she holds responsible for her father's assassination in order to get close enough to finally take revenge. Piscis: a beautiful young nun is so concerned about the hunger in her coastal village that she gives birth to fish.

  4. Angola and Eastern Europe on El Escudo (Cuban television?), December 7, 1990 videorecording, Fidel Castro, 1 videocassette (VHS), Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba, 1990.
    Notes: Added Title: Persian Gulf crisis.

  5. Aventuras de Juan Quin Quin, Julio Martinez et al., 1 videocassette (110 min.), La Habana?, 1967.
    Notes: Performer Note: Julio Martínez, Erdwin Fernández, Adelaida Raymat.
    Abstract: A farmer, fearing nothing in his struggle to make his way, clashes with his environment, and is thus forced into various other occupations.

  6. Baraguá, José Massip et al., 1 videocassette (VHS) (ca. 111 min.), Cuba, Cuba?, 1986.
    Notes: Performer Note: Mario Balmaseda, José Antonio Rodríguez, Nelson Villagra, Sergio Corrieri.

  7. Barroco, Paul Leduc et al., 1 videocassette (107 min.), Montevideo, Uruguay, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Francisco Rabal, Angela Molinna, Ernesto Gómez Cruz.
    Abstract: A series of images, music and sounds which transport through Mexico's history, without any narrative sequence. The film spins constantly round the question 'Where are the singers from?' (De donde son los cantantes? in Spanish: the title of a popular Cuban song).

  8. Cantata de Chile, Humberto Solás et al., 1 videocassette (115 min.), Cuba?, 1994?
    Notes: Performer Note: Nelson Villagra, Shenda Román, Eric Heresmann, Alfredo Tornquist, Roberto Contreras, Leonardo Perucci, Alejandro Pérez, Peggy Cordero, Pedro Chaskel, Flavia Ugalde.
    Abstract: A presentation through an interweaving of music, pageantry and drama, of the struggle and martyrdom of the Chilean workers.

  9. La Casa de Hemingway, Mady Samper et al., 1 videocassette, Bogotá, Colombia, 1999.
    Abstract: A tour of Ernest Hemingway's home in Cuba.

  10. Cecilia, Daisy Granados et al., 3 videocassettes (290 min.), Cuba?
    Notes: Performer Note: Daisy Granados, Imanol Arías, Raquel Revuelta, Gerardo Riverón.
    Abstract: A beautiful and mysterious mulatto woman moves between Black and White worlds in an age when slavery is still practiced and the rights of negros is an issue of debate.

  11. Clandestinos, Edesio Alejandro et al., 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 88 min.), Cuba, Cuba?, 1987.
    Notes: Performer Note: Luis Alberto García, Isabel Santos, Susana Pérez, Rene Losada
    Added Titles: Living dangerously ; Underground.

  12. Cuba, George Pitt et al., 1 videocassette of 1 (ca. 23 min.), Cuba?, 1988.
    Abstract: This documentary features the island's music and people, showing Old Havana, Varadero Beach, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and other places of particular interest to visitors.

  13. Cumbite, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea et al., 1 videocassette (82 min.), United States, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Teo Vergara, Laurencio Louis, Marta Evans.
    Abstract: A Haitian who has been living in Cuba returns to his home village for the first time in many years. He is shocked by the effects of poverty and underdevelopment.

  14. De cierta manera, Sara Gómez Yera et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 73 min.), Havana, Cuba?, 1974.
    Notes: Performer Note: Mario Balmaseda, Yolanda Cuéllar, Mario Limonta, Isaura Mendoza, Bobby Carcases, Sarita Reyes.
    Abstract: As two young lovers become acquainted with each other's habits and personalities, they also struggle to reshape their outmoded, middle-class values to conform with the belief system engendered by the Revolution. Set in a new housing project replacing a slum area just outside of Havana.

  15. El arte del tabaco, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, 1 videocassette (7 min.), New York, 199-.
    Abstract: Short documentary on Cuban cigars, showing many cigar labels and a cigar maker at work.

  16. El dirigible un film uruguayo, Pablo Dotta et al., 1 videocassette (87 min.), Montevideo, Urugay, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Laura Schneider, Marcelo Buquet, Eduardo Miglionico, Gonazlo Cardozo, Ricardo Espalter.
    Abstract: At the turn of the century, Baltasar Brum, ex-president of Uruguay, commited suicide in front of numerous photographers. Yet nowhere are the pictures which had captured the exact moment of his death. A young women, who claims be French, met with the famous Uruguay writer, Juan Carlos Onetti. She confirms that the interview had taken place in Montevideo, with the writer ingognito, immediately following many years of voluntary exile. Yet photos from this meeting have likewise disappeared. What is the meaning of the pictures in a place without memory?

  17. El encanto de la luna llena, Benito Zambrano et al., 1 videocassette (29 min.), San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba.
    Notes: Performer Note: Assenneh Rodriguez, Veronica Lynn, Alden Knight
    Performer Note: Cinematography, Adriano Moreno ; editor, Nelson Rodriguez ; music, Juan A. Leyva, Magda R. Galvan.
    Abstract: Mourning the loss of his son, the owner of a bar mixes dreams with reality as he interact with his patrons during an evening of drunkeness.

  18. El Hombre de Maisinicú, Santiago Llapur, Manuel Pérez, and Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, 1 videocassette (124 min.), S.l, 1987?
    Abstract: A documentary-like spy film portraying the struggle between CIA-sponsored counter-revolutionaries and peasants in Cuba during the late 1960's and early 1970's.

  19. El otro Cristóbal, Armand Gatti et al., 1 videocassette (105 min.), Paris, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Jean Bouise, Alden Knight, Bertina Acevedo, Eduardo Manet, Agustín Campos, Eslinda Nuñez.
    Abstract: A fable based in Latin American and Cuban traditions, as well as Gulliver's travels, full of fantastic characters and situations. There is a god, Olofi, a dictator, Anastasio, and Cristobal. The dictator seizes the heavens and brings down Olofi. Cristobal and his people strive the dictator and release the heavens.

  20. El Otro Francisco The other Francisco, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea et al., 1 videocassette (100 min.), New York, 1990.
    Notes: Performer Note: Miguel Benavides, Ramoncito Veloz, Alina Sánchez, Adolfo Llaurado, Héctor Quintero (as narrator)
    Added Title: The other Francisco.
    Abstract: A socio-economic analysis of slavery and class struggle through the retelling of the original novel.

  21. El plano, Julio García Espinosa et al., 1 videocassette (93 min.), S.l, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Miguel Coyula, Carmen Daysi, Basílio García.
    Abstract: The adventures and cinematic experiments of students and their professor at a film school.The episodic story seems to be an investigation of the relationship of film and reality.

  22. El Romance del palmar, Ramón Peón et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 93 min.), Cuba, 1993?
    Notes: Performer Note: Rita Montaner, Alicia Rico, Margo Alvariño, Lolita Berrio.

  23. Elpidio Valdés contra dolar y cañón, Adalberto Hernández et al., 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 80 min.), Cuba, Cuba?, 1983.
    Notes: Performer Note: Voices: Frank González, Maria Eugenia García, Manuel Marín
    Added Title: Elpidio Valdés vs. guns and money.

  24. En el aire = On the Air, Aida Bähr et al., 1 videocassette (92 min.), New York, 1990.
    Notes: Performer Note: Susana Tejera, Omar Moyrello, Raul Pomares. /c El Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos ; argumento, Aida Bahr ; dramaturgia, Ana Cecilia Fuentes ; guión, Aida Bahr, Pastor Vega ; dirección, Pastor Vega ; productor, José R. Perez.
    Abstract: A small radio station in communist Cuba is looking for new and original programming. A young man, Daniel, begins a show which takes him all over Cuba for live interviews. Various tensions occur between the traditional broadcasters and the younger breed, and also between Daniel and his contemporary Ana who have differences over what constitutes good program content. Finally they become good friends and the radio show continues.

  25. En el país de los orichas, Elio Ruíz et al., 1 videocassette (58 min.), Cuba, s.l., 1993?
    Abstract: Documentary presents the viewer with several examples of Cuban folk dances. Includes interviews with experts in the field.

  26. Estado del tiempo Changing times, Luis Felipe Bernaza et al., 1 videocassette (35 min.), Havana, Cuba, 199.
    Abstract: Interviews with Cubans who are attempting to escape Cuba by raft and with those who have chosen to remain in Cuba despite difficult economic and social circumstances.

  27. Estampas habaneras, Federico Piñero et al., 1 videocassette (92 min.), S.l., 1993?
    Notes: Performer Note: Federico Piñero, Alberto Garrido, Carlos López (Chaflán), Blanca Amaro.
    Abstract: A drunkard changes the life of an honest youth.

  28. Gregorio y el mar, Gregorio Fuentes et al., 1 videorecording (33 min.), Bogota, Colombia, 1999.
    Abstract: A man who sailed the Caribbean with Hemingway reminisces.

  29. Guardafronteras, Octavio Cortuzar et al., 1 videocassette (120 min.), New York, N.Y., 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Tilo Junco, Patricio Wood, Salvador Blanco, Javier Gonzalez.
    Abstract: In 1963, a Cuban border patrol is sent to take a small island of the coast of Cuba for use as a command post to guard against pirates and the United States. The Sergeant tries to teach them the ropes.

  30. La Habana en sus manos, Videoamerica s.a and Publications Exchange (Firm), 1 videocassette (55 min.), Cuba?, 1988?
    Abstract: This documentary features Havana's music and people.

  31. Hanoi, martes 13 diciembre, José Martí, Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, and OSPAAAL (Organization), 1 videocassette (ca. 38 min.), Havana, Cuba?, 1961.

  32. Hasta la Reina Isabel baila el danzón, Luis Felipe Bernaza, Jorge Delvaty, and Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, 1 videocassette (ca. 20 min.), Havan, Cuba?, 1991.
    Notes: Performer Note: Narrator, Juan Carlos Roque.
    Abstract: Marta González, a card and palm reader, believes she is possessed by the spirit of Queen Isabella of Spain. Citizens of Havana, Cuba are asked whether they believe in spirits and what they would ask or tell Isabella if they had the opportunity.

  33. Hotel de muchachas, Manuel de la Pedrosa et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 77 min.), Cuba, 1993?
    Notes: Performer Note: Perlita del Río, Leopoldo Fernández, Anibal de Mar.

  34. La inutil muerte de mi socio manolo The useless death of my bro Manolo, Julio Garcia Espinoso et al., 1 videocassette (79 min.), s.l, 1986?
    Notes: Performer Note: Mario Balmaseda, Pedro Renteria.
    Abstract: Two old friends who haven't seen each other in a long while, spend an evening getting drunk together, during which time they talk about the revolution, evaluate and criticize their lives, bare their souls, and end up taunting each other with disastrous results.

  35. Kleines Tropikana Tropicanita, Daniel Díaz Torres et al., 1 videocassette (108 min.), United States, 1997.
    Notes: Performer Note: Peter Lohmeyer, Vladimir Cruz, Enrique Molina.
    Abstract: A Cuban policeman/crime writer is assigned to Havana to track down grave robbers, and stumbles upon a complicated conspiracy involving German filmmakers, Nazi spies, midgets, magic potions, nightclub dancers, antique dealers, elevator operators and an aging "internationalist" sexpot who sleeps her way around the world. The numerous versions of the mystery are all related by the cop/crime writer to his bored boss, who keeps telling him to shut up already.

  36. Lejanía Parting of the ways, Humberto Hernández et al., 1 videocassette (94 min.), New York, N.Y, 1987?
    Notes: Performer Note: Verónica Lynn, Jorge Trinchet, Isabel Santos, Beatris Valdés
    Added Title: Parting of the ways.
    Abstract: A woman's relationship with her husband is jeopardized when his mother returns to visit after living for ten years in the United States.

  37. Los Días del agua, Idalia Anreus et al., 1 videocassette (110 min.), New York, 1990?
    Notes: Performer Note: Idalia Anreus, Raúl Pomares, Adolfo Llaurado
    Added Titles: Los días de agua ; Days of water.
    Abstract: A local woman's seemingly miraculous power to heal the sick and afflicted, gained by a visit from the Virgin Mary, is manipulated by politicos and charlatans.

  38. Lucia, Humberto Solás et al., 1 videocassette (165 min.), S.l, 1987?
    Notes: Performer Note: Raquel Revuelta, Eslinda Nuñez, Adela Legra.
    Abstract: Deals with the theme of women and revolution by following the lives of three different women named Lucia during three different revolutionary periods of Cuba's history; the Cuban War of Independence in 1895, the Machado era in the 1930's, and post-revolutionary Cuba of the 1960's.

  39. Malabrigo, Jorge Guerra et al., 1 videocassette (90 min.), Montevideo, Uruguay, 1992?
    Abstract: Dramatization of social and economic changes in a Peruvian seacoast village.

  40. Manuela, Humberto Solás et al., 1 videocassette (39 min.), Cuba?, 1994?
    Notes: Performer Note: Adela Legrá, Adolfo Llauradó, Olga González, Luis Alberto García, Ruddy Mora, Flavio Calderin, Juana Albuquerque.

  41. María Antonia, Sergio Giral et al., 1 videocassette (104 min.), New York, 1919.
    Notes: Performer Note: Alina Rodriguez, Alexis Valdes, Toberto Perdomo, José Antonio Rodriguez, Asenenh Rodriguez.
    Abstract: María Antonia's life is going bad. She gets out of jail to find out her man, Julian, has been with another woman. Her godmother tries to set her life right through Santaría, but María Antonia resists her help. Julian is in training for a fight in Mexico; his coach urges him to leave her. He tells her he's going to take her with him when he makes it to New York, but she doesn't believe him.

  42. Maria la O, Adolfo Fernández Bustamante et al., 1 videocassette (75 min.), Harlingen, Tex, 1996.
    Notes: Performer Note: Emilio Tuero, Linda Gurraez ; Issa Morante.
    Abstract: Maria La O, an enchanting mulatto woman, secrectly maintains an affair with an upper class man of pure Spanish blood. The apparant class and race differences stand in the way of their relationship. Feeling pressure to remain within racial and class boundaries, Fernando becomes engaged to a daughter of a family friend.

  43. Mariposas en el andiamo Butterflies on the scaffold, Luis Felipe Bernaza, Margaret Gilpin, and Kangaroo Productions, 1 videocassette (70 min.) col, United States, 1996.
    Abstract: Glamorous gowns fashioned from grain sacks and eyelashes made out of carbon paper are the reality of drag in Cuba. But in the small Havana community of La Guinera, gay transvestite performers have earned respect and status through creative work for the neighbourhood. On stage action and backstage preparation opens out into insightful interviews with community leaders, families, and the performers themselves. the question; can you be gay and accepted in Cuba?

  44. Memorias de subdesarrollo Memories of underdevelopment, Sergio Corrieri et al., 1 videocassette (97 min.), 1987?
    Notes: Performer Note: Sergio Corrieri, Daisy Granados, Eslinda Núñez, Beatriz Ponchora
    Added Titles: Inconsolable memories ; Memories of underdevelopment.
    Abstract: A bourgeois property owner decides to stay in Cuba after the revolution and must examine his life and values in a new social and political milieu.

  45. Mi hijo el "Che" un retrato de familia de don Ernesto Guevara, Fernando Birri et al., 1 videocassette (71 min.), Argentina, 1998.

  46. La Muerte de un burocrata = The Death of a bureaucrat, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, 1 videocassette (85 min.), s.l, 1987?
    Abstract: Sarcastic and humorous portrayal of Cuban bureacracy as seen in the story of a man's mounting frustration with his fruitless attempts to procure the pension of a recently-deceased uncle.

  47. Niños deudores = Children in debt, Producciones Latina, Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, and Garabato (Firm), 1 videocassette (29 min.), Lima, Peru, 199-.
    Abstract: Response of people of Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru to the foreign debts each country (and other Third World countries) bears. Interviews with hungry children, children who must sleep on the streets and cull debris in dumps for something to sell in order to buy food emphasize the poverty in these countries where so much money was used to help so few, yet all must pay the debt.

  48. Obligados a ser severos--criterios sobre un proceso, Fidel Castro, UFO Services s.a, and Publications Exchange (Firm), 3 videocassettes (ca. 270 min.), Cuba?, 1989.
    Notes: Performer Note: Speaker: Fidel Castro
    Added Titles: Compelled to be severe--views about the trial ; Obligés d'être sévères--critères sur un procès ; Obrigados a ser severos--critérios sobre um processo.
    Abstract: "Documentary on the Council of State meeting of the Republic of Cuba in connection with case no. 1 of 1989, conducted by the Special Military Court, held at the International Conference Center in Havana, on July 9, 1989."--Container.

  49. Okantomi el alacrán, Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV, 1 videocassette (111 min.), La Habana, 199-.
    Notes: Added Titles: Okantomi the scorpion ; Arnaldo, entre la religion et la peinture ; Seventh scotch ; Ruta del caballo ; Horse's route ; A Ori-Aye-Oxúm ; Hombre perdido ; Regression ; Niño um exercico B ; Ojos de sol ; Ronda de Aissa ; Vio o non vio ; Piggy ; Ladivina Trinidad es cuadrada como un circulo ; Dies Irae.
    Abstract: A series of short films on varying topics.

  50. Polvo rojo, Jesús Díaz et al., 1 videocassette (105 min.), New York, N.Y., 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Adolfo Llaurado, Rene de la Cruz, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Castina Obin.
    Abstract: Portrays Ernesto Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in their early revolutionary struggles to change Cuba. The major portion of the action takes place within days of the revolution.

  51. Rancheador, Sergio Giral et al., 1 videocassette (95 min.), Montevideo Uruguay, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Reynaldo Miravalles, Adolfo Llaurado, Samuel Claxton, Salvador Wood.
    Abstract: Rancheadors were henchmen of the slave-owning colonialists in the Antilles charged with the task of pursuing fugitive slaves and returning them to their owners. Getting paid for his work by using the severed ear of a returned slave as proof of his success, Pedro Esteves, bloodthirsty central figure of this film not ony hunted down runaways but as others of his kind bolstered the power of the ruling class, cutting off the buds of rebellion and thus liberty for all the oppressed, blacks and whites alike.

  52. Reina y rey Queen and King, Julio García Espinosa et al., 1 videocassette (95 min.), S.l, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Consuelo Vidal, Coralia Veloz, Rogelio Blain.
    Abstract: Queen, a widow in Cuba lives alone with her dog King whom she dotes on. When there is no longer any meat to feed him, he finally runs away to fend for himself. She is confronted with a choice: emigrate to Miami with family members where her life would be easier and where she could even have more than one dog, or remain in her house in Cuba and continue waiting for the return of her dog King.

  53. Retrato de Teresa = Portrait of Teresa, Daisy Granados et al., 1 videocassette (103 min.), New York, NY, 1980?
    Notes: Performer Note: Daisy Granados, Adolfo Llaurado, Alina Sanchez, Paual Pomares.
    Abstract: Teresa is a housewife and mother whose involvement in political and cultural groups incurs the displeasure of her husband.

  54. Le Siècle des lumières = Explosion in a cathedral, Alba De Céspedes et al., 3 videocassettes (247 min.), Cuba?, 1994?
    Notes: Performer Note: Francois Dunoyer, Jacqueline Arenal, Rustam Urazaev, Frederic Pierrot
    Added Titles: Siglo de las luces ; Explosion in a cathedral.
    Abstract: In 18th century Cuba, a young brother and sister and their cousin meet a dynamic freemason, a man of ideas and action, and become swept up in the events of the French Revolution.

  55. Siete muertes a Plazo Fijo, Manolo Alonso et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 91 min.), Cuba, 1993?
    Notes: Performer Note: Alejandro Lugo, Raquel Revuelta, Ernesto de Gali, Juan José Martínez Casado.
    Abstract: On New Year's eve several people gathered in a house hear the predictions of an astrologer who has forseen the death of six of them.

  56. Son o no son, Julio García Espinosa et al., 1 videocassette (78 min.), S.l, 198.
    Notes: Performer Note: Enrique Arredondo, Leonor Borrere Centurión, Alejandro Diaz, Wilfredo Fernandez.
    Abstract: An episodic film featuring the musical, choreographic and comedic skills of a variety of actors and actresses.

  57. Sonata para Arcadio = A Sonata for Arcadio ; Un cielo lánguido y oxidado = Languid rusty sky ; Oscuros rinocerontes enjaulados = Dark jailed rhinoceros ; Saborami ; Talco para lo negro = Talc for the black., Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV, 1 videocassette (116 min.), La Habana, Cuba, 199-.
    Abstract: Short films on a variety of topics. Sonata para Arcadio = A Sonata for Arcadio / dirección, Fernand Timossi ; Un cielo lánguido y oxidado = Languid rusty sky / guión y dirección, Patricio A. Riquelme F ; Oscuros rinocerontes enjaulados = Dark jailed rhinoceros / guión y dirección, Juan Carlos Cremata ; Saborami / direção, Wolney Oliveira ; Talco para lo negro = Talc for the black / guión y realización, A. Sotto Díaz.

  58. Techo de vidrio, Sergio Giral et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 88 min.), Miami, FL, 199.
    Notes: Performer Note: Susan Pérez, Miguel Gutiérrez, Samual Claxton.

  59. Tercer mundo, tercera guerra mundial, Julio García Espinosa and Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica, 1 videocassette (90 min.), S.l, 197.
    Abstract: A documentary about the war in Vietnam from the Cuban point of view. A call to resistance by the Third World everywhere against the military-industrial complex of the capitalist world.

  60. Túpac Amaru, Federico García Reyes et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 95 min.), Peru, Cuba?, 1984.
    Notes: Performer Note: Reynaldo Arenas, Zully Azurin, Enrique Almirante
    Performer Note: Hector Quintero.
    Abstract: The story of the last Inca--José Gabriel Tupac-Amaru--the Mestizo hero who rose in bloody rebellion against the Spanish power, is told in the setting of his trial and execution. The Tupac-Amaru movement extended throughout much of South America before being crushed.

  61. La Ultima Cena = The Last Supper, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea et al., 1 videocassette (110 min.), S.l, 1987?
    Abstract: Set in Havana at the end of the 18th century, a guilt-ridden count invites twelve of his plantation slaves to a "last supper" during which he attempts to teach them what he sees as the crucial elements of Christianity, namely, submissive obedience to their master and joy in suffering. When the count breaks his word, however, and forces the slaves to work the next day (Good Friday), they revolt and the count's punishment is swift and brutal.

  62. Un Dia de noviembre, Humberto Solás et al., 1 videocassette (94 min.), Cuba?, 1994?
    Notes: Performer Note: Gildo Torres, Eslinda Núñez, Raquel Revuelta, Silvia Planas, Alicia Bustamante, Miguel Benavides Omar Valdés, Mirima Learra, Luis Ota no.
    Abstract: The girlfriend of a young man dies and he searches for a reason to go on living. Even though another woman who looks just like her becomes involved with him, she is not an answer as he questions the meaning of suffering in his own and other's lives.

  63. Un Hombre de éxito = A successful man, Juan Iglesias et al., 1 videocassette (ca. 120 min.), New York, N.Y, 1988?
    Notes: Performer Note: César Evora, Raquel Revuelta, Daysi Granado, Jorge Trinche.
    Abstract: "The life of an opportunist from the 1920's to 1959, his revolutionary brother, tragic mother and sad loves"--Center for Cuban Studies catalog.

  64. Una Novia para David = A girlfriend for David, Orlando Rojas et al., 1 videocassette (100 min.), New York, 1990?
    Notes: Performer Note: María Isabel Díaz Lago, Jorge Luis Alvarez, Francisco Gattorno.
    Abstract: A young Cuban begins an amorous pursuit of his high school's beauty but finds himself falling for the honesty and charm of a less attractive girl.

  65. Una pelea cubana contra los demonios, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea et al., 1 videocassette (122 min), Washington, DC, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: José Antonio Rodríguez, Raúl Pomares, Silvano Rey.
    Abstract: Set in a village in 18th cent. Cuba, the films tells the story of a demonic possession that infects the entire village, beginning with a woman who is raped by brigands, then spreading to the priest and a member of the local aristocracy.

  66. Ustedes tienen la palabra, Manuel Octavio Gómez et al., 1 videocassette (120 min.), New York, N.Y., 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Luis Alberto Ramirez, Salvador Wood, Omar Valdes, Idalia Anreus
    Added Title: Now it's up to you.
    Abstract: The trial of four former employees of a landowner accused of counterrevolutionary action against the Castro regime, the burning of land and property. The revolutionary court attempts to purge the now cooperative farm of all counterrevolutionary elements.

  67. Vampiros en La Habana = Vampires in Havana, Juan Padrón et al., 1 videocassette (115 min.), New York, N.Y, 1989.
    Abstract: The story of a vampire trumpet player who has been raised on a serum which allows vampires to function during the day. European and American vampire mobs battle for control of this formula.

  68. Veredicto en la Habana : la verdad sobre la conexión cubana, Manuel Padron, José Massip, and UFO Services, 1 videocassette (VHS), Habana, 1989.
    Notes: Performer Note: Jose Antonio Rodriguez
    Added Title: Verdict in Havana.
    Abstract: Documentary revealing the truth on the political scandal which endangered the very existence of the Cuban Revolution as no other event in the last 20 years: the involvement of high-ranking officers in drug-trafficking activities.

  69. La viuda de Montiel, Miguel Littín et al., 1 videocassette (105 min.), Montevideo, Uruguay, 199-.
    Notes: Performer Note: Geraldine Chaplin, Nelson Villagra, Katy Jurado, Ernesto Gómez Cruz.

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